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SMD Capacitor Ripped off due to plier slip. Insight, help, very much appreciated.

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I was about to solder the cap back until I saw the extent of what happened to the right side of that capacitor. Can anyone tell me how bad is it, what technically happened, how to fix it? How’s the pad? Microvia? I believe what I’m seeing on that right connection for the capacitor is the fiberglass layer.

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Unless you can find where that pad/trace goes and run a wire, your SOL.

They could just be fitler caps for power and not 100% necessary. I've had more than a few video cards missing parts and work.
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More curious as to why there were pliers in that area than if the card works TBH! redface.gif

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Thanks Whitzrac.

There were these damn circular nuts on this Ek water block that got stuck on a screw I needed to remove to separate the block. The nuts were actings as spacers as intended between the block and gpu and were suppose to stay attached to the block. The One nut that led to this was stuck on the screw. It had no traction to allow me to remove the screw from the nut, I didn’t have any sort of socket for them anyway. Should’ve gripped better with those pliers so what I was worried would happen, happened, and then some. Anyway I was removing the screw so I could use the Ek backplate.
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The capacitor seems to have taken the pad with it during the accident. Your best bet is to probably just hope it was a power filtering cap and that it doesn't really affect much of anything. No way to really know what its hooked up to unless you can follow the trace to a component, which may be difficult with a multi-layer pcb like that.

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Much appreciated IMI4tth3w, I’ll see if I can get Nvidia support to spill the beans on it. Hopefully they can contact a hardware tech to point out what that specific cap’s job is. C701/C71 it looks.
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If nothing else I’m gonna say my Hail Marys and reattach this component as flatly and originally in place as I can with neutral silicon on the top of its feet and not in between and hope that it lands on the microconnections and stays like that.
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If you can solder SMDs well, you can use a fiberglass pencil to remove the solder mask over those two via's that come up at the end of the pad that has obviously pulled up. Then you can probably get the solder on that side to wick onto those while soldering the other side normally. You'll need a good dose of liquid flux probably.

This is what I mean by a fiberglass pencil ... also called a scratch brush. I use them from time to time when I'm prototyping and I screw up the solder mask near a pad. This thing will allow you to remove the solder mask with some fine level of control but it takes a bit of work / repetition. It turns the epoxy solder mask into a fine powder.
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If that was "just" as bypass/ filter capacitor, it might not have any impact.

Pop the card back in and bench it.

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howdy panda187 :)


As Master Chicken advised, using that fiberglass pencil will reveal some copper still left behind on those traces (pcb tracks/lines) so that you can either get a replacement capacitor or solder that one back on, luckily youve still got it !


Also as youve still got the capacitor, itll be an easy fix once youve scratched off a tiny bit of the soldermask, well, when i ssay easy, i mean that you dont have to go hunting around for the exact value of capacitor that broke off but...


The only way to really test if its not damaged, is if you have a Digital Multimeter ??


Some multimeters have a capacitance tester that roughly shows you the value of capacitor you got/need to test, a really cheap and cheerful Multimeter like this one


That is the exact one i have, its by far not the best but in a pinch itss a great little DMM (Digital Multi-Meter) and has saved my bacon for many years now as a backup DMM or a DMM i can use on the go as its a pocket sized one..


Ther 'Ferrari' of DMM's people usually go with a Fluke or other high expense name brand lol


But do you have a soldering iron in the first place ? 


i used a cheapo temperature-adjustable soldering iron from ebay for about 11 years till its metal collar died from heat damage over the years and this collar held the tip inside the iron but the crazy thing is, the iron still works haha, i just cant hold the tip in without this collar and spare parts are just not available :( and thats the one i used with its standard tip to solder SMD Components down to the size of 0603 and 0402 but by looking at that capacitor that broke off, hard to tell, but looks like an 0805 sized one


The DMM i linked to, you can touch one probe on one side then the other probe on the other side of the capacitor and itll show you the uF capacitor value, its done this for me for years as being me, needed something as a backup portable pocket sized version i could carry easily lol function over fashion haha


Anyhow, if youre not into soldering, i/we can direct you to some easy soldering guides or write some up here, let us know what you decide to do or how far youve got with this :)



Please please also do use flux, without it soldering it just not viable to do, man !

Theres 2 types, Rosin (advanced soldering) or the grease-like soldering flux paste (not to be confused with solder-paste which is actually used to solder SMD components but you need special tools like a hot air rework gun, but you CAN just use a regular soldering iron too, i do lol)

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