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05-06-2016 08:38 AM
NIK1 Today I used msi command center to create a ram disk for ie cache and temp files. After reboot I have noticed when double clicking some program icons to start the program I get a error pop up in windows 10 x64 saying invalid picture. The program will not open. I uninstalled ram disk and this time only picked ie cache when installing the ram disk and rebooted and now my program icons start as normal. Anyone have any ideas why the ram disk with windows temp files selected caused invalid picture or how to fix it.Any ideas appreciated...
11-16-2015 06:49 PM
derei Hy there,

I read with a lot of interest all (yeah 15) pages of this topic in a quest to find the best ramdisk software for me. Despite the fact that after reading this i tried some of them, I still couldn't reach a conclusion.
And here is where I would really appreciate your help. Maybe i can get a good advice based on your years of tests and topic going on.

So, what I basically need is to know which ramdisk software is:

1. makes DIFFERENTIAL backup, so I don't need to save WHOLE image every time, but only what has changed. Even if 4-8GB doesn't take an hour now with the SSD drives, it still takes long
2. loads image automatically at startup and saves automatically at shut down
3. I DON'T need incremental backup because I will run it on my laptop and there a very little risk of power loss
4. Is free or decent cheap
5. Runs on Windows7 x64

Currently I run DATARAM Ramdisk but I believe it saves full image, not only differential.

I apologize if i stumbled into this like that and apparently have requests, please don't feel offended by this. I just tried to be as clear as possible, in the hope to get a equally clear answer. After all, seeing such work in testing countless ramdisk software, gave me some trust that i will get a good recommendation,

Thank you very much.
08-31-2015 01:23 PM
Magusrex Broken Storm if you are out there can you give some wisdom on windows 10 OS and the use of RAM disks as win 10 uses memory differently than in earlier OS's? I've a new Samsung 850 EVO That utilizes the new vertical NAND technology.
05-03-2015 05:49 AM
Mike The Owl
Originally Posted by hhuey5 View Post

do these ramdisk work with SSD?

isn't there a risk if the computer freezes up you losted everything in the ramdisk?

Yes it works with SSDs as its all held in memory not on your dish, a good Ramdisk backs itself up so when your system crashes it reloads itself.
05-02-2015 04:15 PM
hhuey5 do these ramdisk work with SSD?

isn't there a risk if the computer freezes up you losted everything in the ramdisk?
03-02-2015 02:27 PM
SE65535 A follow-up after escalating the issue today.

After pointing out clearly the conflicting terms of their licensing, support response, and licensing server behavior, I did ask for a refund for the keys that I purchased The vendor (DR DataRam) granted this refund rather quickly and I am removing the software keys from my machines (I would expect that their license server will have invalidated the keys them as well).

So while the licensing is conflicting and the vendor is a bit slow to reply (until escalated) they did finally respond and honored my refund request. I have to respect them for that and others should take this into account in possible dealings them. They seem fair in the end, but their licensing terms./behavior has issues (objectively speaking).

I did wish them good luck and offered some licensing suggestions (some models to look into).

Now back to looking at the other top 3 ram disks and reading more of this good thread, again!
03-02-2015 01:05 PM
SE65535 This is just a note on my recent experience with DR DataRam (product RamDisk).

I purchased several personal licenses (v4.4.0.32) as the free product seemed fine, it does work well. I decided to pay the $ per copy for the larger version as I do like to pay for development, and the paid version allows for saving of the data (not sure what triggers, intervals or if real-time).

Well all seemed fine after the pruchases of the licenses. I tested it (OS, USER TMP, IE Temp, symbolic link Chrome temp files, etc) on a test VM and was ready to "move" it to my main browsing VM. So I looked for an un-register (un-Redeem) button, to de-allocate the license key from the test machine, but the software does not have a method to do that. So, I uninstalled the software, as one would think this might deactivate the key during the uninstall process. Now I did all this and it is probably unnecessary according to their FAQs. Their FAQs say that Ver 4+ will simply allow a Redeem License action on another machine, effectively Un-Redeeming it from the previous machine (how ever they want to implement their license management is fine, as long as it works). Well all of this sounds fine in writing, but it doesn't work. Their license server give an error (time and time again). So what does this mean to a purchasing user? It means, think before you pay for this product.

It means that you will install your license one time, and one time only, on ONE OS instance, and you will never move that license to another machine. So if you are going to test a paid/licensed version DR DataRam RamDisk on a test machine/vm, don't expect to ever move the license (to get the license benefits). You have lost your license to that one machine. This unexpected headache is all contrary to their stated FAQs, but just because something is written in a FAQ (that you read before purchase) doesn't make it true. I will be going after refunds via my payment provider.

The FAQs say that pre-v4 licenses can be reset by a support ticket. So to be fair, and go the extra mile, I created a support ticket fully explaining the situation and listing my several transactions and associated keys. I have not yet received response of any kind (auto or manual). Not even a confirmation email that the support ticket was received (although the page presented after the submission does show the support ticket # created). I have also opened up a Customer Support ticket asking about the initial license reset ticket, and I have received no response at the time of writing this.

I would strongly suggest that you consider all of this before doing business with them. When you go to the trouble of buying a license, because it is the right thing to do, and then you realize that they have workflow/support/licensing issues, you need to cut you ties and move on, and I will. This thread was very useful is showing me alternatives. I am hoping that none of the vendors listed behave in the same manner, especially with respect to licensing. I don't mind paying, even up to $50 (per install), for a ramdisk that works right.

After writing the above, I did surprisingly receive the following via email (so there is some sort of a system in place, contrary to what I initially noted above):
I have reset your license key. RAMDisk personal licenses are for one computer only and not transferrable. The license is issued and the hardware IDs are captured to insure that only one system can use the license. Sometimes these IDs are generated by Windows and change from version to version. These would definitely change on a VM.

It would appear that they left out the word, "EVER" and it should be:
RAMDisk personal licenses are for one computer only and not transferrable. The license is issued and the hardware IDs are captured to insure that only one system can use the license, EVER.

If I pay for a license, I expect to be able to "move" it from one machine to another. I am not a Window95 user using the same OS instance from 20 years ago.

What they are saying here in their response, is that, the info that they posted in their FAQ is incorrect (intentional or not) and if you want to ever use your key on another machine (i.e. moving from a test machine to your regular use machine), you must pay commercial unrestricted licensing price (great the wife, kids and grandma will love to hear that, sorry you are stuck on Windows 95, forever, DR DataRam says so). They did respond to my reset request, but will they in the future, who knows.

I will not do this kind of thing for personal use (this is equivalent to mainframe software licensing). This would be the only company to ever have put this kind of restriction on my personal PC OS use, in 25+ years of purchasing software. When I re-install my OS, other vendors don't complain, and MS doesn't complain. I never run two copies of the software with one license and I expect cooperation from the vendor, MS gives this. As a software developer myself, I understand their concern, and that is why I went to the effort of purchasing keys, instead of obtaining a license key cracker/generator. Developers should be paid. But playing games with the stated pre-sale terms, us unacceptable.

I am offf to try the top 3 ramdisks listed in this thread. If any of you readers know that they too play these kinds of games with licensing, please let me know asap. I will do a full trial before purchasing keys, but I don't expect any purchased key to be bound-for-life to any particular CPU/OS/Motherboard.

Thanks for the info in this thread, it has been very useful. I hope my observations will help others as well.
02-11-2015 01:37 PM
quipers I tried SoftPerfect's ramdisk 2 years ago around the time this thread got started. I found it buggy. There was no clear way to completely uninstall it that I could find, and their tech staff didn't reliably respond to questions posted in their support forum. I ended up having to reformat my Windows hard drive.
They've scrubbed some of those old support forum threads form their website since then (still visible in Wayback Machine archive though).

Of course, it's free software, so you get what you pay for, I guess.
12-07-2014 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by hhuey5 View Post

Which ramdisk autosaves during usage, autoloads from hdd and also dynamically shrinks as your programs need more memory?

None of the ones I tested could dynamically shrink or expand.
Dataram, Gilisoft, Primo, RamPhantomEX and WinRamTech all have synchronous backups and most of the others have periodic backups.

If those don't do what you need, you might want to take a look at PrimoCache
12-06-2014 03:32 PM
hhuey5 Which ramdisk autosaves during usage, autoloads from hdd and also dynamically shrinks as your programs need more memory?

I heard Raxio also has a ramdisk program as well

Its been a long time since I used ramdisk because the programs I use need lots of memory and in those days you had to choose a certain profile as to when you wanted or didn't want ramdisk

I hope there are better ones now?
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