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This guide will cover how to install the GPU client for nVidia GPUs (AMD users, please check here), as well as using HFM to monitor the PPD.

Users with AMD 5 series or newer GPUs must use this guide instead:


GPU Guide:

Files needed:

1) Windows GPU Client. The first client in the list, under "System tray client".
(Direct Link)
(Direct Link - console)

2) HFM.NET. Under "Featured Downloads".
(Direct Link)


1) Install the GPU client:


2) Move the shortcut in the Start Menu (in [email protected]) into the Startup folder (if using an 5xxx series ATI card, check below). This way it starts folding straight away.

3) Start the client, and you'll now need to edit your information.

  • User name: [Your Folding Name]
  • Team number: 37726
  • Passkey: Leave blank.



NOTE: You don't have to change any of the other settings in the other tabs.

4) Your client should now be working fine. Check the system tray icon to make sure it's running.


Obsolete (Click to show)

ATi Users:

1) If you want to fold on a 5xxx series GPU, you will need to add a flag. To do this, go to the install location of the GPU client (in C> Program Files (x86)> [email protected]> [email protected]).

Make a shortcut of the [email protected].exe file into the "Startup" Folder in the Start Menu. Rightclick the shortcut and choose Properties. At the end of the "Target" field, add a space and "-forcegpu ati_r700", as below:
ATi 6xxx series users should use "-forcegpu ati_r800" instead

2) Run this .reg file to change the environmental variables, to lower the CPU usage of the GPU2 client.

NOTE: To fold on multiple GPUs, please follow this guide.


Pausing the client:

The GPU2 client has the ability to pause folding (during those times when you have to game). To do this, rightclick the client, and choose pause work. The icon shoud change like this:

Don't forget to start it up again when you're finished!

(You could also close the client and start it up again if you wish. The client will save the WU and continue when it starts.)

Do not use the client viewer. It severly impacts the performance of your computer, in both folding and other applications. It may also cause your client to crash and lose its WU.

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