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Complete Build Log-Zotac 560ti/Corsair H70

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Ive posted some pics of this mod around but this will be the only build log i post all pics and reply to.

I will start by saying that the use of Zip Straps is not my idea, another person somewhere posted their log using a H70 and a Nvidia card, ive yet to find that thread again or i would have linked it here:

The only things i need to complete this mod was zipstraps and TIM. From start to finnish it took about 15min. If you unfamilar with the proccess of taking apart the card you could be looking at a longer time to complete. There are many other places to find how to take your card apart but because of the many different models ill not list any links, im sure you can find what you need with a quick search of OCN or other sites.

I held off posting this untill i had some time to work with the card. I wanted to make sure that card was stable........and that it didnt blowup. I have benchmarked the card many times now, forcing it to heatup and tried crazy overclocks. The card has stayed cool and for the most part can oc better than before.

As always "at your own risk"

Here is my vanilla Zotac 560 ti
_IGP8909 by cravinmild, on Flickr

Not much of a overclocker...pretty rotten honestly. This card never competed with other 560tis', it always posted lesser scores and never took well to a high overclock. Temps were always high even with great airflow. Average temps were 45c idle and 89c under full load.

_IGP9519 by cravinmild, on Flickr

Taking the top off the card showed the zotac fan and the heatsink it cooled below it. four screws held the fan to the heatsink.
_IGP9520 by cravinmild, on Flickr

There are more or less three parts to the here. Heatsink/fan, heatplate the heatsink it attaches to, the last is the pcb holding the vram,gpu and other circuitry.

_IGP9521 by cravinmild, on Flickr

The TIM need to be replaced imo, it was "chalky" and felt dry. I used whatever came boxed with my 1055t. I did have some other silver stuff but at 2am i was not into hunting it down in the shed.

I started by wrapping two fairly sturdy zipstraps around the pump housing but NOT tightening them completely. You need to have them lose as you need to be able to slide the other zipstraps around the housing inorder to line them up with the mounting screw holes.
I put the black zipstraps upside down in this shot, i figured it out quickly as will you when you do this part lol

_IGP9522 by cravinmild, on Flickr
Untitled by cravinmild, on Flickr

If you look you will notice that the heatplate has indented mounting holes for the heatsink mounting screws. Feed the black zipstraps through the mounting holes and at the same time lining up the pump for good contact with the gpu.
**this is where you want to take note of the orentation of the pump so the tubing is not coming off the card in the wrong direction, making rad mounting difficult later.**
_IGP9524 by cravinmild, on Flickr

Now tighten up all the zipstraps starting with the two used around the pump housing and then the black zipstraps used to fasten the pump to the heatplate. You can go ahead and clip the extra lenght from the zipstraps to give it a cleaner look. If done correctly the pump will be as tight as if it had been screwed down. The indented screw holes used for the original heatsink should be enough to hide the nub of the "locker" zipstrap once the extra is cut. You should not have any pressure on the pcb because of excess zipstrap.

_IGP9525 by cravinmild, on Flickr

Notice how the pump also overhangs the heatplate on all sides. IDK if it helps with the cooling of the vram. One day when i rip it down ill lay several temp probes one vram/stuff and monitor the temps, never thought of it at the time or i would have done it the first time. Now it is time to mount the heatplate/pump to the pcb. I started with the screws closest to the gpu. Remember this is when the pump and gpu are pressed together......take your time on this. I had no real order to tightening down the 12 screws, just went at it and kept doing each screw alittle till they were all tight.

I was lucky and my original cover fit back on the card WOOT! This may not be the case for all models. I was also thinking that it maybe a good thing as your card will recive extra airmovement without the cover. I like the look better my way and overheating does not seem to be an issue.
_IGP9527 by cravinmild, on Flickr

So there you have it. Works well so far. Ive ran Heaven DX11 V2.5 and recived a score of 1300 at 1275/2550/2000. Not super great but the card did not downclock on me once as was the norm befor. Befor the mod 1050core was max and lucky to finnish the same benchmark. Stock my score was 800 (before the mod) and every oc showed improvement.
Temps are way lower. Idle the card can drop to 24c (stock 43c+) and i have never seen it go above 50c on any game or benchmark if used. Before i could see temps above 90c. Most times it will benchmark 46c max temp. Temps drop to 32 a few seconds after the benchmark ends. I used the stock H100 fans in a push/pull drawing up air from the bottom intake of my HAF 932 @ 1500rpm on a Scythe Master Pro 6 fan/temp controller.
H70 by cravinmild, on Flickr

560ti by cravinmild, on Flickr

Hope this will be of some use/entertainment for someone. Let me know what you think.

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Awesome, thanks for this and the other pics you sent me before. How sturdy and flexible are the hoses on the H70? Because i dont have any room on the bottom of my case to mount the rad but i do have a read 120mm spot to fit the rad if the cables are long/flexible enough.
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Awesome mod bro! +1 rep
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After the success of my 560ti/H70 mod i have decided to do the same with my new Asus Matrix ROG GTX 580. I used the same H70 cooler that was on my 560ti and put the 560ti back to stock.

This is a build log for my Asus Matrix. I was more apprehensive as the Matrix cost me $567 and would much harder to replace if i was to blow it up. As with the first mod i wanted to retain the original look (beautiful card btw) plus i thought that the two 90mm fans would aid in cooling the pcb vs just the H70 alone. I used the same zipstrap method but i needed to tighten right to the pcb and not a heatplate as the 560ti had. Lucky for me Asus has added a full metal cover which helped to keep the pcb stiff and not crack or break.
The H70 was very easy to instal but keeping the shroud was most difficult.
So here goes, ill explain as i go:

This is a shot of the massive heatsink, the red circles are where the shroud attaches, the shroud also holds the two 90mm fans. The second shot is of the shroud and the two red circles are where the screws go to hold it to the heatsink

IMGP9963 by cravinmild, on Flickr
IMGP9969 by cravinmild, on Flickr

This is a shot of my Zotac 560ti heatsink placed on the Asus Matrix heatsink, very big difference in size.
zotacheatsinkon580 by cravinmild, on Flickr

A shot of the Asus heatsink by its self. Much larger chip than the 560ti. The H70 did not completely cover the GTX 580 chip and left the four corners exposed. I did not think it would be an issue as the main parts to be cooled would be central in the chip.
IMGP9977 by cravinmild, on Flickr

The Matrix has done a great job with its heatsink over the back of the card.
IMGP9976 by cravinmild, on Flickr

After a dry run with the shroud in place but the guts of the card removed. I wanted to make sure i had the clearance to have the waterlines to come out the side. i still messed up here, i need to raise the shroud higher than stock as the water lines were to thick. I ended up running one line against the mobo and the other out the side you see here. First two attempts to snap the card to the mobo failed to post the card at startup. Just too much tubing between the back of the card and the mobo...just kept pushing till it clicked into place.
IMGP9986 by cravinmild, on Flickr

pretty basic stuff here, collar the pump with two large zipstraps and another four zipstraps ruffly where they should be, i kept them all loose untill i was sure they were placed exactly as they needed to be.
IMGP9989 by cravinmild, on Flickr

Now what to do about making a bracket to hold the shroud in place. With no heatsink to attach it to i was stumped for a few days as i went over ideas in my head...... It came to me while the wife was talking about something important, i noticed in the closet behind her some clothing hanging on a coathanger..a black plastic coathanger...not a metal one which could short my pcb out if it touched the wrong spot. Needless to say the wife has a few dresses which need to be folded and placed in a drawer now. The plastic coathangers i cut with a haxsaw blade. It was perfect, i only need to distroy two before coming up with the perfect fit..mostly perfect fit.
IMGP9978 by cravinmild, on Flickr
IMGP9982 by cravinmild, on Flickr

I just notched the ends to tightly clip to the side of the pcb. Because the shroud hangs and does not have to take the weight of anything it worked well for this
IMGP9981 by cravinmild, on Flickr

IMGP9996 by cravinmild, on Flickr
IMGP9993 by cravinmild, on Flickr
IMGP9990 by cravinmild, on Flickr

Here youll notice that the shroud hangs abit where the h70 pump now sits. This is where my mistake shows itself. i need to make the brakets longer to hang the shroud lower. The reason is the pump presses against the bottom of the 90mm fan. It caused one clip to break loose because of the pressure and the other water line pressed up against the motherboard. At this point is was like F-it, its working and unless i point it out it mostly would go unnoticed by others.
IMGP9999 by cravinmild, on Flickr
IMGP9998 by cravinmild, on Flickr

So that is it, that is my mod. I was scared to turn it on at first as i was sure i ruptured the waterline against the mobo but it all worked out well. My lows are 24c from 34-37c and my load temps are crazy at max 53c with a crazy oc of 1001mhz core and benchmarking Unigine. Here is my benchmark score
oc5801ghz by cravinmild, on Flickr

4x aa/ 4xaf/tes. extreme and default for the rest (1280x1024). I need to run minimized screen to keep an eye on temps, but still i didnt crash. I used the max fan speed button to stay stable, 2000rpm for the rad fans from my scythe fan controller and maxed the volts at 1.5 PLUS i needed to click the overvoltage buttons 3x but still in the green. Ive still got 4 or 5 overvolt presses to go plus tweek the mem and timmings yet. If i had to guess i was 1.58v. Once i max the card out this way i will solder off the voltage protection and other protective methods nivida has imposed and Asus has allowed my own risk lol.

So there it is, my latest gpu mod. Let me know what you think as i crave attention...need it constantly.

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nice, is there enough clearance for CF /sli on a typical 8x/8x MB ?

although it lowers the little bit of cooling the other things got
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If u were to leave the shroud off then yes. I like the extra cooling from the stock fan. The card was three slot stock, most would not get this card for sli anyways. I did it for extreme oc and it was an itch

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Originally Posted by cravinmild;14496907 

Zotac card looks so nice with H70... drool.gif -Congrats !

OCN's Recommended: Power SuppliesAudio Products

~ Sig now ToS compliant
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Thanks Adridu59, glad you like it, it is pretty nice looking with the fat waterlines coming out. Ive no glamor shots of my Matrix yet, cant seem to find that nice angle for shooting. Perhaps some low light shots to show off the little leds Asus put all over the pcb.

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