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Originally Posted by cyclometric View Post
Re: that 8K, TB. I've done some adjusting and overclocked shaders. Settings are currently Core 714, Mem 1198, Shades 1550. Temps not bad, and it helps the card crank out as much as 8900ppd reported in one WU I've seen... Been fiddling with my setup, in an attempt to get my GTX260 seated in Slot #2, so it could exclusively fold, without interruption for display or gaming cycles -- but every time it's not serving up the primary monitory, CUDA goes away, without which the client only does 80%.

Do you know if there's some way to trick it into thinking its the primary display, but it's just staring at the good side of a dummy plug? That'd be awesome...
all you have to do is have a less card if you have a equal one then in the parameters set it with -gpu 1

I just start folding on my system and it picked the 275 which only has a dummy plug and is set for my backup VGA

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