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Etharon, Thanks very much for the effort you put into that fan guide, I'll frop you a PM about it when I get chance
Originally Posted by Waterox View Post
I can't run GPUtool for some reason. as soon as I try to run it, a message saying: "an unrecoverable error has occurred...send txt to developer."

Any other programs to test?

ATi Tray tools (link in OP) has a decent artifact scanner built in. As does ATi Tool (Different from tray-tools and doesn't stress the cards quite so hard)
Originally Posted by calebchosen View Post
Great guide!
damn my hd4850.. can´t get past 715mhz (original 665) :S
Mine is a bit of a golden chip. I am on stock voltage too. Game stable at 730. It's just an early reference design Sapphire.
Originally Posted by Wishmaker View Post
The Fan curve is a nice addition to the guide. It applies very well for the 5 series cards but for the 4 series you need a more aggressive approach. For example, my 4890s idle between 44-51 @ 65% Fan speed. This is in an antec 902 with very good cable management. The high idle heat arises due to the poor layout on the UD3R mobo. One of the cards can barely breathe so it gives off heat to the second. Consequently, higher fan speeds are required. At 65 degrees I am already using 85 % fan speed. Anything higher than 70 degrees and the fans go to 100 %.

My 5870 Vapor-X card, idles at 28 degrees with a 40 % fan speed settings. That is improvement over the 4890s!! . My XFX 5870 XXX cards idle between 32-35 degrees celsius. Yet again, improvement over the 4 series cards.
I'd reccomend some trial and error to get where you are comfortable with the balance between noise and temps. Every card is different after all

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