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Kühler for cool - pretty much! Edit

by Totally Dubbed
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  • Great pump speed, cools like a boss
  • Instruction are outdated, Antec fans are noisy, light stays on, stock thermal paste has got little to be desired
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The 920 was bought due to me wanting liquid cooling over the conventional fan cooling.

I also went for this over the Corsair H series, due to it having non-ribbed pipes.
I also have the I7 3770K and was thinking of OC'ing it, so I needed something to cool down that dreaded Ivy Bridge processor. This does the job.

-Software is easy to use, and very simple and intuitive

-Lighting the Antec is pretty cool, especially seeing as you can modify the colour of it

-Setting your own fan profile is very easy, and truly recommended to do, to match your rig.

-The cooler does its job, and at max load, under p95 for over 20hrs, keeps my CPU at around 75-85c - I'm currently OC'ed at 4.5ghz with 1.265v on my I7 3770K

-The instructions provided, are outdated. I'm not the only one to be completely lost when trying to assemble the cooler (especially if it is, like for me, your first ever liquid cooler) - Even all the reviewers have reviewed this over a year ago, but despite that, there's no recently dated review and guide for it. I'll get around to make one.

-At 2600 RPM (max speed), the stock Antec fans will sound like an aeroplane trying to take off. They also don;t seem to provide that much air flow. I have thus replaced the Antec fans by the Corsair SP120 quiet editions, and they run at only 1500 RPM, but yet cool as good as the Antecs did at around 2000 RPM. More so the Corsairs are quiet.

-Light doesn't go off, after the PC is switched off - however you can disable lighting if you don't want it, but this will mean no pretty light in your case.

Overall, great liquid cooler, and truly recommended for cooling your processor!

Here's my unboxing of them:

Dropped the rating from 5/5 to 3.5/5 - reasons:
-Antec thermal paste wasn't very good at all
-Scratch found on my CPU after removing the Antec920 from my system
-Instructions really let down the product
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