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[OCN Labs] Azza Photios 250 by Duality92 Edit

by Duality92
Pros Cons
  • tempered glass, price, compact
  • missing for fans, colored leads for connectors

General specifications




The packaging is pretty standard as far as a case goes. It details specs and has nice pictures of the case. The plastic bag the case is in is pretty thin, but will help keep any dust out. The foam is closed cell, which I prefer over styrofoam for the simple reason it does not break. Styro still offers better drop damage protection I feel since it's denser.

Exterior first view


This case at first glance looks aggresive, but subtle. I actually like how it looks outside. Plastic wrap covers the tempered glass and small window on top (I removed it before the pictures because I was too curious)

Front I/O and door


The front I/O features 3 USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3 along with HD audio. The power button is missing paint on the front side, it's not too visible but enough for me to note. There's also a reset button placed by the LEDs (power and HDD activity). I find the choice of ports wierd, three 2.0 means that two ports need to be used and that one 3.0 will take up a full slot anyways. With the same amount of connectors, they could've added one 2.0 and one 3.0 for a total of 6 front USB ports.

Rear expansion, fan and PSU


A spot for a 120mm fan, 7 expansion slots with the first slot having a different cover (???). The power supply has the only option of being mounted with the fan facing down, but this isn't really an issue. The top back rear features a small poly-carbonate window, it's a nice touch, adds a bit of visibility and outside illumination if you use LED fans on the top fan mounts.

Tempered glass mounting


The tempered glass doesn't rest on standoffs like all other TG equipped cases I've reviewed. I find this odd as the glass itself has the size needed to use some. Instead simple thumb screws are used to hold the glass in place. For a budget case, it works well enough.



At first glace we see the big AZZA logo on the bottom, which by the looks of it, is illuminated by LEDs. Two fan mounts are on the PSU shroud. They have the option to be mounted with 6-32 screws, but AZZA does not include screws for this, you'd need to source your own. As far as fans go there's a front LED fan and a black exhaust fan, but use Molex passthrough connectors, so 100% fan speed is what they'll always run. Cable passthrough holes are abundant on this case, something I really like. The shroud itself is alright and well made.

We can see a spot to mount two 2.5" drives under the 5.25" drive case also. Wait, ... 5.25" Drive cage? Do you remember looking behind the front panel door? I do, and it only has one spot for an external 5.25" bay, but there are two inside. This means that it limits its use and something to take note when buying the case if you use external 5.25" devices like fan controllers or DVD drives.

Front I/O connectors and LED logo


The connectors include two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, HD Audio and individual fully colored power, reset and LED connectors. I would've highly preferred black cables. The molex is for the LED logo, speaking of which is not properly seated and took me a bit to actually make it sit flush, something was not right, but it did end up working.

Fan filter


The sole fan filter on this case is on the bottom for the PSU. It is removable, but it's awkward and would need to have the case on it's side for removal. I wish they had included at least a front fan filter.

Top fan mount


The top fan mount is something I've never seen before mount for only 120mm fans in a fixed location, but in a bump out. It's ideal for 240mm AIO liquid coolers.

Rear of the case


At the rear of the case we see tons of cable tie attach points around the cable pass-through holes, this is something some cases lack. A third 2.5" mount behind the motherboard, two 3.5/2.5" caddies and a bottom case mountable 3.5" drive spot. PSU lenght compatibility is short on this case as you'll see in the build photos. My Enermax Platimax DF 600W at 160mm was a relatively tight fit. I wouldn't suggest any modular power supplies over 160mm. Maybe 170mm could do, but it'll be tight. The rear has 15mm of clearance for cables, which is alright, I'd like manufacturers to aim for 25 and 20 as a minimum, but 15 works.

Front fan mount


The front fan slots include room for 120 and 140mm fans. You could fit a 240mm radiator here (either AIO or custom loop). If going with a custom loop, I'd suggest mount the fan on the outside of the case with the radiator inside because thickness will be limited and there's enough behind the front bezel to do so.



Cable management was easy. The HD audio cable is a bit short for management. The power, reset and HDD/power LEDs are an eyesore, especially with a TG case. the SDD mounts are great and I have no complaints for them. The fans seem to move an OK amount of air, but don't expect stellar performance. They however are quiet, the pump was easily the loudest part of the build. The AZZA logo lights up evenly, which is good. Overall the build was painless and very easy.

Hardware used
MSI Z170A Gaming M5
Enermax Liqmax II 240 [Sponsored by Enermax]
Enermax Platimax DF 600W [Sponsored by Enermax]
OCZ Vector 128GB
Darkside 20cm white LED strip


I give this case the following score

Aesthetics - 8/10
Features - 8/10
Costs - 9.5/10 (with mail in rebate)
Quality - 9/10

Total of 86.25%! If you want TG and are on a budget, it leaves you with very few choices. Right now, on the Egg, after mail in rebates the case is 54.99$. This is the cheapest TG case on the market (correct me if I'm wrong). A budget case doesn't always mean it feel cheap, I think AZZA priced this case accordingly and nailed it really. I have nothing really bad to say about this case honestly.

I want to thank Azza for sending me this case for review!!

Next up? Silverstone PM01!!
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