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[WIP]RX460 to RX560 conversion pack (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Powercolor, Sapphire and XFX)

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So, I have an MSI RX460 2G OC on the way. I was wondering, is It bad to have it draw more than the 75 watt spec? I have a high end 970 board and a CX600 PSU, of which my SO has the same and is running an RX480X(Which pulls up to 120w from PCIe sometimes). So, if your PSU and mobo traces can handle it, it shouldn't be a problem right?

Update: I've opened a support ticket with MSI to obtain the MSI RX 560 Aero ITX OC 2GB Bios, I will upload it once I have it and have tried to flash to my MSI RX460 2G OC with it.

ASUS 970 Pro Gaming/Aura
AMD FX-8320 @ 4.7GHz (1.44V)
Hyper 212 EVO
16GB HyperX Fury @ 2133Mhz(1.55v)
MSI Radeon RX460 2G OC @ 1275Mhz
Corsair CX600

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Okay, so I used the BIOS that was included in the ZIP file from the first post.

Backed up my vBIOS (good thing I did).
Flashed the Asus Strix RX560 Gaming vBIOS.
Booted, but then crashed with freeze and no output after Radeon Drivers loaded.
Restarted and, hey, seems to be stable now.
Fire up BF3, with most details maxed, to stress the GPU..... and froze and then no output.
Restarted PC.
Immediately re-flash my Asus Strix RX460 Gaming vBIOS back.
Everything works fine.

I believe that the vBIOS that is included in the ZIP was the issue because my card runs just fine with the RX460 vBIOS reinstalled. No artifacts or anything.

I went through a checklist that I threw together.

1) Right Graphics Card? A) Yes, I have an Asus STRIX RX460 4G Gaming and the vBIOS in the ZIP is for the STRIX RX560 Gaming.
2) Could the clocks be too high for my card? A) No, I tested this by underclocking the card to 1200Mhz and still encountered a crash.
3) Is my card properly seated? A) Yes, I double checked and even re-seated it to make sure.
4) Possibility that the card is a poor bin? A) Unlikely, since it made it to the STRIX line of cards.

I would like to request some assistance to this, as I would really like to get the little bit of performance.
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Quote: Originally Posted by truedts View Post
my msi rx460 bricked after flash,i use hd7790 to reflash but not work

help pls...
I see many people who bricked their cards trying out various BIOS images. Its very easy to fix, but you need a bios programmer. I suggest using one of the FT232H based programmers with flashrom.uilt my own, but the FTDI C232HM-DDHSL-0 should be a turnkey option for those that are unable to roll their own programmer.


Make sure you get the 3.3v cable. There is another one with a similar part number that does not have the 3.3v vcc output that is needed to power the chip. You will also need a test clip.


If you have trouble programming the spi flash rom, try reducing the speed of the programmer. There is a command line option to do so. If that does not work at a capacitor between the vcc and ground terminals on the test clip where you connect up your FTDI cable.

I used flashrom from linux. I installed ubuntu linux to a virtual machine under vmware.

Heres the page for flashrom


open a terminal window in ubuntu and type the commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flashrom

it should also install the libraries you need to access the ftdi device.

Here is the flashrom page for the ftdi programmers.

and here is the schematic that I based my device from.


Notice the yellow square on the schematic labeled P2. That shows which wires on your cable go to which pins on the ic. Notice the two pullup resistors that are connected to 3.3v through a jumper. I think you can get away with not having those. But if it doesn't work, just add them. (I cant really say anything more about that,as my device has the resistors so I cant be certain that it will work without them, but I THINK it will)

Now,once you have your cable wired up to your test clip, and your test clip connected to the flash memory device, plug the cable into the computer your using to program with. (if your working in VMware make sure that its passed through to the vm) Then issue a command such as

sudo flashrom -p ft2232_spi:type=232H,divisor=120 -r badbios.bin

the parts of this command are as follows:
sudo invokes the command with administrator privileges. This is required for it to run correctly.
flashrom is the program that writes and reads flash chips
-p ft32_spi:type=232H tells it to use an FT232H device
divisor=120 slows it down. The default is 2. Larger numbers are slower.
-r badbios.bin tells it to read the bios and write it to a file "badbios.bin"

this backs up whatever was on the card. Its not strictly necessary as the bios didn't work anyway, but its always a good idea to backup whatever is there before you erase and reprogram. Some devices like network routers have identifying numbers such as mac addresses or other identifying information that can be stored in the flash memory. Often times the factory bios flashing utilities preserve that information. A programmer like this can wipe that out. If you flash a bios with a spi flasher and find that some sort of custom information is missing, if your lucky, it might be present in the backed up image, even if the flash went sideways. I dont think these cards have that issue, but its better to be safe than sorry. Lets be honest, your probably in this predicament because you took a risk you shouldn't have or cut a corner somewhere. You dont want to dig yourself in even deeper.
Make sure the file wrote to the disk. Its not a bad idea at this point in time to do an sha256 hash of the image you just made and compare it to the bios image you flashed
Now to see if its the same. If not, it may not have been a bad image, the flash process might have just had a problem.

Once your backed up, issue a command like

sudo flashrom -p ft2232_spi:type=232H,divisor=128 -w RX460.backup

the syntax is the same as before, but now we use
-w RX460.backup which tells it to write the file RX460.backup to the flash chip. Hopefully, before you flashed your bios chip and bricked it you backed up what was originally there. (replace RX460.backup with whatever name you used. This is NOT the backup file you just made. You are probably going to want the original bios the card came with. If you didn't back it up your going to have to find a copy somewhere. If it works, it will erase, write and verify the data on the flash device. Then you should be good to go.
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Hello, i flashed my Single Fan XFX RX 460 4GB Into a RX560 but im having some problems. Sometimes loss of video occur, monitor says no signal for a sec or two and it will redirect me to the desktop, what i noticed was that, whenever the loss of signal happened, in gpu-z the card would always be at 100% use(locked at 100% wich is strange). I even downclocked / icreased voltage/ icreased power limit, no success. I tried different drivers versions no success either, im in a dead end...

I Could try to revert the process back to the original 460, but im really trying to make this work so, any help is welcome. Thanks.
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Asus DUAL-RX460-O2G

Hi, can I flash some else BIOS for this card for example Sapphire?
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Hi, can I flash some else BIOS for this card for example Sapphire?
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I unlocked my xfx 2gb passive with an asus bios but I noticed that I have to push the power limit to +50% to get the gpu jump to (safe) maximum hz.
Is that normal?
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Make you a bet that the mobo is not providing the power needed through the PCIE slot for that mod on the other PC.
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Hi I have Gigabyte RX460 windforce 4GB - micron , I not have 6pin PCI power cable. I try more then 10 diferent mode but can not mode card to loock like RX560 , Can some one give me advice ?
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I have a 2GB PowerColor RX460 and was going to try this bios update, but I can't get past the backup bios step. When launching the included "backup bios.bat", I've tried both right clicking and choosing run as administrator from file manager, and running command prompt as administrator to launch the bat file. The DOS box pops up and and says the bios is being backed up to "RX460.backup" then after a second or two "press any key to exit", but I see no backup file created in the directory. Anyone with any ideas? I did do a search of my hard drive and the file wasn't saved in another directory.

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