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Originally Posted by hometoast View Post
Yeah, I'm trying to work on a budget.

I did pick up a Panasonic BD60
A very good choice.. the DMP-BD60 will hold up against any more expensive BD player. Higer price does not always mean better quality. In just about every review you read about that player, it will stack up against any player that costs 4x as much. The only real thing that it is missing is the ability to play HD Audio disks (SACD/DVD Audio), doesn't have multi channel analog audio out (which you wouldn't need anyway when paired with the SR-607), doesn't have built in memory for storing BD Live content (if you plan to use this feature, you will need to invest in an SD memory card, which isn't a bad idea anyway, because the player cannot receive updates without one), and is a little slower in loading disks. Once the disks are loaded, video and sound are superb.
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