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If you would like to be listed here, post an accepted (and not "bugged") CPU-Z validation URL showing a "core speed" or "frequency" of 5000.00 MHz or more in your Overclock.net UserName. Stability is not a requirement. Using all cores is not a requirement.

We just want the fastest validation your PC can give, of 5GHz or more, with your member name on the validation.


If your validation isn't showing the right voltage, telling us is nice, but not compulsory. It is not a factor in acceptance.

(There is no excuse for a Rejected validation with an Intel chip, but considering CPUZ has long had issues with AMD, those validations will be accepted, until I am advised by top overclockers that this situation no longer applies..)

(When u do a CPU-Z validation, just put your Overclock.net name in the "Name" field instead of your "Computer Name" between clicking "validate" and "submit".)
Rules to be accepted in the Club are easy. Post (don't PM) your CPU-Z Validation Link (not a screen shot) with your OCN Forums name in the NAME Field. See the Ani-Gif below for details and instructions. While I would probably accept BillyBob-PC if the OCN User Name was BillyBob, BillsPC would not be accepted. Your ENTIRE OCN User Name must be in the submitted by field.








Depending on whether your submission makes it, you'll see at least one of these...






Sig Link

[center]:clock:[thread=678487][b]_.=5 GHz Overclock Club=._[/b][/thread]:clock:[/center] 
or [center]:clock:[URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/678487/official-5ghz-overclock-club][b]_.=5 GHz Overclock Club=._[/b][/URL] :clock:[/center]

With Huddler content management, mine changed to Rich Text, in which case it looks like this, in "Source":


<img src="/images/smilies/post-flame-small.gif" ><a href="showthread.php?s=bd8d1313c09af4210eda3f9b5ad8a046&amp;t=678487"><b> 5 GHz Overclock Club </b></a><img src="/images/smilies/post-flame-small.gif" >


5GHzSig.txt 1k .txt file










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