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The Ultimate Price Requires the Ultimate Mice. Edit

by Dargonplay
Pros Cons
  • Fastest Wireless Mouse available, Robust Software/Onboard settings, Supreme Consistency.
  • The clicks are too stiff for small hands, The feets don't glide as much as my Sensei Wireless, there's no alternative for smaller hands.
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This is the best mouse you can buy today but it might not be for you, and I will explain why in a second.

Let me begin by saying that I've owned several gaming mice, from the Logitech MX Performance to the G700s, from a Roccat, Zowie, fierce gaming no brand mouse to a Steelseries Sensei wired and Wireless and have also owned the best Mousepads in the market, Destructor II, Manticor, Steelseries DeX, Artisan Shidenkai MID even a sheet of pure HDPE plastic for maximum possible glide, coated with Pledge... Yeah I know.

I bought this mouse to replace my Sensei Wireless which I loved but then replaced with a Razer Mamba which I dreaded, I was worried that this Mouse would just be the jumbo mumbo marketing and the shouts of "The most advanced gaming mouse" just like the mamba Chroma 2015 was, I even shrug to the thought that people really said that about the Mamba, those fears were all gone after a mere hour of use.

Let me begins with the Pros.

1-) The Wireless, I kid you not, is extremely fast, I watched all the videos showing up the benchmarks comparing the G900 against the competition, but I had to test this myself in the real world, Boy was I impressed.

I've always used Human Benchmark reaction time, when using the Razer Mamba Chroma 2015 my average was 215ms in Wireless mode and 190ms in Wired Mode.

Using the Logitech G900 I managed 180ms AVERAGE of the first 5 tries which is absolutely incredible, completely obliterating the Mamba even when using it Wired, my Sensei Wireless had better performance than the Mamba as I managed 210ms Average wireless, but even that score was obliterated by the G900.

2-) -The shape is good for a palm grip and decent for claw just like an enlarged less curved Sensei, more similar to the Proteus Core but with many differences, for example the G900 Chaos do works way better for Fingertip and Claw grips than the Proteus core while still retaining the Palm Grip ergonomics.

3-) The lights are minimalist and design is very professional with just enough gaming poured into it.

4-) I've been using it for some time now and its 100% consistent, not even the Microwave can disturb the signal on this Mouse.

5-) Unlike Razer Failnapse the LGS is a Blast to use, it works extremely well, its simple and powerful, the surface tuning software works extremely well with native surface tuning instead of Software based tuning like on the Razer Mamba which doesn't work nearly as well.

6-) The onboard Memory: Unlike the Sensei Wireless and the Razer Mamba you don't need the drivers to make the Mouse work the way you want it, you just need the drivers to change the settings.

On the G900 you set your macros and profiles once in the software and then you can proceed to uninstall it, all of your settings will be saved in the G900's Onboard Memory, meaning that you will get a 100% consistent experience when using it on any PC, be it your friend's or a tournament.

There's two small buttons beneath the Scroll wheel to rise or lower the DPI steps you already saved on the Onboard Memory, at the bottom of the mouse just next to the sensor there's a pretty button you press to swap the profiles you already saved on the Onboard Memory, profiles that can contain a whole 'nother set of DPI Steps with whole 'nother set of Macros fitting each game you play, you can save and cycle through 5 different profiles with 5 different DPI Steps on each profile, the limit is you.

7-) The Wheel: Christ, it never felt so good to scroll on something, I can't put it into words beyond telling you that it's extremely solid and premium, it feels big but small at the same time, rubber and Metallic, if you ever grab one of these you will remember what I said about the Scrolling Wheel.

Also in this Mouse they finally introduced a Horizontal Scrolling feature, something that none of my previous mice had.


1-) I don't care what Logitech Calls their new Jumbo Mumbo clicking technology, it is heavy, way too heavy and I think this is because my hands are relatively small and I have to click near where the clicks curve near the DPI Lights using a Fingertip Grip, my Razer Mamba Chroma (A totally crap mouse IMO) at least had something better than this Logitech, the Mamba 2015 could change the Click Actuation Force and the lightest setting was just like I love my clicks, this G900 is way too stiff in comparison, too much for my liking.

2-) The Skates/Feets of the Mouse, my SteelSeries Sensei Wireless had better skates, no way around it. The Skates on this G900 don't glide as much by introducing a higher level of initial friction, this is a hit or miss, you could love this as this should allow you to stop the mouse dead on its place when moving it fast but I don't, I loathe the way the initial friction works and I believe my Sensei Wireless skates are way superior on every way because of this, even more so when I realize that I've used the Sensei Wireless for over 6 months and the skates are still better than this brand new G900.

3-) Its size: Another hit or miss, admittedly I have small hands this, Mouse is uncomfortable for me to use with a Fingertip Grip, I would re buy it again if Logitech Had the mercy of releasing an even lighter but smaller version of the G900, "The G900 Mini" could be a thing smile.gif

If you have large hands ignore this point because this will be comfortable as heaven.

If this mice had better Skates and a customizable click force feature, with customizable size it would definitely earn 5 stars in my review, for this price I expect near perfection quality and features, you were spot on regarding its performance Logitech, but there's room for improvement in other areas, never stop raising the bar.
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zehoo 05-16-2016, 08:10 PM

Now Logitech just needs to put it in the body of an mx300 and the perfect mouse will have been made.

Imouto 05-12-2016, 02:20 PM

I bet it is a royal PITA to get it cleaned.

dikoroso 05-12-2016, 09:26 AM

Good reviews, Thanks

zorbyss 05-12-2016, 01:30 AM

The ultimate mice requires the ultimate price as well!
Nice review!