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12-26-2019 10:30 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by cainy1991 View Post
Been using the V1 (ITX version) since release, I still love it.

But yes cables are indeed it's biggest flaw.

And to a lesser extent cooler clearance its super tall but like 2-5mm too short to fit a nice twin tower lol.

I wonder if the v21 is taller. Mine seems to have plenty of room but haven't measured.
12-26-2019 10:16 PM
cainy1991 Been using the V1 (ITX version) since release, I still love it.

But yes cables are indeed it's biggest flaw.
And to a lesser extent cooler clearance its super tall but like 2-5mm too short to fit a nice twin tower lol.
12-26-2019 05:24 PM
lightsout Anyone else still using one of these? I picked one up last year (Christmas 2018) for an HTPC but recently switched my main rig into it as I was seeing great temps in the htpc compared to my main rig in an NZXT H200. Which is a little hotbox.

I am really liking the V21, great air flow. Very easy to work in, I keep the mobo tray flat. I don't have any pics right now as I didn't really care about cable management right now, just kind of threw it together. That might be one of the weaknesses of this case I guess.
02-20-2016 04:40 PM
ShyGT No problem. Nice thing about the case, is it can be stacked/expanded vertically as well as horizontally, so if you need more room, just buy a 2nd, or 3rd or whatever case, and you can add to it, even building multiple systems that are physically connected.

The Cooler Master HAF series with its Mini ITX models, I liked, but the depth of the case, front to back was way too long for what I needed, then I ran across this case in my searches for Cube cases, and I was like, SWEET a cube case, with a standard traditional horizontal board layout (heavy heatpipe coolers, no need to worry about strain pulling down on board like you do with standard tower cases), that is also stackable/expandable. Cooler Masters own HAF xb/xb Evo, isn't even capable of that.

I only wish I had the money at the time for the Tt Core X9 case I originally wanted, full size ATX, as I was intending to go Socket 2011 ver 3 with a hex core, and DDR4, as well as 360mm Radiators and what not, but since I bought the parts for the i5 4690K, mini ITX EVGA Z87 Stinger (only to have a defective board, and then damage the socket pins packaging it up), I had to find a cheap replacement, ended up with Asus Gryphon Z87 thanks to another members recommendations (for years I've avoided Asus, still not 100% sure about them, but this board seems to be doing good), but had already got the parts, and the case, and the later in the year, I had a ton more money to spend, but decided to just build on what I had, added the EVGA Supernova G2 PSU, EVGA 980 Ti, Corsair H80i GT, a Crucial SSD, and some other stuff.

Though I'd love to have an i7 Hex core, this set up is more than enough for my gaming needs for the next couple years easily.

So with that in mind, I'm now looking at how I can muster together a nice Dual socket 1366 Xeon Quad or Hex core server build, on used/refurb parts. install them in my old Tt Armor case, for an older, but nice, 3D rendering rig. Then can sell off both older i7 9xx systems, or just keep on hand for additional render nodes.
02-20-2016 03:17 PM
Frantik3 Thank you so much for the detailed replies and photos..really helpful thumb.gif

My first system was also on a Coolermaster 690 II Advanced case with an i7 860 (back in 2009) but then I realized how big it looked compared to these small boxes nowadays.
Then I decided to build in the Elite 100 with a 4690K which I rather like as a built but is very limited when it comes to cooling and the whole box gets rather hot when gaming with the GPU dumping air in there.
This is why I want to move to sth slighlty bigger with area for custom water loop in the future as well but still not leaving the itx form or matx and the Core V21 seems to fit the description. biggrin.gif
02-20-2016 01:15 PM
ShyGT Also, if your wondering about the front panel (power switch and USB ports), the entire front panel can be removed, a single screw (tiny thing), holds the front I/O panel on, unscrew it (make sure the wires for the FP header and USB on board aren't connected, and then you can remove the panel, and move it, they have a couple mounting points, so if you want to rotate the panel 90 degrees, you can, and have the power, I/O panel oriented on top of case, instead (curved ends on sides, and flat part on top/bottom), I see a lot of users of this case don't do that. The Tt badge is magnetically attached, simply pull off, turn panel, and place back so its facing right side up.

I posted pics in one of my other threads of the system in this case a couple months ago, re-linked them below. 980 Ti originally was installed in 2nd x16 Slot, but its been moved to primary since.

Get an idea of how things fit in there. The Cooler I installed, I was a bit weary of installing in back, with the in/out connectors on bottom as they should be, I felt there was too much strain or stress on them where it was, and didn't want to risk leakage, with the way I would have had to flex and bend the tubing. So side panel is where it got mounted, if it should leak, only a corner of the Mobo will be vulnerable, as nothing else is below it, so works for me, cooling typically low to mid 20's at idle, running the 4690K stock right now, even at load I rarely see it go above 30-35C, a few times I think it has hit 40 or so.

Airflow on mine runs back to front and left to right, 2 Akasa Viper R 140's on front panel, swapped out the Tt 200mm, and then currently besides those, the 120mm in rear that isn't working right. Otherwise, PSU pulls in from under, and out back, 980 Ti gets fed by front fans, and left side of case (free breathing), vents out back, and some back in around back side of GPU, CPU gets fed by upper front panel fan, takes in some heat from GPU too, and vents out right side, and bottom front fan more or less adds extra air for SSD/HDD's below, and PSU to some degree.

Thing I love about this case, is its size, its not TOO small, but its not really THAT big either, and with the way its set up now, there's plenty of room to get at stuff in there. MORE than enough room for most GPU's on the market, as well as over sized PSU's, and the cooling options, are all very attractive for a case of its price range. Granted its not a top end Corsair, or even Lian Li, or some others up in that range, but its a nice over all case. Before this one, I was looking at the Raijintek Aeneas, which isn't a bad case either, has a lot more down below room, but because of its drive bays, doesn't have the cooling flexibility this one does.

My previous system was an older i7 940/X58 based rig, stuffed into a Coolermaster 690 II Advanced case, and one prior to that was a similar i7 920 build, and my previous Core 2 Quad system, in a Thermaltake Armor case (original model), not biggest cases out there, but coming down from those (still have both), its a breath of fresh air, at least when it comes to moving them around, LOL.

Before this one, for my one Mini ITX system, I also have a Cooler Master Elite 130, which isn't bad, not a lot of room, but better than a lot of Mini ITX cases, after that I knew I wanted something smaller, Mini ITX or at least Micro ATX.

02-20-2016 12:33 PM
ShyGT It isn't hard, some tin snips or a dremel with proper cutting blade will do the trick. Its metal mesh, on inside is some foam dust filter, and if I remember right there's a plastic "skeletal" frame on backside, been a while since I had the front panel on mine pulled off.

Just be aware, there is no method to mount 5.25" drives or bay devices in the case, so you'll have to rig up something to get it to hold in place.

It is a nice solid little case, with LOTS of cooling options, though one thing I found out doesn't work so well, 140mm fans with rounded 120mm frames, like the Akasa Viper R's I have installed in my front panel, won't mount to the fan/radiator rails, you either have to have them spaced for 120mm, in which case the 140mm don't fit, or set them for 140mm width, in which case the 120mm holes don't line up, though the latter you can rig some other way of securing them, zip ties, or something.

I tried to email Thermaltake and see if I can buy a 3rd ventilation panel, and an extra 2 sets of rails, at some point down the road in a couple years, I may run an SLI 980 Ti setup, if I find a 2nd card cheap, as it is, I doubt I'll be dropping $500+ on another card any time soon in the next half decade, its a good card, but for my needs, I could of spent a bit less on a vanilla 4GB 980.

But I want to convert the 980/980's into liquid cooled, pair of 240mm radiators up top, retain the CPU H80i GT on side as it is now, and add some additional case fans for cooling.

Currently I have to replace the rear fan I installed, an older Arctic Cooling 120mm suspended frame exhaust fan, but it has issues with reading voltages on the motherboard, and tries to spin sometimes, and other times when the system sets cooling for max performance, it finally has enough power to start running normally, despite the fact it is a PWM fan.

When that happens, though there is some ventilation back there, but that corner of the case builds up heat, from back side of 980 Ti, and the CPU cooler pulls some of that in, warming up the H80, causing its fans to ramp up in speed, CPU stays cool, but the fan noise. Meanwhile the 980 Ti sits there laughing at the other components "I don't know what you guys are complaining about, I'm sitting here at full load at 65C and my fans aren't even 50%..." LOL

But the backplate bleeds heat into that pocket area, and the case fan doesn't vent enough out, so running rig with top window panel off for now.

Though, that email to Tt, has gone unanswered for nearly 2 months, I'm half tempted to just pick up a 2nd case refurbished, and stack them as they're intended, for extra space/cooling down the road.

I wanted the White "Snow" edition or whatever its called, but wasn't available when I got mine, if I can nab a refurb of that, have a 2 tone color scheme with the stack, otherwise I'll just get a 2nd regular one. Though if they have a Core X2 when I get around to it, refurb for cheap enough, I'll grab one of those, migrate parts into it, legit 5.25" bay, and room for 360mm radiators.
02-20-2016 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by Blackspots View Post

Why isn't there an official thread for this case like most other cases have?
I was looking for a thread for this case as well since I am also interested in getting it.

I was wondering how difficult would it be to cut the front panel with a dremel or sth to install a fan controller in that 5.25 slot. Would it ruin it too much? can't find info if someone did sth similar
12-13-2015 09:29 PM
Blackspots Why isn't there an official thread for this case like most other cases have?
09-05-2015 05:48 AM
bobbavet Gday Guys

Finally got me rig built.

Asrock x99m Killer / 5820K 4.4OC / R9 295x2

Cheers Bob

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