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How To: Unbrick Your Bricked Graphics Card/Fix a Failed BIOS Flash

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Just posting to say I fixed a bricked ("adapter not found") Radeon HD6670 (Turks) with the pin 1-8 method. I didn't need to solder, I just held a pair of (insulated) tweezers against pin 1 (with the small arrow next to it) and 8 which is on the opposite side of the chip, I had to put the computer on its side but it wasn't too hard to hold the tweezers in place until I booted win98SE on a usb stick, I THEN REMOVED THE TWEEZERS (see, easier than soldering!, but a bit tricky if you have two gpu chips and two bios chips like an earlier poster) There was only one bios chip, PM25ld010, but it has the same pin layout as the other bios chips mentioned. Then, by a miracle (THANK YOU FORUM!!!) atiflash -i recognised the card (I used onboard video during this process, and switched from pciex16 to onboard in the bios first before reinserting the bricked card)

I flashed the newbios with atiflash -f -newbios -p 0 biosname (actual bios was this one)

Stupidly I did not back up the old bios before flashing the bad one with ati_winflash, but I found a working bios from techpowerup, luckily I had a saved 3dmark report for the card which gave me the correct Device ID 0x6758, and SubSystem ID 0xe194174b so I was able to match a good bios.

NB I had to use version 3.99 of atiflash, since later versions gave a page fault error
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I am encountering a problem with reflashing my gpu to stock bios.
It all occured during a bad flash a long time ago.
Back then my gpu wasn't detected in atiflash so I've decided to try the "1+8 pin" method and now atiflash can see it, but I'm getting an error when trying to reflash it.
Here is a screenshot:

Thanks for help!
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Just wanted to contribute something to this thread.

HIS powercolor AGP 3850 gpu and I flashed it accidentally with the PCI-E version and bricked it.
bought PCI-E card to boot from.
i used freedos 1.0 live cd and a sd card with atiflash and the bios file on it.
atiflash -i would just hang the computer and launching winflash would hang windows.

The AGP 3850 uses the Pm25LV512 bios chip, it is 8 pin and located on the back of the board.
in order to get atiflash to read the card I had to solder a wire across pins 1 and 8 to get the card number to read from ati flash and then cut the wire after this; and then flash to my correct bios file.

Finally, you can go ahead and flash your old BIOS. (Using ATIFlash, first find the adapter number done by using “atiflash –i”, then you can flash by “atiflash –f –newbios –p [adapter number] [BIOS_filename].ROM”).



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Guys tried bios flash from different vendor.I got palit 980ti and tried flash from Evga.
After I did all was good. but soon as I started game. Computer turn off.
And don't see card.Also fans not spinning and no light on card.Looks like its dead?
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when I boot into this usb and cd to my nvflash folder then do the nvflash -6 bios.rom it tells me that this program cannot be run in dos mode? anyone know why this is happening?
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did you get it fixed
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i have Evga gtx 780 with black display Geoforce light up and fan run but no display i try boot up with my cpu gpu and the gtx 780 in 1st pcie slot and try to flash it but its says no nvidia card detected any solutions ?
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Originally Posted by ItachiM3 View Post

i have Evga gtx 780 with black display Geoforce light up and fan run but no display i try boot up with my cpu gpu and the gtx 780 in 1st pcie slot and try to flash it but its says no nvidia card detected any solutions ?

This probably means your 780 is dead. If you didnt flash it before and now all it does is run fans 100% with a black screen while nvflash cannot see it then you need to RMA it if you can.

The Dangers of WEP (Click to show)
Originally Posted by 3930K go_quote.gif

Holy crap you were using the epitome of unsafeness WEP? That's like using a few pieces of toilet roll as a wall against a nuke. Not good enough.
People and 60Hz (Click to show)
Originally Posted by CallsignVega go_quote.gif

People are still going on about this 60 Hz vs whatever stuff? lol

I'd like to see a guy show up with a 60 Hz IPS panel at a quake tourney and play against the guys with 160 Hz CRT's. He would get utterly destroyed. I can't even use 60 Hz monitors non-desktop anymore, makes baby jesus cry.
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Guys I just found an alternative solution that doesn't require much preparation. I haven't checked if it is already mentioned in the thread. This is how i fixed my 5850 without needing to go to DOS mode.

First you must have access to your desktop of course (Remove the card and change the primary adapter to i-gpu in the bios. Save, turn off the power, put the graphics card, restart again) (Also switch the cables from your graphics card to the i-gpu)

Then download atiflash and extract it. Don't forget to download the bios too!

Next create a shortcut of ''atiwinflash.exe'' in the same folder.

Next step is to right click the shortcut, click on properties, and in the destination box, add this in the end: atiwinflash -f -p 0 bios.rom

*Note that bios.rom is just a random name. In order to work. The bios must be in the atiflash folder and to match the shortcut's bios name.

Now run the shortcut as administrator (right click->run as adminitstrator), and the flash will begin.

If everything is done correctly the program should display a message with the new values.

Restart and change the primary adapter back to pci-e. And don't forget to switch the video cables from your i-gpu to your graphics card.

You should have access to your desktop now.
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