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Good Processor - a little pain to OC Edit

by Totally Dubbed
Pros Cons
  • Fast, energy efficient
  • Heat, voltage increases, lack of QC by intel
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The Ivy Bridge technology in this processor is great, however I found that when OC'ing it was extremely sensitive, and by that I mean, with 0.01v added to Vcore, temps went up experientially (this was at 1.25v @ 4.2ghz)

Got the CPU stable running at @ 4.5ghz - but it took a long time getting there, not as simple (especially by monitoring temps) as my old processor to say the least.

Other than that a solid performance throughout.

I should note something:
When I got the processor, the fan it came with didn't work (the motor was broken) - not like it mattered much to me, but it is something to note, and really shows that for a £250 product, QC should be on Intel's mind - as it didn't give me a good impression at first.
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