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Update 7

while i'm having new sidepanels and a new face plate being waterjet cut...

my new card arrives! its a XFX 4890. the box was much smaller than i thought it would be since i'm used to the big boxes of eVGA and nvidia cards.


the card and iandh heatsink next to each other

took it apart and a picture of the GPU. pretty!

and the iandh heatsink installed.

now with dtek fuzion v2 + brass barbs.

it was sunny out so i did some polishing of outer brass. my ghetto setup after got some tips and help from fstfrddy. thanks again!

the piece that was working on.

and the pieces that i finished.

i've also changed my CPU block to an Enzotech Sapphire + Custom Brass Mount since you can see more brass than the other.
Enzotech Sapphire SCW

though i might decide to change it again to a Enzotech Luna + Custom Brass Mount. we'll see.

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