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Rules: You must have GPU-Z Validation or your form will be auto deleted.
Google Spreadsheet

Sig Owner's code. place it proudly thumb.gif
█▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓
█▓▒█▓♦[URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/1513920/nvidia-gtx-980-owners-club]  [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club [/URL]♦█▓▒█▓

b2d775d8_500x1000px-LL-14a661b1_recommended-driver.pngForm: GTX 980 Owners
GTX 980 Owners List Info.
skyn3t vBios Data Base Download: Spoiler! (Click to show)
vBios Data Base

vBios still in test fase be patient and hang on.
  • Version 84.XX.XX.XX.XX Copyright (C) 1996-2014 NVIDIA Corp Modded by skyn3t Haha..
  • Base clock : TBA Mhz
  • Boost 2.0 Disable tongue.gif
  • Power Limit 200w @ 100% and 400w @ 200%
  • Voltage TBA.
we are working on it thumb.gif
How to Bootable USB Drive, Flashing Nvidia Maxwell GPU BIOS, Recovery tools. : Spoiler! (Click to show)
For any GPU Brand. no more error messages .
Nvflash For DOS 5.136 Maxwell: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Nvflash For DOS 5.136 Maxwell.
NVflash_DOS_5.136-Maxwell.zip 485k .zip file
Remeber to disable EEProm and always save you bios before flashing.
  1. nvflash --protectoff
  2. nvflash --save 980stockbios.rom
  3. nvflash -4 -5 -6 vbiosname.rom
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool: Spoiler! (Click to show)
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8
Windows 8 users: Run as administrator as a windows will pop up asking for using compatible mode ( only for the first time )
Win98 boot DOS files: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Win98 boot DOS files
For use with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Step 1
First things first, your going to need an easy to use USB utility so we recommend the HP USB Storage Format Tool (Yes that’s a link).
Step 2
You need some Windows 98 boot files so Click This Link
Step 3
Unzip the Windows 98 boot files and make sure you know where you unzipped them to. We unzipped to the desktop.
Unzip and install the HP Utility
Step 4
Insert the USB Stick you want to use into one of your USB ports.
Step 5
Launch the HP USB Utility and you’ll be greeted with this screen

Using the Drop Down List make sure that your USB Drive is selected.
Step 6

UNder the File System Drop Down list select FAT32 (File Allocation Table 32).
Step 7

Click the box next to Create a Dos Startup Disk.
Step 8

The “Using DOS system files located at” balloon will be automatically selected.
Step 9

Navigate to where you unzipped the Windows 98 Boot files and highlight that folder.
Step 10

Once you’ve done that the location of the Windows 98 boot files should now appear in the box below the “using DOS System files located at:” section.
At this point click START. (You may want to verify that your USB drive is highlighted and not your primary boot drive ;-0
Step 11

You get a warning about formatting your drive. Assuming that you have the correct drive selected click YES.
Step 12

Then wait while the dreaded Green line crawls across the screen. On the 1GB Sandisk Micro Cruzer we were using it took about 4 minutes. Larger drives will take longer.
Step 13

Once complete you get this confirmation screen. Click OK and you can close the HP Utility.
Step 14

These are the files on the USB Drive and those are enough to boot your rig with.
Step 15

If, like us, you want extended DOS functionality then copy the rest of the files in the Windows 98 folder to the root of the USB drive you just made bootable. This will give you mouse support, a rudimentary editor, FDISK in case you need to old school a drive, and some other handy DOS warrior type things.
Here’s what we did. On Windows Explorer click EDIT then Select ALL, then hover over COMMAND.COM and CTRL Click it to remove it from the list, then hover over MSDOS.SYS and CTRL click to remove it, then hover over IO.SYS and CTRL Click to remove it. Then just drag the remaining files and folders over to the USB drive and drop them. That should create a DOS Command Line Warriors emergency boot disk suitable for booting to and doing DOS things or flashing your motherboard or GPU BIOS.
Ez3Flash: Spoiler! (Click to show)

PS: Ez3Flash May not working on windows anymore. We need a Nvflash windows update in order to work. The only Nvflash we have is DOS version for Maxwell.
Is a small tool to help anyone flash they GPU. It also has come with the Nvflash.
Download link => Nvflash Files
Update 12/12/2013
Ez3flash with PLX chip
Added support to owners with PLX chip and guide how to.
For PLX chip owners you must understand how to skip the PLX chip with ez3flash
I have added a *PLX-CHIP.png* into this new revision to show you how to skip PLX and flash
each GPU.

This is how you display adapter should look like when you have PLX (8747h) among the GPU.
Nvflash read's GPU "0" to "5" ez3flsh show's GPU "1" to "6".

This is side by side Nvflash with Ez3flash.

*Nvflash*                      *Ez3flash*
Select display adapter:        Process number
<0> PLX (8747h)  >>>>>>>  # 5.  nvflash -i0 -4 -5 -6  " Flash GPU #1 " 
<1> GeForce GTX  >>>>>>>  # 6.  nvflash -i1 -4 -5 -6  " Flash GPU #2 "
<2> GeForce GTX  >>>>>>>  # 7.  nvflash -i2 -4 -5 -6  " Flash GPU #3 "
<3> PLX (8747h)  >>>>>>>  # 8.  nvflash -i3 -4 -5 -6  " Flash GPU #4 "
<4> GeForce GTX  >>>>>>>  # 9.  nvflash -i4 -4 -5 -6  " Flash GPU #5 "
<5> GeForce GTX  >>>>>>>  # 10. nvflash -i5 -4 -5 -6  " Flash GPU #6 "
Select a number (ESC to quit):

Now you can flash four GPU with PLX chip with easy flash you just need to match the 
*Select a number (ESC to quit): *

to flash all GTX your Process number is : 6,7,9,10
5 and 8 is the PLX chip.
enjoy it

Flash Tips and Tricks: Spoiler! (Click to show)

When you do
nvflash --protectoff

A pop up message will show up to choose which GPU you want to flash.
Than you type
  • 0 >> First GPU,
  • 1 >> Second GPU,
  • 2 >> Third GPU and
  • 3 >> Forth GPU.

This choose message only pop's up if you have multiple GPU'S
If you have single GPU it does it automatically.

Side note
If you have a bad flash and cannot flash the GPU again with those command
  • nvflash -6
  • nvflash -4 -5 -6
  • nvflash -override -6

This command
  • nvflash -i0 -4 -5 -6
Will override all those tree command above and force the flash to the first GPU. Just remember to change the instance # by follow, 0, 1, 2, 3
Display Driver Uninstaller by Guru3D DDU: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The AMD/NVIDIA video drivers can normally be uninstalled from the Windows Control panel, this driver uninstaller program was designed to be used in cases where the standard driver uninstall fails, or anyway when you need to thoroughly delete NVIDIA and ATI video card drivers. This software is backed by Guru3D.com
How to OC and understand the increment of 13: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by skyn3t View Post

No guine big cuz I won't and I never inject venomous into it only Power!!! tongue.gif
Nice chart he just made.

Ok let me clear this up Nvidia has been on that table for such a long time. IIRC Fermi has increment of +5 not sure but and error margin of -2 kepler has increment of +13 error margin of -1.
Sometimes even if you dial +13 in such a core clock close to any number by half I mean 901.5 Mhz and you add +13 to move tha cloc clock up you need to add the error margin +1 in order to get going and use the increment +13.

Some architecture has the error margin of -3 to -6 depends on how they clock the GPU. I know it is a such a bug but It is what it is. upsidedwnsmiley.gif
It is good that you guys start this conversation here because I have seen many video review on YouTube the guys keep add round numbers to OC the GPU. I had changed my pant's many time lol

Guide: Fix for a cold boot black screen after flash. any GPU.: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Here is a quick guide for a cold boot black screen it is valid for any circumstances when flash any GPU.
  1. Shutdown pc remove the PSU power cable
  2. Remove both 8pin cable from GPU
  3. Press power button in the rig to discharge the PSU and the rest of power in the circuit board
  4. Wait about a minute ( two minutes recommended )
  5. Plug back the PSU power cable
  6. Do not plug back the two power cable to GPU.
  7. Turn on PC boot into UEFI or Bios and enable IGPU ( GPU integrated in the CPU ) if you don't have extra GPU to put in the first slot exit and save
  8. Boot into windows and wait just a bit to drivers load
  9. Open GPU-Z you will see the GPU there but you cannot use it yet because it is only powered by PCI-E only
  10. Open nvflash and flash back to working bios or vBios and have fun.
Play safe
NVIDIA GTX 980 Maxwell Specifications: Spoiler! (Click to show)
NVIDIA Maxwell Features: Spoiler! (Click to show)
NVIDIA Maxwell™
This is NVIDIA’s most advanced architecture ever, delivering incredible performance and unmatched power efficiency. Plus, it offers cutting-edge features like advanced sampling and Dynamic Super Resolution technology that delivers 4K-quality gaming—even on 1080p displays.

Multi-Frame sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA)
MFAA delivers a 30% performance boost while maintaining smooth, high-quality edges by alternating sample calculations across each frame and each pixel.
Learn more

Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR)
This innovative feature can delivers 4K fidelity to 1080p displays for exceptional detail and image quality.
Learn more

Voxel Global Illumination (VXGI)
Part of the NVIDIA GameWorks™ library for developers, VXGI accelerates dynamic lighting effects for a truly immersive, cinematic experience.
Learn more

GeForce Experience™
The easiest way to optimize your games and keep your drivers up to date, the GeForce Experience application automatically notifies you of new driver releases from NVIDIA. With a single click, you’ll be able to update the driver directly, without leaving your desktop. You can also capture and share 4K gameplay with NVIDIA ShadowPlay™.

NVIDIA GameStream™
Stream extreme GeForce GTX PC gaming experiences to portable devices like NVIDIA SHIELD™ with super-smooth, low-latency performance.

This groundbreaking new display technology delivers the smoothest and fastest gaming experience ever. G-SYNC's revolutionary performance is achieved by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in your GeForce® GTX™-powered PC, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag. Scenes appear instantly, objects look sharper, and gameplay is super smooth, giving you a stunning visual experience and a serious competitive edge.

NVIDIA GPU Boost™ 2.0
This innovative technology allows gamers to push PC performance to the maximum with precise controls. It intelligently monitors work with advanced controls like GPU temperature target, overclocking, and overvoltage to ensure that the GPU works at peak performance.
Learn more

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
Nothing is more distracting than frame rate stuttering and screen tearing. The first tends to occur when frame rates are low, the second when frame rates are high. Adaptive VSync is a smarter way to render frames. At high framerates, VSync is enabled to eliminate tearing. At low frame rates, it's disabled to minimize stuttering.

NVIDIA Surround™ with up to Four Monitors
Now, you can play your favorite games across four monitors. At 5760 x 1080, the expanded field of view fully engages peripheral vision and provides for the most immersive experience in racing and flight simulators.

NVIDIA SLI® Technology
Used by the most demanding gamers worldwide, SLI technology lets you link up to four NVIDIA SLI®-Ready cards together for astounding performance.
EK Water Block EK-FC980 GTX - Acetal: Spoiler! (Click to show)
EK Water Block EK-FC980 GTX - Acetal
Thank you Ek for been with us smile.gif

EK-FC980 GTX is a high performance full-cover water block for nVidia reference (NVA-1G401) design GeForce GTX 980 series graphics cards. Please check our Cooling Configurator online compatibility system for detailed compatibility list!

This water block directly cools the GPU, RAM as well as VRM (voltage regulation module) as water flows directly over these critical areas thus allowing the graphics card and it's VRM to remain stable under high overclocks. EK-FC980 GTX water block features a central inlet split-flow cooling engine design for best possible cooling performance, which also works flawlessly with reversed water flow without adversely affecting the cooling performance. Moreover, such design offers great hydraulic perfromance allowing this product to be used in liquid cooling systems using weaker water pumps.

EK Shop link

EVGA Water Block GTX 980 Hydro Copper by EK: Spoiler! (Click to show)
EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Hydro Copper by EK

Forms pictures and Club sig will come tomorrow , I had worked 12 hours so this is far I got today.
Hope everyone will enjoy this thread with all other 780's I have with respect and help others @OccamRazor will be my right hand in here so any question post away we going to try to get it back to everyone ASAP.

Best skyn3t & OccamRazor.

♦░▒▓█▓█ [Official] EVGA 780 Ti Classified k|ngp|n Owner's Club] █▓█▓▒░♦
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From the author of 900 series Nvflash Modder .
NVFlash for 900 Series by JoeDirt: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Yesterday at 5:49 pm
I went after this goal because I figured why worry about having to correct the certifications in the BIOS when it would more than likely be a lot easier to just change something in NVFlash to just skip the checks. Figured I would need a disassembler but had no real idea on where or how to start. welly59 made the suggestion to use IDA and give me an idea on how to read assembly and what to look for. Up until that day I had never tried to do anything like this and I couldn't code a program if my life depended on it. Took about 3 days to figure it all out while bouncing ideas off of and getting suggestions from welly59. I'm just glad I could finally contribute something useful to the modding community.

♦░▒▓█▓█ [Official] EVGA 780 Ti Classified k|ngp|n Owner's Club] █▓█▓▒░♦
♦░▒█▓▒░♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Owner's Club] ♦░▒█▓▒░♦
-=]░▒▓███ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Owner's Club ███▓▒░[=-
█▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓
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♦░▒▓█▓█ [Official] EVGA 780 Ti Classified k|ngp|n Owner's Club] █▓█▓▒░♦
♦░▒█▓▒░♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Owner's Club] ♦░▒█▓▒░♦
-=]░▒▓███ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Owner's Club ███▓▒░[=-
█▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓
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♦░▒▓█▓█ [Official] EVGA 780 Ti Classified k|ngp|n Owner's Club] █▓█▓▒░♦
♦░▒█▓▒░♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Owner's Club] ♦░▒█▓▒░♦
-=]░▒▓███ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 780 Owner's Club ███▓▒░[=-
█▓▒█▓♦ [Official] NVIDIA GTX 980 Owner's Club ♦█▓▒█▓
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Reviews are out!!

Tant qu’un homme n’a pas découvert quelque chose pour lequel il serait prêt à mourir, il n’est pas à même de vivre.

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Windows 10 is good
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You doing a 970 club skyn3t? smile.gif I have a pair of eVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0 4GB cards due for delivery in the morning tomorrow thumb.gif !

Have a problem with your FUD being dispelled by fact checkers?
"Patients suffering from psychosis have impaired reality testing; that is, they are unable to distinguish personal subjective experience from the reality of the external world." biggrin.gif
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where are u guys buying them from and has ASUS done a 980 at all??

Running: i7-4770k, Asus Hero VI, 16GB Ram, 4GB EVGA 980 SC ACX 2.0,on an X-Star 27" and Asus 24"

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Ordered mine. smile.gif

Titan Flashing (Click to show)
1. Get nvflash from the first post. http://bit.ly/1LYAntY
2. Get the BIOS (.rom). Save to the same dir.

3. cmd window:
Start, Run, cmd, right-click, Run as Administrator, go to the nvflash folder.
Shows cards in system with ID

nvflash --list

4. Device Manager:
Start, run, device manager
in Display adapters. right click/Disable all cards

5. cmd window:
To flash:

nvflash -6 GM200.rom

Where GM200 is whatever BIOS you're using. Index option to specify which card to flash, ie.

nvflash -6 --index=0 GM200.rom

You will have to confirm 'y' a few times.

6. Device Manager:
in Display adapters. right click/Enable all cards

7. Reboot, let the card get set up, reboot again.
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