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New to pfsense-

After having one crappy manufactures router after another I decided to build one. It didn't seem like it would be a hard thing to understand after a couple months reading on the subject. Since I've started using a router/PC I've noticed the difference, as my Dlink and Linksys would constantly freeze from heavy loads. I've not had that issue since installing a pfsense router/firewall. I'm pleased I made the decision to build my router out of old PC parts. It so far is the best router I've ever owned.

I primarily game, stream and surf. The second PC in the house likes to stream, play flash games, surf and use the network printer -to which I dedicated a subnet with no WAN interface-. I also have a network drive for the home to store music, movies and shared files so that the individual PC's don't have to have 'file share' enabled. The third PC in the house is a dedicated HTPC with Internet, to which it has its own subnet and is not accessible by any PC on the network, but the HTPC can access the network drive in the primary subnet. I have no Wifi, don't want it!

AMD Winchester 2.2GHz 939sckt
MSI/Via K8M890m2-v, 1GB SuperTalent PC3200
Maxtor 40GB IDE, x2 ENLGA-1320 NIC[Realtek chip RTL8186], Netgear FS605 Switch
Pfsense 1.2.2 - Packages: Bandwidthd, iperf, rate

Here is a post of mine about 'Watchdog Timeouts'[WDTO] in pfsense forum.
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