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Formed on April 2, 2006

Just Be Cause is still holding on..

Team Users:

Team Leader - Danbeme32
Team Member - Rx7racer
Team Member - xHassassin
Team Member - 1337LutZ
Team Member - KillerBeaz
Team Member - Bastiaan_NL

Current Members:

Folding with E8600 SMP2

Folding with E8400

Folding with AMD Phenom X6

Folding with i7 920

Folding with E8400

Folding with a GTX460

Extra Cores:

A Big Thank You To JBC Retired members:
SuperK, [PWN]Schubie, Wire, Criswell, CyberDruid, The Duke, Quasimojo thehybridpro, steveo42024, mycomputersucks, born2killU, TheLegend, biatchi, Chozart, biskitz, mega_option101, gibsonnova74, Escape, Snoopy83, BlankThis, Jademiner, Interpolation

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