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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Edit

by Arizonian
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  • Competitive gaming off the wire, customizability
  • Price tag you pay for R&D
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My sharing thoughts and experience of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum wireless gaming mouse.

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At $150 I was hesitant to make this purchase but it was positive feedback from some of our most respected and critical OCN members when it comes to mice which inspired me to give it a try. One thing I've learned in all my years here when these members have good things to say almost across-the-board, you just know this mouse might be a winner.

G900 comes in a quality box one you should keep if you ever want to store or resell down the road. You'll find It's a worthy high caliber, subjectively good looking all around mouse. If you ask me it deserves to be treated well and Logitech did just that presenting it safely to your desk top.

First out of the box I hooked up the cord to the mouse and charged the battery to 100%. The cord, which moonlights as the charger, is very light, flexible and doesn't have kinks. One of the best braided cords I've come across. When charge is complete take off the cord, hook the USB provided to end of cord in place of mouse and your free!

I'm a minimalist and like my mice neat so I removed the two side left buttons and replaced them with solid cover provided. Another two side buttons are provided in case you want to open up the other side buttons to have four side buttons, two on each. One thing I've found that makes this mouse so special, is it's customization.

Logitech software allows you to completely re-arrange button assignments, assign CPI from 200-12000, show battery information, allow firmware updates, use of complete RGB color spectrum along with effects where no LED is an option, all allowing up to six profiles of any combination stored. A profile button underneath the mouse belly lets you scroll through them.

Logitech Software Pics (Click to show)

From top to bottom it seems to be a quality build. A tilt hyper-scroll wheel where It's mechanics allows for an on the fly 'free wheel' scroll option. Internal design shows a well thought out placement of premium switches 1 & 2 that lightly actuate crisply down the entire button. Allows for three stored CPI settings where setting is visible from a 3 prong customization LED indicator found just below the scroll wheel lock. All this wrapped in a high quality shell that feels great to the hand wether dry or wet and what seems resistant to fingerprints.

G900 sports a 3366 optical sensor implementation and works well on just about any surface. Logitech reports a 1 millisecond report rate on a 2.4GHz wireless connection and it truly does feel very responsive with a click latency of 3.4 minimum 4.4 average and 5.5 maximum off the wire which is some serious performance under this shell.

I had tried 3 different cloth pads where tracking felt the same only difference was how the mouse weight felt on each pad. I found certain pads that were slower were harder to compensate when targeting dodging objects that was using smaller side to side movements. Smoother glide with good stop will be your best pad IMO.

Feels nice when I palm grip it with my 18cm hand length. On desktop I found the mouse shape comfortable in relaxed palm and slight hybrid claw grip. Gaming I was able to retrain muscle memory and stay in palm grip which felt best to me during intense long periods without any discomfort. At first, I experienced user error accidental clicks of buttons 1 & 2 but with discipline this too got better as I acclimated to using a new mouse.

Shape, size and weight is subjective so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've found the shape your average ambidextrous size and shape which is nicely done without any crazy contours.

The G900 weight is impressive for a wireless at 107g, no other wireless competes. I found it a bit heavier than I'd prefer when gaming but still a doable weight none the less. I personally feel best when mouse weight is between 80-95g, so this is a compromise for me that comes with wireless and one than I can gladly get accustom in exchange.

Weighing in at 15g the battery takes 2 hours to one full charge that lasts up to 32 hrs without LED and 25 with LED ON and determined by 'real time' mouse activity. When in wireless mode and not in use, this champ goes into a 'sleep mode' that saves on battery power. Logitech reports a capacity of 800 charges.

Note: Removal of battery voids 2yr warranty.

Logitech hit a home run being wireless while competitively responsive and with all of the other specs it offers. It's nice to be free of the cord without much comprises like in the past in order to enjoy. G900 is going to be hard to top when you look at current mice in the market wired or not. Three years of R&D really shines through in creating the chaos spectrum, yet keep in mind nothing is 100% perfect for everyone.

At this price it's hard to recommend, with these specs hard not to. If your lucky there may be a mouse with your exact layout, shape and weight preference for a lot less on a wire. Remember if you don't like the shape, then no mouse no matter how good, is worth it. No one mouse fits everyone's shape, size, and weight preference.

If it's within your budget range and your looking for full flexible mouse and full customization, give this a try. If your specifically looking for a wireless gaming mouse, there is no other I'd recommend. I'm keeping my G900, it easily moves to my main. Good luck finding your next favorite rodent.


G900 stock skates

Hotline Games skates

* 6-11 programmable buttons (depending on side button configuration)
* Lightweight hyperfast tilt scroll wheel
* Customizable RGB Lighting
* Metal pivot main key design
* Metal spring button tensioning system
* Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi
* Max. acceleration: >40G*
* Max. speed: >300 ips*
* Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad
* USB data format: 16 bits/axis
* USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
* Wireless report rate: 1000Hz(1ms)
* Wireless technology: Custom 2.4GHz
* Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
Physical Specs
* Length: 130mm
* Width: 67mm
* Height: 40mm
* Weight: 107 grams (mouse only)

Jitter test

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Arizonian 05-10-2016, 01:21 PM

I had 0.7mm hyperglides on my za12 and I like it, so I went with 0.6mm for the g900. Will let you know and add before and after pics of feet as an added review. Some people have complained about the stock feet wearing unevenly.

Ki01 05-10-2016, 12:49 PM

oh sweet. be sure to post back with the results and the ones that you're using ( as i see there are two models).

Ki01 05-10-2016, 11:54 AM

didn't know g900 had aftermarket feet o.O

Arizonian 05-10-2016, 01:20 AM

Thanks guys. I will try to get a pic with side grip view my hands holding mouse. Have G900 Hotline Games mouse feet coming and add those as well.