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Originally Posted by Syrillian View Post
Another dream-machine from Naf!



[edit] Love that Lian Li case. The heart of its elegance lies in its simplicity.
thanks master syr!
Originally Posted by Mikecdm View Post
How do you get this stuff so quick? I was talking to you earlier about it and all of a sudden you have all the parts. I also figured that you were going to buy that particular 9400gt. The black pcb and black heatsink will go well with the mb.

Also, you linked the wrong gemini project. The link is to syrillian's gemini and not wastedtime's.

Can't way to see what you do with the case.
haha, i'm stupid that way. i'm an xfx addict. very true. this particular mod will be done in all black, brass, and a tiny ring of white.

nice catch on the wrong link! should've double checked that before posting.

in all honesty, i had trouble sleeping over this mod cause i kept thinking of things i could do to make it look great! kind of embarrassing huh?

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