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Im ultra satisfied with my KDS XF-9e/XF-9p 19" flatscreen crt but Im looking around for a new crt just for the heck of it... Ill probably start a dual display soon but I dont feel like spending big bucks just yet for exactly what I want

so does anyone have this?... its a samsung, http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...001-110&depa=0 ... it looks nice

or maybe this one?... its an iiyama, http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...172-004&depa=0 ... it looks nice also

a lot of the larger monitors I want arent available in stores here in wa, theyre special order unless I go to best buy and Im not getting ripped off, so Im not able to test them myself... and sure the comments on the sites are nice and all but Im not risking 300 bucks and then shipping on them... h34r-smi

Im a graphic designer, thats my company purpose at least... 3dsmax6, photoshop cs, blender, studio mx and much more... Ill be playing all sorts of games tho and Im an all around media fan... lots of dvds and music... basically everything that can be done with a computer I do it

so if anyone has those monitors Id appreciate a ultramini review in this thread...

or if you have any suggestions... Ive pretty much looked at all viewsonic has to offer... not entirely interested but if you really think theres one thats worth it mention it and Ill look it up... and nec/ mitsubishi look nice but dont seem to have as much as some other monitors... Ive heard different tho so if youve got a suggestion put that in here too

Im not an lcd fan mainly because of the price but if you have one or found one that equals or surpasses a 19" crt than mention that too

Im not sure if Ill even buy one anytime soon but Id like to get some ACTUAL opinions

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