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Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Owner's Thread

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Quote: Originally Posted by beekermartin View Post
Just a FYI for those considering switching to a water block...

I ordered the Aorus Extreme with the intent to water cool. I was using MSI 2x980ti's with EK blocks and back plates prior to "upgrading" to the single Aorus 1080ti Extreme. I tested the Aorus with the air cooler installed but only to make sure it was working well. I then installed the EK water block. I had ordered the EK block when I ordered the Aorus Extreme. One of the reasons I was hesitant on going with the EK block for the Aorus was the fact the memory VRM was not cooled by the block. I contacted EK and they assured me cooling the memory VRM was not necessary. I also watched a YouTube video that broke down the PCB of the Aorus 1080ti and that basically said the memory VRM was complete overkill and did not require any type of active cooling. Basically he said no air movement at all still wouldn't hurt the memory VRM on the Aorus.

Well I have been trying to figure out a way to use the stock back plate with the EK water block. I knew it wasn't compatible but I was hoping I could easily modify the stock back plate without permanently modifying it. Well I have given up on that and now realize I would have to modify the back plate permanently in order for it to fit perfectly with the EK water block installed. I hate to do that because I usually end up selling the video card when I upgrade with the air cooler installed. I then sell the water block separately. That has worked well for me with my last few video card upgrades. Permanently modifying the back plate would make it harder to sell when I reinstall the air cooler.

I was about to order the EK back plate that works with their water block but I have been hesitant. The fact that it cost ~$35 plus ~$10 shipping has made me hesitant. A back plate with no leds and that basically does nothing other than protects the back of the PCB for ~$45 isn't exactly a bargain. I then saw the posts here that other water blocks from different manufactures cool the memory VRM properly and work with the stock back plate. That had me intrigued about selling the EK block and going with an alternative.

Well tonight I was benchmarking the Aorus Extreme and decided to check the temps on the back of the PCB with no back plate installed using a laser thermometer. Here are my results. Keep in mind the EK block does not cool the memory VRM at all.

While looping 3dmark2011 and then Heaven the highest the memory VRM hit was just under 43c. The highest the core VRM, which is cooled by the EK block, was at the top of the card and that was just under 46c. When 3dmark2011 switched to the CPU test the core VRM did drop faster than the memory VRM. Still that was not even close to an issue since the memory VRM was running so cool anyways. They both dropped to similar temps when not under load very quickly.

Basically what this means to me is EK was right. The memory VRM does not require cooling. I am not saying they shouldn't have cooled it. They should have just to be safe. Regardless it is obvious the memory VRM on the Aorus does not require active cooling.

BTW, I was running the core at +50 and the memory at +500 using MSI Afterburner. That equaled a max core boost of ~2075 mhz and memory speeds over 12,000 mhz. I was at stock voltage but power was set to 150%. Max core temps was 38c with ambient temps of 20c.

I don't know if this helps anyone but it does appear from my non professional tests that the memory VRM is quite alright not being cooled by a water block.

YMMV of course and please don't take this post as fact. It is just my findings and opinions. Cheers!
That was my post back when I first installed the EK block on my Aorus 1080ti extreme. I was concerned then about the memory VRM not being cooled. I haven't thought about it since. The card has worked flawlessly and temps have been excellent. Anyway, I was browsing on EK's site today and saw this:

It appears they now have a new waterblock for the Aorus 1080ti that now does cool the memory VRM. Did they make this change because there have been issues with over heating of the memory VRM? I don't game often and when I do it is never longer than an hour or so. I have had no issues but this redesign has me concerned as when I first installed the waterblock.

I emailed EK and I am waiting for a response.

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I've put my Aorus 1080ti xtreme edition under an ekwb waterblock now and want to push my overclock more.

I can run 2050mhz at the voltage cap 1.093v when I was on air.

Is there a better bios I should flash?
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I've tried updating my Waterforce Xtreme edition card with the bios from the Gigabyte site, but when I run the program it says "This BIOS version does not match."
I tried both versions that came in the file and they both say the same thing.
Any ideas? as I really want to lower the idle fan speed!
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Hi, I'm getting a used Auros non-Extreme card next week, the owner stripped his one for watercooling last time and upgraded to a 2080ti, however he lost the thermal pad for the stock cooler for the part in the red box.

Can anyone share what size is it ? I will get the card in 3 weeks time and would like to order the pads in advance.

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Hello this is my first post on and i need some advice please. I got a amazing deal on a auros xtreme waterblocked 1080ti because the block itself has some water damage. My question is what is my next step? Should i 1.install it and see how it holds up with the entire loop? 2. Get another pump and create It's own loop so that it is self contained to keep it seperated from the rest of the loop? 3. Buy a new block for it? But which one? Availability is almost impossible to obtain one from what i have been searching online? This really has me in a tough situation and i would greatly appreciate some advice please!
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GPU not keeping stable at 1708Mhz boost in Aorus Engine


I have had my 1080ti since November last year.
I noticed that at advertised boost clocks 1708Mhz in boost, that I get stutters etc. when playing COD Black Ops 4 and any other game.
Also tried using gaming mode and got these issues.
I even set this in MSI Afterburner same issues were found.
Any ideas or just a faulty card?

Thanks Gianni
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Might be software conflict.

I only installed the gigabyte software and the rgb thing, so I could set my color for the card, then I un-installed both.

Then I used ccleaner to clean any leftovers, and installed msi afterburner.

If you have both installed, you should first go to the gigabyte software, set the card to defaults. Now go to msi afterburner, set to defaults.

Id uninstall BOTH, reboot, clean with cccleaner, then install a fresh msi afterburner copy.
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Saw this thread and decided to see what my Aorus non-extreme could do since I have a few 1080Ti's lying about doing nothing.

Some good news here is the latest MSI AB has the OC Scanner tool built in.

So I blew the dust out of it and popped it in. Fired up MSI AB, set to 100% Voltage/150% Power/90°C Temp, hit the OC Scanner step 3 of 4 I see the card is at the 90°c limit and then had a driver crash. This card has always run hot from day 1, but man it really took off with the voltage and frequency being scaled together. Checked the fans, all spinning. Checked the HSF mounting screws, all tight. OK, time for a repaste.

Welp, popped the HSF off and 1/3 of the die HAD NO PASTE. Looks like there was an air bubble or something when it was assembled. So put on some fresh paste and reassembled.

Repeat the process above and ended up with 2063/12004 using 1.08V with a max temp of 63°C w/ fans at 100% at 21.6°C ambient.

Tested with Heaven and SuPo. Was stable in both at those settings, no drop in clocks during testing. The 375W power limit seems to work well for me. Max load temp during Heaven loops was 63°C and 65°C in SuPo running the 1080p Max setting. Ran SuPo 5 times back to back to be sure the temps were in fact stabilized.

Now, time to see which of these other 5 1080Ti's can match those clocks to pair with this Aorus for some sweet SLi action.

Got 2 FTW3's, an SC Black and 2 Zotac AMP! Extremes to try. Hey, gotta do something until it's my turn in the step up queue for my 2080Ti's, right?

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Does anyone have a suggestion for replacing the stock heatsink on the normal Aorus? I've owned mine since launch and the sag on the thing is pretty awful. It's a major eyesore and I'm concerned about it affecting cooling. They really messed up with the heatsink on these things. It's like they're large just to be large. :/
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