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Sony, Aiwa, Kenwood, Marantz, Sherwood, Technics, Panasonic, etc.

These are also choices available.

Marantz is also made by Denon, but the Denon will be better in almost every way and cost slightly more.

Sherwood is hit or miss, sound is reportedly good on some units, but will pale when compared to The "BIG 4" in the above post.

Sony: Great feature set and good prices for amount of features, nothing else. Unless you buy the extreme high end units, it will pale when compared to the BIG 4.

Harmon Karden: Great sound, will compare to BIG 4 (sometimes even beat them, subjectively) but units cost more, are rated lower wattage (not much of a difference, few decibels at most) and usually will not have as many features for comparative units from the BIG 4. Preferable to any other brand listed here though! That is why it is not part of a BIG 5. I would rather have the above though, unit per unit.

These units may have good features and can be had for dirt cheap, but you are not going to have the reliability, sound quality, and features of the BIG 4.

Technics: Devision of Panasonic. My dad has a "higher" (read: more expensive) Technics than my older Pioneer VSX-516K. The sound quality is absolutely horrible compared to the Pioneer! I gave him my old receiver, it sounded like he got a speaker upgrade.

These receivers work, they can have nice features, but Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Onkyo are better bets and considered the high end units.
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