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Which is the best Bios for ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 OC?
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I imported the log file into Excel for easier reading, erased idle times and let Excel calculate the average (line 137). The file is attached as zip.

Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
Seems 52% fan 1650rpm 68C with the GB VBIOS from log. With 2010-2025MHz at 68C while the test [...]
Not exactly. This is the average data from the Time Spy run above:

- GPU Core Clock: 2047 MHz
- GPU Temperature: 65°C
- Fan Speed (%): 45
- Fan Speed (RPM): 1372

No special effort, remember? Warm room, closed computer case.

And it's still running power limited isn't it? From the log it seems to 110-111% power target, perf limit 1 once it's at temperature and loaded by end of bench, 240W, 1.000-1.018V.
- Power Consumption: 229 W
- Power Limit: 107% (max=111,6)
- VDDC: 1033mV

So no, it's usually not running into its power limit, ...

So it's a gain of 50MHz, +2.5%? At extra 40W +20%, extra 0.05V, damn.
... and maybe it's worth to do the math again.

In fact, the new PL seems to fit perfectly to what the chip needs to remain stable on high clocks. In AAA games (GTAV, SOTTR, BFV with RT) I use an AB preset with +180 MHz which results in a stable 2040 MHz clock (1860=standard boost clock here). For this I am using a manual fan curve that keeps temps at a maximum of 70°C which results in fan speed up to 60%. That's it. No game crashes so far.

For sure you are monitoring your core clocks as well. Did you ever watch clocks drop at about 100 or even 150 MHz when benching or playing OC? For this is what happened here all the time, and it's history since the bios flash.

Fan seems to stop and behave same as before? Only now on 1 channel? Does Gigabyte really have so similar fan control? You mention the fan keeps running after initial Windows login? And some new fluctuations of fans at load.
The original bios kept the fans always quiet, from the moment on the the power button was pushed IIRR. Gigabyte bios sets fan speed to 0% only when Windows starts. Minor issue.

However, there are short fluctuations on very high fan speed used in benchmarks which concerns me a little. I am still watching this behavior and will return to this later.
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File Type: zip Time Spy log.zip (28.5 KB, 4 views)

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Don't look at averages, look at the end of each test when the card reaches peak temperature. Benchmarks are not good indicator because they run too short. Start a GPU hungry game and record data from it then look at last hour of play for example, or at least play 30min and look at last 5min. Takes time for a card to heat up, Timespy doesn't even do that really so averages are low. I only look at this last portion where the card actually heated up briefly finally.

  • GPU Core Clock: 2032 MHz
  • GPU Temperature: 68°C
  • Fan Speed: 52%
  • Fan Speed: 1590rpm
  • Power: 236W
  • Power: 110%
  • Vcore: 1027mV

You want ideally to have power around 10% lower at least than max limit, so instead of 111% to have 100% and instead of 240W to have 216W. It's still hitting the power limit hard, it's not going to say 111% but 110% is damn close.

I think the cards only go truly unlimited at around 300W at these <1.1V. And if someone would manage to use the whole GPU with all it's extra features/cores for tensor, rt, what have you at once, then oh my it's essentially a 1080Ti size die and 300W is certainly not gonna cut it.

Well 200W running say 1975MHz and at 240W running 2032MHz? 57MHz extra for 40W, 2.9% performance in clock for 20% extra power. Sadly all these smaller nodes run best at around 0.75-0.9V, past that they turn power hungry and performance gains are small with power skyrocketing, so Nvidia limits it to 1.1V max but many cars run 1.0V power limited or even lower. AMD on the other hand pushes the limits and volts higher and then their cards run hot and power hungry a lot more, only so they get that tiny extra performance gain to keep up with NV's performance. On AMD many people actually undervolt to reduce power consumption instead of push more volts and clocks. They reduce volts and temperatures so the boost goes automatically to higher clocks.

I don't have that many games installed but I can try Doom Demo or Q2VKPT again and record some stats. The game I play often runs 40% GPU when online and even much slower GPU doesn't get fully loaded. No Doom Demo won't cut it, even at max settings this card is a beast and kept hitting 200fps limiter in some scenes. from what I remember. Q2VKPT will load it full, recording that now. A 6min run and gun without any level loading, attached. Runs around 40fps or so, almost unplayable at this near fullscreen.


  • GPU Core Clock: 2000 MHz
  • GPU Temperature: 63°C
  • Fan Speed: 46%
  • Fan Speed: 1191rpm
  • Power: 198W
  • Power: 113.6%
  • Vcore: 983mV

Doom is not cutting it, 82% load only at max settings, 200fps limiter forced there.

Gonna try heaven. Why didn't I think of that before. LOL Windows started installing some update at the end of Heaven run, stupid M$. I don't know how many times I've set the updates and they always change something or change their update services completely, start ignoring older settings, etc.


  • GPU Core Clock: 1984 MHz
  • GPU Temperature: 63°C
  • Fan Speed: 48%
  • Fan Speed: 1235rpm
  • Power: 197W
  • Power: 112.7%
  • Vcore: 973mV

I always run around 3min to warm up and then start 5min recording in HWiNFO.

Try that and see what it runs for you as Timespy runs so short the card doesn't heat up only at the end of it at least with your custom fan profile. Run Heaven 1440p max settings, that seems the easiest, let run it's scenes on automatic cinematic mode.

I think my fans spin up on PC start and this is normal behavior for all GPUs I have seen, then they stop, not sure if before or after Windows and driver load since that happens fast nowadays. I can check by booting to UEFI.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Laes View Post
so I followed your idea and tried this BIOS on my 2070 Armor OC: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/...70-8192-180919

This one lets you have automatic fan speed still working as normal, and both fans spin down under ~55c as per normal as well. Has 30% PL option you should definitely try this one

Do you have a regular card, I mean RTX 2070 ARMOR or OC version? Mine is OC version ID 1F07.
Have a lot of power limiting dips in games and benchmarks on stock bios. I'd like to flash my card with already checked and stable bios from different vendor then.

Spoiler! (Click to show) MOTHERBOARD: ASUS Z170 Ranger VIII CPU: [email protected] GHz GRAPHICS: MSI RTX 2070 ARMOR OC water cooled
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It's in his post, Armor OC version the 1F07 A chip with the linked VBIOS from EVGA.
Non A is 1F02 and for that only a single Gigabyte VBIOS is so far on TPU with higher power limit.

From my guestimating a 240W VBIOS + shunt mod would get to around 290W if you mod both 6pin and 8pin, around 28% extra power with 3mOhm on both 6pin (30W stock) and 8pin (100W stock). Problem is just how much can the MSI 6 phase VRM take, I suppose Armor OC also has 6 phase and only Gaming X/Z what ever higher models have 8 phase.

Also what's up with the idle power consumption reported on MSI Armor cards? Many reviews show regular idle power as any other GPU but some at least user do report higher around 30W. Mine is also 27W while I would expect something around 10W that Pascal had. Maybe there is a different VBIOS as found on TPU that differs from mine which fixes idle power consumption? Or are the VRMs that ineffective at low load? Anyone figured out? Maybe they are not down volting VRAM on idle?
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MSI RTX 2070 Armor with manual OC +200 +900:

Heaven, cinematic:


  • Power limit: 100% (175W)
  • GPU Core Clock: 1908 MHz
  • GPU Temperature: 61°C
  • Fan Speed: 41%
  • Fan Speed: 1076rpm
  • Power: 174W
  • Power: 99.4%
  • Vcore: 907mV
  • Power limit: 71% (125W)
  • GPU Core Clock: 1581 MHz
  • GPU Temperature: 59°C
  • Fan Speed: 21%
  • Fan Speed: 560rpm (the fans cycle on and off 58-62C)
  • Power: 124W
  • Power: 71.3%
  • Vcore: 746mV
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From my math the MSI RTX 2070 Armor VRM should be fine as long as one keeps it cool under 100C. But it's hard to tell how hot it gets since most GPUs don't have VRM temperature sensors especially built in ones.

3mOhm shunts on 6+8pin should give power limit range of 187 to 303W. But 8pin might do 198W when GPU hits 303W, which is over spec for the 8pin connector by 4A.

Using PCIe, 6pin, 8pin: 4, 3, 4 mOhm would give maximum 271.3W and stay in specs on all if the controller keeps default balance and doesn't adjust.
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My Asus Strix 2070 OC is not so good and very loud too. I will switch to the MSI RTX2070 Gaming Z 8G and i hope its better. Which Bios is the last for this Card? How high is the power limit?
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I bought one of the PNY's off ebay for $450 it runs pretty cool and quiet. I'm happy with it.

I recommend these for the money.

I was worried on install, computer was stuck in bootloop. For whatever reason I had to reset CMOS.

I took a pic of the back of the pcb and it looks to be really close to FE. Layout is the same but some of the components are different.

Runs around 70C after hours of full load
Fan is in the 60s
Power limit is 113%
Mem seems to be unstable above +800, has samsung mem chips
Scan tool put me at only+114, but it's still power limited
Core runs 1900 to 2050...

I had a watercooled card for 5 years so I was worried about the noise, but it's not any louder than my radiator fans.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Scoty View Post
My Asus Strix 2070 OC is not so good and very loud too. I will switch to the MSI RTX2070 Gaming Z 8G and i hope its better. Which Bios is the last for this Card? How high is the power limit?
Go with a watercooled model if you can afford it, nearly silent.

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