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04-18-2014 07:48 PM
Belial Lots of stuff, this build got way out of hand but I'm hopefully reigning it all in right now. A lot of stuff that seemed simple turned out to be massive problems.

Thus is the price of perfection though. Painting acrylic would be way easier but hopefully this will look way better. A servo actuated door was a ton of work, but hopefully it's way cooler than using a spring actuated or those air pistons. Hopefully the GPU loop doesn't just spill everywhere, if there's problems with it I may just go with like getting a custom loop on it. I dunno, we'll see.
04-18-2014 03:08 AM
Cyro999 Hahaha

what you been up to, man?
04-18-2014 01:26 AM

Progress is being made.

You have no idea how difficult it was to fill that loop. I essentially had to suck it through the tubing and drink all of it. Because this:

Is NOT easy to work with. Hopefully the h110 is much easier because I got a res on it...Couldn't do a t-line on the h60 because of tubing bending issues.

02-25-2014 01:48 PM
Belial Well the 120-T ATG saw blade I got from lowes for $15 is wearing down, it's really mesing up acrylic cuts (before it was 'good enough', ie needed to be sanded but minimal chipping on face side, but only on table saw) so I gotta get an acrylic saw blade. Purchased an 80-T TCG carbide tipped freud blade for $55 off amazon.

I also need to wait for some 90* usb connectors. I did a bunch of soldering for all my jumbled usb cables, only to think 'hey i wonder if 90* cables exist, those would look better'. That's going to be fun to fix...I'll add some pics.
02-17-2014 12:55 AM
Belial Finished my GPU cover. Took quite a while. I've almost finished the back tray (er, not sure what you'd call it, i'm basically making it look like the motherboard tray is acrylic), but forgot a few cuts for my LED arduino mod that I spent forever on.

So it's like I pictured, it's a cover for the pcb and the 'side' of it (where you would see it), and mitered the joint with a table saw. But, eh, I guess the cut isn't 100% 45*, and the cutting isn't so smooth even with the right blade, and it gets more rounded when you sand it down (even when sanding it on glass, etc, trying to do all the right tings), so the miter joint isn't that great. It looks great, which is all that matters though. I wish there was a way to make the miter better but I guess with 1/8th acrylic you're pretty limited if you aren't using anything less precise than CNC.

There's 2 holes for the power cables which just looks super sharp, and then I have slits for the fan that look good too. All in all a success, I should have made the cuts bigger and then cut the measurements smaller after the detail work. It wasn't easy, I did the angles with a miter saw, and the straight cuts with a table saw. I

Lessons learned, though:
  • When making holes for things like cables, etc, always make them wayyy smaller than intended, like 1/8th smaller. You'll cut off more than enough when you try to make them straight and perfect, and even more when you sand it.
  • Make the harder cuts first, like details, weird holes, angles, etc. First, start with the cuts you aren't sure about, ie aesthetically or it's just a really detailed cut, that way you can shave it off if you don't like it. Then work your way backwards, making your simplest cuts last. I'd go as far as sanding everything down before making that last, broad straight cuts for fitting. You end up really shaving a lot off. I guess it's as they say, measure once, cut ten times, given how precise you have to be.
  • Buy a better blade. I used some 120t ATG medium rake steeltooth blade, and it's very meh. It causes chips when used with a miter saw on the back end, and for the table saw it's okay but the cut isn't too smooth. I wish I bought a $50 Diablo cutting blade instead, from what I understand the ideal blade in terms of importance is TCG, 80tooth (though higher is okay for less-than-perfect blades), carbide tiped, ~0* rake angle.

I'll get the backing done tomorow, hopefully I can cut the PSU cover tomorow too. If I spend a lot of time, I can hopefully wrap up this week, or at least finish the acrylic work. I thought my patterns were really simple but they are pretty hard to cut for.

I know TLHarrel goes with painting acrylic, and that'd definitely be a lot easier, but I'm not sure if it'd look better. As you can see in the pics, the different colored acrylics really do pop.

Oh, don't mind how dirty/scratched up the acrylics are. There's some pretty deep scratches on the acrylic faces, as I pushed them against the metal table saw surface multiple times, slipped with a file or sandpaper, etc. I tried to keep the paper backing as much as possible, but when you get to the fine cuts, you really have to take it off to see exactly what you're doing and how straight and flat things are.

But I have some Novus 1/2/3, so it comes out real easily. I think.

Had to make some holes in the case for the holes in the acrylic for where I want the cables to be. As you can see, super specific cable routing placement. Cable management is always something I've very particular about. I sanded the edges a bit but it's not a big deal since the cuts are much larger than the acrylic holes, meaning the wires will rub against the softer acrylic, not the metal.

And yes I was dumb/lazy enough to make those cuts with my system installed. I put a bunch of paper towel around to catch the metal sparks/dust so it wasn't a big deal, I wasn't cutting much.

Going to have the LCD by the top right of the motherboard, I'm going to have it out a few inches too so it's not just flat against the back, to make it pop out a bit more. I'm not sure where to place the Arduino Micro still. All sorts of cool places I could put it, decisions, decisions.


edit: oooh my god. Arduino inside a reservoir. This makes me want to throw away my mayhems.
02-04-2014 06:12 AM
Belial I've been playing around with bending acrylic and I just can't get rid of that warping on the edges, which really screws you up with angled stripes. I thought I would be able to just cut out the warp but since I'm bending angled stripes, it's not that simple, I can't just cut it with a miter or table saw...

ugh. Going to have to go the route of gluing 2 pieces together. At least I can miter the edge so it's a smooth connection.
01-27-2014 10:52 PM
Belial I can make sure the stripe is the same 1" on both.

Worst case scenario, I can paint the acrylic which would look still look great (it's how TLharrel does his pro mods), or you know, just buy more acrylic for a few bucks. I'm going to bend them soon. I've been a bit held back recently, that and ppcs hasnt been in stock forever.
01-20-2014 03:57 PM
deepor I basically wanted to say I'm unsure what will look best when the work is finished. From looking at the sketches, I'd guess doing it like in the first sketch will look better, but I have a hunch that this might be wrong.

I'm worried about the design in the first sketch because the graphics card and the PSU compartment will have different size and proportions. It could turn out bad to put the exact same design onto both parts. It might look off when finished. I feel I can't guess this just by looking at the sketch.
01-20-2014 03:34 PM
Belial I'm a bit confused - you say the first sketch might look better, then say it might appear strange to have the same look on both the gpu and psu shroud? So are you voting for 1... or 2?

I would think the stripes keep with the theme and cohesion of the build - gray and dark blue, the stripes on the mobo, straight angles. I think I'm kinda jiving with the 2nd sketch more.
01-17-2014 04:49 PM
deepor I'd guess your first sketch might look better, but you never know how it'll feel when it's done and you see it in person. I could imagine it might appear strange to have the same looks on the graphics card and PSU shroud instead of something completely different like in sketch 2.
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