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sometime last year.. i made a monitor stand for extra space. it worked perfectly but when i realized i wanted upgrade my sound system and enter into the hi-fi audio.. well.. the old monitor stand took up too much space and actually looked pretty crappy..

so i took some square aluminum tubing that was supposed to be for a project that i eventually scrapped.

i get everything to size.. then i took it to the powdercoaters.

here is the stuff back with my m-itx build next to it.

here is the stand top. the supports and feet.

started riveting the top into the base.

and an attempted artistic shot

support and feet assembled and top is rivited

and all done

i didn't include a picture of the old setup as it was just ugly.. and made me sad.

Old Setup: ASUS Xonar DX + Klipsch ProMedia 2.1
New Setup: HT Claro+ + B&W CM1s + Cambridge Audio 340A

but here are pictures of the new setup.

and all i can say is that this new setup is flat out amazing. i'm stunned by what i hear from these new bookshelf monitors.

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