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[Build Log] The Bruiser (M8+Ped Black&Blue build)

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Thought I would throw up my log - not expecting to impress anyone - so down the road if I have questions or if someone wants to see a function-over-form build... they can see this one. smile.gif I've probably built about 100-200 PC's over the years, but haven't built a water-cooled rig since the first socket-based Celerons were released - and it was a horribly ugly and cobbled together piece of crap.

Something that is much more overkill in the cooling department than in the actual hardware department - to be used primarily as a ludicrously overpowered work computer (if it weren't for running a VM for compatibility testing... I could use a 486 and notepad for most of my work). However, since it will also be used for gaming when time allows, I also want decent performance that will either allow for multiple screens or a 30" single display - to be determined later because I can run on one or two 24" displays I already have in the meantime or possibly use TB to use my 27" iMac as a display.

I'm not going for 'pretty' although aesthetics will be considered where budget and time allows - but I am looking for good performance with as close to total silence as possible. As you might have guessed by the name... where possible everything will be purchased in black, with black and more black as accents... although I'm not going to replace/paint anything that comes in nickel/chrome or raw copper - I don't have the time or the skill to make this have a good result. Besides that, if I can afford to replace functional parts for pure aesthetics... then I could afford to increase the performance and just leave the appearance as it is.

I'm keeping the budget pretty small (at least in comparison to many of the incredible builds I've had the pleasure of following here) but also fairly flexible. I'm going to try to stay under $4K for everything... and the farther under that mark without compromising cooling potential and operational silence the better - i.e. the sooner I can upgrade the display(s).

Parts on hand:
  • CPU - 3570K Core i5
  • GPU - Diamond 7970
  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 RAM (2X8GB)
  • LG BDRW drive.
  • 2X Corsair Force 60GB SSD
  • 1X WD Raptor 600GB HD

New Parts:
  • CaseLabs M8 w/various options
  • ASUS Maximus V Extreme Motherboard
  • 2X AlphaCool UT60 radiators
  • Additional Diamond 7970
  • Additional 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 RAM Kit
  • XSPC Raystorm CPU Block (Black Edition)
  • 2X XSPC 7970 Full Copper Blocks
  • Swiftech MC35X Pump + HS
  • Bitspower Fittings (various) all in Black.
  • Bitspower Reservoir
  • Corsair AX1200

...and some ??? as they come to me

Since almost everyone posting in this forum has more experience than I do (in watercooling at least) and significantly more experience and talent in modding - please feel free to comment, give advice, and point out where I'm being stupid... I'll try to accept it all gracefully - although I can't guarantee success in that endeavor. biggrin.gif

And if you're someone considering something so 'pedestrian' as my build... feel free to ask me any questions and hopefully some of my discoveries and stupid mistakes will help you avoid some of your own down the road. smile.gif

So it's not really fast, it certainly isn't cheap - and I'm working hard to make sure that it actually is going to be attractive this time around. However still going for performance and silence over beauty if there's a compromise that absolutely HAS to be made in that area! biggrin.gif
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The photography will be suffering significantly early on as I don't have my office set up yet (just bought a new house and some furniture - hence the budgetary constraints on this project). There is practically no natural light to speak of in my office and I don't know where my good flash is for my camera so I'm having to use the built-in flash. frown.gif

Case Labs M8 arrives (won't do a ton of un-boxing pics... there are already so many on here and it's not a new-model case from CL)...
Packed so carefully... this is really the nicest case I've ever owned... not the nicest looking - but by far the nicest working/to work on!
Bubble-wrapped 'football of goodness' tucked inside.
Test fitting my AX850... but will be putting an AX1200 in for future proofing purposes.
Oops... what have we here... something not on the list (figured I needed some larger/faster SSD's to go with the other stuff). smile.gif

That's it for now... more to follow as I progress.
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Awesome, this is going to be good, although if you keep deciding you want larger and faster that 4K budget will disappear lol biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Sogi View Post

Awesome, this is going to be good, although if you keep deciding you want larger and faster that 4K budget will disappear lol biggrin.gif
Thanks, and don't I know it... I was originally hoping to be at or under budget with the monitor(s) included... now I'm just hoping to keep the system itself under that mark. Hopefully my wife doesn't read this thread. biggrin.gif
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More parts arrived and assembly started... I have to change up the radiator mounting eventually - screws are just about 1mm too long for the rads so I had to use some ghastly nickel washers which really stand out (even under the top grills) but it's fine for the time being as aesthetics are going to be addressed later on anyway. Also had to change up my plans for the fans... due to some really stellar stupidity on my part. I had planned on using the PWM headers on the mobo along with some 3-1 cables to have fan speeds handled without a fan controller - but then I ordered the AP-13's for fans... DOH! So had to order a Lamptron FC-5V2 and 4 3-1 3-pin cables so I can run the fans from it. doh.gif

Goodies Arrive:
That's a big pile of money no longer in my wallet...
CPU Block unpacked and ready to go...
And fitted to the board.
GPU prep and cleaning...
Followed by TIM & Pads
And more parts ordered... good job on the planning there. doh.gif
Good thing my new desks are huge... I've got crap everywhere now (but rads are ready and fans are sleeved)!
Sleeving isn't as pretty as some - but good enough for my purposes...
CPU & GPU blocks fitted and rads installed...
Don't know if you can see it, but the link between the two rads JUST BARELY fit... took 3 tries to get the tube length correct.
Back side (rad #2) of that tricky link...
Less than half of the wiring in and it's already a mess... this isn't going to be quick.

Have some family in town visiting so there was a 2yr old nephew running around the house at 100MPH which means no building for the next little while... I'll update when it matters. smile.gif
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I like this,love the case and mobo.

Good luck and subscribed.

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I got asked a question about the fans so in addition to answering that PM I figured I would post everything here so if others were having questions (or if I've made a stupid mistake in my calculations somewhere) it would be here for reference.

I'm going to have 12 Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-13's in the case (D1225C12B3AP-13) - for reference later, these fans are very easy to power - they are spec'd at 34mA @ 1,150RPM 12V - so a simple calculation gets us to .41 Watts... (.408 actually). Granted that's once it's running - all fans require somewhere between 2X-4X as much current during startup... so to be safe I'm calculating based on a startup of 5W ea... and I know it won't draw nearly that much. Therefore it shouldn't be a problem to run as many as 6 fans on each channel of the fan controller... thumb.gif (I definitely wouldn't recommend this with just about any other fan however - and I'm only going to put a max of 3 per channel on mine). For a comparison, the Corsair SP120 HP fans are spec'd at 180mA draw so 2.16W once running, and as much as 10W (again way conservative and probably closer to half that) to start up. So at least as far as the fan controller is concerned.. running three AP-13s is easier than running two SP120s - and even those would be way under the 30W mark during startup.

I also picked up one of these to be used for lighting and additional fans if necessary so there are a couple of setups that I may try.

RAD1 (MB SIDE) - 3 AP-13s - Channel 1 on Lamptron FC-5 controller [Temp probe- GPU1].
RAD2 (PSU SIDE) - 3 AP-13s - Channel 2 FC-5 [Temp probe- GPU2].
PSU FRONT INTAKE - 3 AP-13s - Channel 3 FC-5 [Temp probe-CPU].
MB BOTTOM INTAKE - 3 AP-13s - Channel 4 FC-5 [Temp probe-VRM].

The pump is PWM controlled via the Motherboard tied to the CPU fan header - note: it is NOT powered by the motherboard... that would be ridiculous... it's powered by a separate Molex 4-pin connector (for those that aren't familiar with the MCP-35X).

Down the road I would ultimately like to add inline temperature probe fittings so I could use the FC-5 to display: 1. Res Intake 2. PostGPU/PreCPU 3. PostCPU/PreRads 4.VRM or if I got a block for the motherboard (when released) between CPU block and chipset block do another one. The problem with that setup at this point is that I'm not totally sure that I could run all of that extra restriction on a single pump, so I'd probably have to upgrade to the MCP-35x2 (so in other words... that setup would have added at least another $500 total to the build once I included all the extra fittings etc... (assuming the MB block runs about $125-150).

I might add a higher speed, PWM controlled fan for the rear of the MB side at the back and tie it to the VRM temperature and fit it with some kind of shroud to direct all the airflow to the VRM heatsinks. But since I'm not going for maximum overclock on this system and I'm using the 3750 I seriously doubt it would matter.

So probably more than anyone wanted to know... but there it is. If someone can see a major problem in my idea... please let me know where I'm being stupid so I can stop. smile.gif
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I just love Pics like that! Looking good thumb.gif

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Sadly I'm never able to get that much stuff at once...I normally run out of money before I can. Build looks good smile.gif

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