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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Don't think I meant to say they are not important I meant to point out getting people to see how it is needed if they are already folding? I would say some prizes/competition and such would probably help bring this around here, like folding.

Specific projects for OCN use, some detailed guides on setting it up, and general talk about it out of the BOINC thread. I only even heard of BOINC just recently from here, only because a chat topic showed up in the general discussion box next to latest news. I have yet to bother with it myself(or get interested).

That is just my thought/opinion, I don't mean to speak for all.
Don't worry, I didn't take your previous post to mean that you didn't mean to say they aren't important (now that's a confusing sentence). It's always good to here what's missing though (I mean from our end, what we're missing to draw people in).

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