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My new favourite mouse - despite couple of initial issues Edit

by 44TZL
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  • Best hitstats in-game, fantastic grip/shape, responsive
  • 1000 polling not usuable, build quality could be improved
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Introduction Over the past months I have been using a couple of mice, the Logitech G303, Razer Deathadder Chroma + Taipan, Mionix Naos 7000 and the Zowie EC-1A. So I have a decent idea now what shapes work for me and can compate the sensors. One important thing I found is that shape influences actual in-game performance more than the specs of the sensor - at least is the sensor is of a decent quality. So my review is less from a specs point and more of actual in-game performance, long-term comfort and everyday use. But since I was impressed with the sensor of the G303 and DA Chroma, I was looking forward to seeing to seeing a large ergonomic mouse with the Pixart 3988 sensor.

DPI Check I always run Enotus mouse-test to check the actual DPI, polling rate and accuracy - because many mice have DPI off and if a mouse is 1800dpi when set to 1600 dpi, such as the G303 - it may look more responsive than it actually is. What I discovered here and also through in-game stutter is that the 1000Hz polling rate doesn't work but at 500Hz it's all fine. Slow-movement accuracy at 500Hz is very good, just less than the Zowie and on par with DA & G303. Here are the 500 and 1000Hz results with the mouse set at 1600dpi:

Shape While this mouse is said to be 'like the Death Adder', but once I used it - the experience is very different. It's a very well engineered shape with materials that are grippy but not sweaty. The mouse tapers in strongly toward the middle which helps aim and also finding the side buttons intuitively. It also narrows further toward the bottom creating a ledge that makes the mouse easy to lift. The center of gravity is a bit to the back, which is not ideally for lifting but also doesn't get in the way. It perhaps even helps aiming putting the weight more toward the pivot point. I can't fault the shape in anyway - it's very well done. Not that I am an expert, but I expect this mouse to be most suitable for palmgrip up until 19 cm and for fingertip for hands from about 19cm - I don't think claw would work really well because of the hump being in the middle. My hands are 21.5 cm and I was surprised to find that I could grip this mouse quite flat.. the mouse is about the same height as Zowie and DA but the arc is flatter at the front.

Buttons and Mouse All buttons are slightly different to click and all have very good feedback. You won't accidently click any of them. I don't think they're good for click-spamming. Compared to the Zowie, they are easier to click and slightly less noisy.

Sensor Performance Top class eventhough I don't like that I can't configure the lift off distance which is slightly on the high side. This mouse is very responsive and accurate. Tracking even slightly tops the Zowie. I can't fault it as it produces the same hitstats as the Zowie - even having used it for only a week now. It's well beyond any of the other mice I've tried. On the forums here, people mentioned it performs best in terms of latency at 1550dpi and below - although I found it hard to notice a difference between 1550 and 1600 dpi.

Other Features & Qualities It has an RGB logo. The mouse cord is too stiff but doesn't get in the way - I had preferred a cable like the Zowie mouse which is very flexible. The software is ok. The weigth is 99 grams minus cable. The build quality is a bit varying: the shell is very good and there's no sensor rattle, but the rubber is already coming a bit loose. The mouse wheel rattles somewhat - it functions totally fine but I wished they'd made the mouse a bit dearer and not had these issues.

Value & Conclusion This mouse is a quite a surprise: Gigabyte as a serious mouse brand. I am deducting a half star for build & driver quality .. but then considering the performance, low price, inclusion of spare mouse feet and build issues with far more expensive mice, this is a 5-star value mouse. I rate it on-par with the Zowie but I do find myself grabbing this mouse instead every single time. I'd seriously recommend it proviso that the shape fits your hand size and grip style.

*UPDATE: Gigabyte exchanged my mouse and the new mouse is totally fine. Also after updating to the F19 software, there are no noticable issues on 1000Hz as long as the colour profile is set to 'pulse' or 'cycle'. Technically I can see it's not polling as stable as on 500Hz, but it's now at a level that it doesn't interfere. The input lag, sensor wise, is just bit behind the Zowie and G303, but we are talking 0.5-2ms. The Cougar 550M with the same sensor is very similar in performance (and no firmware issues). I can recommend that if you prefer a heavier mouse. I can't recommend the Asus Gladius, another 3988 mouse which fakes the 2000Hz polling rate.

Tested on a Zowie SR cloth math and Razer Manticor hardpad. Monitor: Rog Swift PG279Q @ 165Hz with G-Sync enabled.
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nicoacademia 05-16-2016, 08:19 AM

comparing to my ss rival fnatic, the xm300 seems to be less stable for my hand. i think i'm too pampered by the fat arse of the rival fnatic.
also the sensor seems less snappy at 650dpi than equivalent on the fnatic rival.

no harm meant but xm300 not the mouse for me. seems like its balancing on 3 points.

everyone's hand is different i guess.

nicoacademia 05-16-2016, 08:13 AM

just got it today. will be trying it out.

44TZL 05-05-2016, 04:56 PM

Also hopefully the mouse will match your expections!

44TZL 05-05-2016, 04:53 PM

Yes it's all in 50dpi steps 50-6000dpi. The 1000Hz is good until you set the 'consistent' lighting profile. Anyway you can follow that story/specifics on the XM300 mouse thread. I've been passing information on to Gigabyte - let's hope they will have the firmware fixed.

nicoacademia 05-05-2016, 05:46 AM

took your review and made an order. i hope the polling at 1000hz is stable ish. haha.
i assume we can configure lower dpi like 650dpi or 800dpi.