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so i needed a techstation or something of the sort to keep my hardware on or leave it on the "floor" as it had been for the past 2 weeks or so.

i'm calling this hephae. short for hephaestus, the greek god of technology and forging. this personally is somewhat ugly in my eyes as the material isn't really cleaned up or anything compared to my other works. plus, i didn't want to name it 'mini-tech'.

now lews see how hephae is born.

here are the chassis parts. whats not shown are the L bars used for support.

this little contraption is to hold down the plate and L bar so i can drill the proper holes into the L bar. this is repeated around a total of 8 times for the 4 panels.

after thats done, we start connecting panels together.

and here come the rivets!!

and 3/4 of the box completed.

and the last 6 rivets!!!

and the box is all assembled

but wait! hepahe is still missing feet! oh, there they are!!

and hephae at this point is 90% complete.

these are neoprene strips to be used as cushioning/non-slip mat for the PSU

i forgot to put in the mobo holes so i print out the file and get the holes marked

then i tapped the baby!

and hephae is 99% complete

why is it still 99% complete? cause its missing these little doo-hickies!

what are they for you ask? why, they're for the HDD! that goes on top of the PSU. it looks like there is very little space for the PSU but there actually is enough where it isn't an issue.

and i'll leave the rest for picture speaking

this is why i needed to make myself a quick techstation.

hephae is finally born!

i'm posting this log via hephae.

thanks for looking and i hope you enjoyed it.

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