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Here we go again!

it's been a bit since BrassIe but this is going to be my HTPC. For a lack of a better name, i'm calling it Quantum (based off it's original name Q07) until i can think of a better one.

now, we don't see too many people do case mods to this case and that is one reason as to why i chose it over the A05. i think the only other extensive case mod for this particular case was wastedtime's Gemini.

i feel like i'm going to enjoy this mod as much as i did with BrassIe or even more!

CPU: Intel Q9550
GPU: Sparkle GTS250
RAM: 2x 2GB Team Xtreem
PSU: Seasonic M12II 450W
HDD: Seagate 320GB Momentus
MoBo: Zotac 9300 mITX
Case: Lian Li Q07

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