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The League of Legends Club

This club is devoted to those who play and love League of Legends. For me, it is possibly the most addicting free game I have ever played. If there are some of you out there that are new to the game, or even playing your first match because of me, still post in here. I, as well as others here, can play a bunch of games with you to teach you the tricks of the trade. If you haven't played before and like RTS games like DoTA, HoN, or anything of the sort, I urge you to try it. Once again, it is completely free which makes it awesome.

Here is the link if interested: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/

It's a 5v5 or 3v3 online battle arena, what they call the new MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena). You control a champion who has 4 skills that you level up as your kill minions and other champions. You purchase items at your base to increase your champion's abilities and stats. On the main map, there are 3 "lanes" with "jungle" areas separating them. Minions spawn down each lane on their own, and are uncontrollable by the players.

Each lane has 2 towers in the lane, and one in the base guarding the inhibitor. When the inhibitor tower goes down, then the inhibitor can be targeted. Once the inhibitor goes down, super minions will spawn in the next wave for that lane (only for the team that destroyed the inhibitor). These minions are significantly stronger than regular minions. Once a team pushes into the other base, they can start to kill the Nexus towers. The nexus is the final objective of the game. Once a team destroys the nexus, they win.

1. Fill out the following form. This will serve as a list for all members.
2. Make a post to say hey to everyone. Maybe list the champs you play or something interesting.
3. Join the "OCN LoL" Chat room. You can do this by going into "Create or Join Chat" and then typing "OCN LoL" If done correctly
it should be filled with friendly OCN players. This is how we arrange games, if you aren't part of the chat, chances are that
you will miss nearly all of the premades. A screenshot is shown below. Once done, click the gear at the top right,
and enable joining at program start. You will now automatically log into this chat each time you start the Client.
Originally Posted by thisispatrick;12997818 

Chungster's Mumble Server: port 2037

Sig link, feel free to use it smile.gif
The League of Legends Club

Current Events:
None at the moment.

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I play..although Im not that good. Been switching between Ezreal, Yi, and Tyrdamere recently.
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No u
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I play cheap easy characters, since well I just started. Been doing mainly 5v5 but I know the 3v3 way. I play Ashe, Ryze, Morganda and that's about it

Semper Fi Daniel

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I'll play with ya, my summoner name is bmw b. Im only lvl 19 though

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Sounds good. Add me guys, and Ill assume youre from OCN. Ill add anyone that adds here and don't be shy if youre a low level. We all start there smile.gif
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Nhb93, shocker. I go on stints of champions. Right now it's my old main Morgana, a little bit ago it was Malphite, before that Ashe I think. Played some Annie, Karthus, Lux, Taric, Vladimir.

Quotes (Click to show)Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Originally Posted by LIU_ZOMG
but i can guarantee that he won't understand how good your pc is.. and he'll be like wthh.. why don't you buy this pentium 4 cpu coz it's so much cheaper.. DUHH
Originally Posted by joemaniaci
Just ask yourself this, are any of the things we do to our computers necessary?

Really good at LoL? Send me a PM. It'll be worth your while. wink.gif

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Do you take a URGOD on your team? HEUHEUHEUHEUHEUHUE

Chipp was incapable of giving me a good reply.Quit.
Originally Posted by aksthem1 go_quote.gif

Because even though this forum is run as a dictatorship by mods. The forum leaders like to give us a choice on who are next dictators will be.
lulz (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Malcolm go_quote.gif


Have my babies. All of them.
Originally Posted by [nK]Sharp go_quote.gif

If you don't know then you are obviously not doing it (I would hope).
Originally Posted by RipperLord go_quote.gif

AOE is for thinkers. SC is for clickers. Nuff said.
Originally Posted by Simca on Obama and the economy 
[4:07 AM]chia233: and the thing to do now is to realize that your debt is a priority
[4:08 AM] princess: Yeah, we realize that
[4:08 AM] princess: that's why we want to get rid of obama
[4:08 AM] princess: before he spends more *beep*ing money
Originally Posted by jackeyjoe go_quote.gif

People shouldn't be...
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I made a thread the other day about LoL, couldnt find it thou =/ Ill play with you guys, dont expect to much thou i just started and im pretty crap smile.gif

IGN - Concxpt

Steam - Pfftjogon
17 Years Old
United Kingdom smile.gif

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I'm on LoL almost everyday. Been playing for over a year now. I guess I got lucky and get in before they started releasing new champions every 3 weeks. I can't even comprehend how difficult it must be for a new person going in playing against 60 different champions and not knowing any of their moves.

My IGN is AcidEdge for anyone wanting to play.

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