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Originally Posted by Wadkiller View Post
Chadamir, sorry for the noob quetions, but i think as you help me you can also expand the guide a little bit.

So far i've gathered that the IOH is the NB. So when i use higher bclk's do i need to increase the IOH for stability?

I've seen some people said they try to use the same QPI/dram volts as the vcore for increased stability, is this true?

EDIT: why do some people avoid using even cpu multipliers, for example 20?

EDIT, again: Im busy priming 3.8GHz & after about 2 hours i got a P95 "124" error, but my QPI dram was @ 1.375. I'm running 200*19. Should i increase the QPI/dram volts or what?
You can get a 124 error if it's too high. Start over at 1.25 and see how much voltage you need would be advice. You can try using the same but again, that's why I advise starting at a certain point and working your way up or to just try values you're sure will work. How fast is your ram? There are technical reasons why the 20x doesn't work http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/...&postcount=877

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