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I have an Onkyo TX-SR706 and it is just amazing, the performance is just awesome. The fact I got this for $350.00 (about half of what you pay for this new, even though it is a year old and the newer SR 707 is out) off Craigslist from a guy who happened to only use it twice (bought it in March of last year). He has a studio setup and never really used it, so he sold it to me for dirt cheap.

Anyways, Onkyo makes a good receiver. With some decent speakers, you will be quite happy.

Polk makes great speakers, if you really wanted to save some money yet still get awesome sound, may I suggest BIC America speakers? I have the Formula center (horn tweeter), 2 DV64 floorstanders, and 2 sets of DV62i's as my surround and surround back speakers and let me tell you, it sounds like I spend thousands on my speakers, when I did not even spend a grand! I am still using my 10" Yamaha 100 watt sub, so that definitely needs replacement, but still, this combo delivers on a budget.

BIC is sold at Amazon with great prices and free shipping. Polk, Infinity, Cambridge Soundworks Model 6 speakers. All are good makers of speakers and can be had for relatively budget prices.

At a bare minimum, I would get 2 floorstanders and a sub for a larger room, 2 bookshelves on stands and a sub for a smaller room. Then work on expanding your setup for surround sound.
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