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Originally Posted by DuckieHo View Post
What about the Enermax Galaxy 1000w or Corsair 1000HX? I heard they have "true" multiple rails.

Did you want to mention the one of the originators of the misconception and the reason for the "myth"?
One of? They where the origin . But I'd like to keep my blood pressure down so let's not talk about that. They are dead to me anyway.

I find myself to be apathetic to the whole thing anymore. I can't be bothered to debate it even with people who know what they are talking about. It doesn't even factor into my own PSU buying decisions. In all of my years of computers I have never had a short or seen another computer in real life that shorted and melted/burnt something due to lack of OCP. I know it happens, but the frequency is so low I am much more concerned about the dangers of driving home from work than a freak accident with my computer.
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