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Tt eSPORTS Ventus R review Edit

by vanir1337
Pros Cons
  • good sensor, great scrolling
  • horribly stiff cable, hard to press middle and side buttons
This was sent to me as a review sample, but I had to send it back. So there's absolutely no sponsoration involved, the review is 100% raw and unbiased - just like my forum comments.
My English might be a bit rusty, sorry about that.

So first things first, Tt eSPORTS isn't really a brand that makes you think of high quality gaming products, their older mice were kinda bad and had lots of issues. So it's really good to see that they started to learn from their past mistakes.


Normal sized box, with an openable front where you can see the mouse itself. The contents are the mouse obviously, a small warranty book, the specs book and some stickers.
The cable is tied up to small loops. It takes ages to get it to a proper shape, but more on that later.

Shape, Build Quality

It's a smaller kind of a rat, with a kind of unique shape honestly. If I had a bit smaller hands this would be my mainly driver for sure. But it was too small for my 18.5x9 cm hands.
It's ambidextrous, with 2 side buttons on the left side, so it will fit right handed users mostly. I would say it's best for claw and fingertip grip, but it might suit people with small hands (<17 cm) for palm grip as well.

The upper part has a somewhat matte, non-rubberized surface, the sides are the same, but they are textured.
The back panel (which can easily be removed) has some honeycomb-styled holes, making it possible to ventillate that area of your palm - hence the name Ventus. It seems like a cool feature but I honestly couldn't really tell the difference. It wasn't uncomfortable at all though.

The hump is a bit more towards the back, and the whole back area flares out. I really do like this design feature on my mice. For me it was way more comfortable than e.g. the Logitech G102. I didn't lose my grip when I was lifting up the mouse, it snugged itself into my hands.

The build quality is pretty much perfect, I honestly didn't expect that. No creaks on the shell, even when pressing/gripping it really hard. Nothing rattled when I shook it vigorously. Everything's in place.

Weight wise it's really really good, weighing only 75 grams, and it seems balanced.


2 zone, 16.8 million colours RGB lightning, as much advertised on the official site and the box as well. I really don't like this abstract dragon tattoo kind of logo, and I dislike lightning on my peripherials anyways, so I normally turn it off. I've made some pictures though. The lightning effects are on point, the color cycle looks nice as well. There are many effects too choose from in the software.


Razer DeathAdder

Logitech G102 (=G203/G Pro)

Zowie ZA12

Logitech MX500 (=MX518/G400)


My main buttons had some pre-travel and a kinda mushy feel towards them, but I didn't really see anyone reporting this on the forums, so I assume that it was just my copy.
The main buttons are somewhat separated from the back part of the shell. The clicks are pretty good, they are lighter than your average Zowie clicks, but are harder to press than basically any newer G-Series Logitech mice's buttons.

The click latency is around 2.4 ms according to this thread.

The scrolling is very nice, as expected from an Alps encoder. The steps are tactile and well defined, yet are fairly light to scroll through. It's ideal for both browsing and gaming I would say.
The middle click isn't very good, and it uses some low-quality tactile switch. It's pretty hard to press in, which is kind of a shame really. They could have used at least a bit lighter switch here.

The side buttons have an awful lot of pretravel, and are kind of hard to press in. I didn't like them. They use blue iB switches by the way.

Feet, cable

The mousefeet are okay on this, the glide is pretty smooth but it could have less friction - mine are scratched up though, as this mouse is a demo copy sent out for reviews.

The cable is simply horrible, it's way too stiff and generates an awful lot of friction when it contacts with the mousepad. I would definitely change it. It's 1.8 meters long if I recall correctly, and the USB is gold-plated.


The sensor is a PixArt PMW3310, which is pretty well-known, being used in various mice out there. Some people love it, some absolutely loathe it, I'm okay with it.
It fails on the tilt-slam test as expected.
The resolution could be set from 100 to 5000 DPI, in the steps of 100. You can choose a polling rate of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz.


DPI divergence
The real DPI values are slightly below the nominal ones.

There's no angle snapping (it can be turned on in the software), nor noticable jitter on the reasonable DPI steps.

Inpug lag measurement
There's no input lag compared to a Zowie ZA12 until 3200 DPI, I couldn't measure it above that.

PCS measurement
The PCS is rather high, probably around 5 m/s.

Polling rate measurement
All the steps were stable.


The software for the mouse is called Tt eSPORTS Command Center. I really really did not like it. It's laggy, and looks rather ugly. As for functionality you really do have a lot of options to choose from. After setting up everything you can delete the software, the built-in memory remembers your settings.
Let the pictures do the talking.


I was honestly surprised by this mouse, I didn't expect it to turn out this good. But there are some things that I would definitely change.

  • very good scrolling
  • great sensor
  • comfortable shape (intuitive)
  • pretty much perfect weight

  • bad cable
  • stiff middle and side buttons
  • software could be better

I would say that the Logitech G102 / G203 is a better choice in this price segment, but if you dislike that shape you could try the Ventus R.


Sensor: PMW3310
Dimensions: 113,52 x 60,45 x 37,40 mm
Weight: ~75 g
Resolution: 100 - 5000 DPI
Polling rate: 125 - 1000 Hz
Shape: Ambidextrous
Memory: 256 KB
Lightning: RGB

Special thanks to dobragab for being awesome.
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assaulth3ro911 12-30-2017, 07:29 PM

Logitech is always my first pick so. Great hardware, great software, it's pretty solid. I have a full Logitech lineup now.