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Since ive heard so many bad things about the avago sensor in the xai on various surfaces; i thought maybe id like to try out the ikari.
What are some +/- on whether to get a ikari laser or optical?
I use a Qck Heavy and I am a slow sens gamer (10in for 180 @ 450DPI).
Also does the Ikari laser have the same prob?
Is the Ikari palm or claw?
Is the Xai palm or claw?

Extra Credit Question:
Now im certain most will agree with me that dpi is the amount of pixel or dots your cursor moves for one inch your mouse moves. But is dpi also the resolution of the sensor and can some explain better how laser and optical works. Right now I imagine that a mouse works like a camera and takes many pictures and determine distance moved. Speed of pictures taken is FPS.

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