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Originally Posted by Barten View Post

So along with the Polk audio 50 floor standing for my set up,

I want this (because of the price and reviews) is the Polk Audio PSW10
100$ from new egg, with free shipping is cheaper than the refurbished ones sold direct from Polk.
IMHO, That is a good sub, but not the greatest. Personally, if hampered with budget constaints, I would wait, and later spend a little more, and get a sub that gets down into the mid-high 20Hz range. You'll "feel" the difference.

Originally Posted by Barten View Post
My center will be the Polk Audio CS1
Price on Ebay from Polk Audio is 50$, along with there CS2 model sometimes. If i get lucky, ill get the CS2.
Either is a good match for the Monitor 50 Front L/R speakers.

Originally Posted by Barten View Post
I haven't done my rear speaker research, but im sure that isn't as important (NOT SAYING ITS NOT) as the receivers, fronts, sub and center.
Correct, Important, but not as important as the Front three speakers.

Originally Posted by Barten View Post

The receivers i have been looking at are:
Pioneer VSX-519v-k

Yamaha RX-V365

What do you think?

Edit: I have been looking at alot of receivers, and Sony's price is inviting, but more research said i should spend a little more money for a much bigger improvement in performance among other brands. Pioneer kept catching my eye along with the Yamaha models.
Some quick searches revealed that the Yamaha did not get very good expert reviews. It is actually the same receiver sold with the Yamaha product number: HTR-6230, as a HTIB (Home theater in a Box, Receiver/speakers combo). Apparantly it has problems with providing sound from a Blu-Ray player. Sound can not be passed through the HDMI, and apparantly even using a digital "Audio" connection, (Optical or Coax), in conjunction with HDMI for Video, dosen't solve the problem. There is also a whole bunch of conflicting information on Yamaha's rated output. Not to be unexpected, but it appears that the (typcially inflated, as I mentioned before), rated 100 w/channel is actually @6-Ohms, which means at 8-Ohms is something less. Also, (and this is not typical for Yamaha), Reviews stated that this particular receiver lacks "clarity" in reproducing voices in movie soundtracks.

The Pioneer on the other hand has gotten some steller reviews, given its budget price tag.

And I'm glad I caught your Edit.. One expert reviewer made the comment that the only other comparable receiver to the Pioneer able to handle LPCM decoded from a blu-ray player, in this price range is the Sony STR-DH700, but went on to pan the Sony, for having "sub-par" sound, and no onscreen display.
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