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06-26-2019 04:00 AM
OCDesign Oh wow. Congratulations Barefooter - she’s magnificent. Worthy of every single bit of effort you put in to this project, and then some.

The pictures are all superb, yet I think my favourite is the first of the night-time set. Not wishing to get too art-critic about it, but there is something about the way that beautifully lit interior contrasts with the pure black of the case and cable as it is silhouetted against the glow reflected by the backdrop - visible on one side, disappearing into darkness on the other. That I really like.

My highest compliments on both the build and the build log, and for the same reason – the sheer standard of quality. You’ve shown throughout an unfailing attention to the little details that most people would disregard or never even notice in the first place, to a masterful degree that even my obsessive tendencies would struggle to try and match! More impressive has been the total willingness to take things apart and redo them if they weren’t absolutely up to scratch; never accepting second best, no “that’ll do” or “good enough”. I also admire that Devastator’s design shows no compromise in form for function, or function for form - the supercar mentality: raw power, deeply enviable performance numbers, striking aesthetics, top-spec craftsmanship, and bright red paint. It really is an outstanding creation.

Most of all however you deserve the highest praise for having put such time, effort and depth of information into this build log. I don’t doubt that I will end up returning to it as a how-to reference in future, especially in respect of your test procedures and Aquaero guide. Your testing has been exhaustively thorough, your documentation of the project first rate (in respect of both the text and the pictures, your explanations comprehensive yet clear) and you maintained that consistent high standard of writing from first to last. Since these are things that I regret not doing - or having slowly let slip a bit - back when I did Ironbeast I can’t help but doff my hat to you for that.

+Rep for a stunning piece of work.

Bravo, Barefooter. Bravo.
06-25-2019 07:20 PM
DerComissar No problem with the time spent finishing this incredible build, it was well worth waiting for!

I haven't posted on OCN much lately, but after seeing your build begin some time ago, and spending some time reviewing it further, I felt that it was appropriate to post my approval!

I previously gave a Rep+ for your Aquaero guide, that's going to be very helpful to many of us, it certainly will be for myself.

As for the "Big Red Devastator", what a beauty!
I recall when you had all those panels and parts powder-coated, and it was nice to see what a fine job they did.
Not an easy task stripping the original coating and re-doing it, but it sure came out fantastic.

Excellent build log, quality photography, and the detailed explanations of all the steps along the way.

The selection of parts, cable sleeving, the hard tubing, all top-notch.
And tons of rad space!

It's nice to see this legacy continue with your project.
After what went down with CaseLabs, those of us lucky enough to have one of their cases can still enjoy building in them.

A Rep+ for this lovely build log!
06-25-2019 05:18 AM
ThrashZone Hi,
Sweet build
06-24-2019 03:06 AM
JasonMorris Stunning build it's been a long journey. Hope you can now finally enjoy using it. Look forward to the next one
06-23-2019 10:41 AM
Barefooter Final Pictures – Top 50 Nighttime Shots

The rest of these pictures are taken in the dark with various different lighting effects. The Aquasuite software and the Farbwerk controls the four RGB strips that serve as case lighting. Mostly these case lighting strips are just set to all white, there are a few shots here with the case lights turned off, or set to red.

The Asus Aura software controls the lighting of the motherboard, the RAM sticks, and the two RGB strip headers. One of the RGB strip headers controls the strips in both video cards, and the second RGB header controls the strip in the Intel 900P water block.

To start with I have the Aura software set so that everything, motherboard, RAM and RGB strips are all red.

This is with the case lighting off. Now you are just seeing the motherboard, RAM, RGB strips in the waterblocks, and the always white LEDs in the reservoir, the CPU waterblock, and the two hard drive waterblocks.

This is the back side with the case lighting off. Pretty dark here, just the white LEDs in the reservoir, and pump top can be seen.

Now the case lighting is turned to red. It’s just all washed out in red, so I won’t ever be using this particular lighting scheme.

Here’s the back side with the case lighting all white again.

Various close-ups

One thing I really like about having the RGB strips in the waterblocks set to white is that it shows the red coolant inside the waterblocks.

The reflection off of the chrome plated backplates is like a mirror

This is one of my two favorite lighting schemes. Case lighting all white, then in the Asus Aura software I left the motherboard and RAM all set to red, and just turned the two RGB strips to white.

I’ll bet some of you thought I might not ever finish this project. It did take a long time, but I must say that this is one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done in my life, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process!

Whether you are a regular poster here, or have never left a comment on this build log, I would love to hear from you. In just a few sentences please let me know what was the one or two things in this build log that you enjoyed the most, or which is your favorite picture here.


06-23-2019 10:41 AM
Barefooter Final Pictures – Top 50 Outside Daytime Shots

Due to the large amount of pictures I have to share with you here, I am going to break down the final pictures into two posts. This first post is all outside shots taken under both sunny skies, and overcast skies.

Some of these pictures were taken shortly after filling and purging the system with the Aqua Computer DP Ultra Red coolant, and there are still air bubbles inside the reservoirs. The pictures without any air bubbles in the reservoirs were taken several weeks later.

Keep in mind that I’m just an amateur photographer. I don’t have any fancy lighting equipment or backgrounds. I have an entry level Nikon D3300 DSLR camera. I used the 18-55mm lens that came with it for the indoor nighttime shots, and the only extra lens I have purchased, an AF-S Nikkor 35mm F/1.8G that I used for the outside daytime shots.

Most of the pictures I have posted throughout this build log have had little to no editing done to them. I just take a lot of shots and then show the best ones. All of these final pictures have been cropped, and edited to the best of my abilities, so I hope you enjoy them!

I feel like there should be a drum roll or a band playing

Let’s get started by looking at the build without any of the outer panels on, and out in the bright morning sunlight.

This is with the front panel installed.

Now the top panel is installed.

With the doors on it is extremely hard to get good photos due to the tempered glass windows reflecting like a mirror. This first shot I actually tried to get the reflection, you can see the trees, blues skies, and clouds behind me.

This is my ghetto setup to keep the reflections from the tempered glass windows down to a minimum. A black table cloth clamped to a five foot ladder and my tripod. I moved this around in front of wherever the reflection came from, and it actually worked fairly well.

All the motherboard lights are set to red, and the two RGB strip headers are set to white for the video card waterblocks, and the Intel 900P waterblock. The RAM is also set to be all white here.

This is the same lighting scheme except with the RAM changed to all red.

Love the “Devastator” logo lit up on the Aquaero display!

Now for the back side

Here’s a few more shots with the door off on the main side.

This is under overcast skies and normally I would not be able to shoot from this direction because the sun is off to my left front at this time of day. My rose garden provides a nice background… another one of my time consuming hobbies!

06-16-2019 12:44 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post
Did you ever get rid of those air pockets on the HDDs? Too big to call air bubbles

Hey ruffhi, yeah that video is only the first three minutes or so, and has a big air pocket in the HDD blocks to start with. It gets much smaller fairly quickly then the last little bit takes a few days to purge out. The first time I filled and drained the system I was having a hard time getting all the air out of it, and finally I just decided that that would be my "flow indicator" as it's easy to see the water flowing when there is some air in there.

Then a few days later it was all gone by itself. As you know I have filled and drained this thing multiple times by now, the air actually will all bleed out by itself without tilting the case it just takes longer. If I lift each end up a few times it bleeds most of the air out. Of course I can't lift it very much because it's so dang heavy

Quote: Originally Posted by rolandos582 View Post
Really awesome build man! I really appreciate the aquasuite guide. I've had my aquaero 6 XT for quiet some time now and I knew it came with a ton of options but it's so overwhelming because you don't know where to start. U set up some basics and that's it.

With your guide and all the pictures u use, it's fairly simple to set up and easy to follow! Huge thanks for that and congrats on the awesome build!
Thank you and glad you enjoyed the Aquaero Guide

It certainly can be overwhelming when you're first getting started, but it is really is an amazing controller and software package once you're up and running.

The build in now completely finished. I spent portions of all three days over memorial day weekend taking literally hundreds and hundreds of pictures of it. Some in bright sun light, some under overcast skies, and night pictures with various different lighting schemes.

I purchased and installed Adobe Elements & Premiere 2019 software onto the "Devastator" since my previous version was from 2013 I was out of town the first weekend in June, so last weekend I brought a good monitor down to my work shop, so I could sort through, and edit the final build pictures. Of course it was the first real hot weekend of the year, and it was 34° C in there... the video cards even though they weren't under heavy load were cruising at 37° C!

I had so many pictures I was trying to get it down to a manageable number, and when I finally stopped to see how many pictures where in that folder, it ended up being exactly 100 pictures! I've got some great pictures, but now that a few weeks have passed, all the tiny air bubbles in the reservoirs are now all gone, so I decided to take some more pictures because it really looks much better without all the air bubbles.

This morning there was great conditions with overcast skies, so I took a bunch of more shots that I now need to edit. I really want to be sure I've got all the pictures I want because once I move this behemoth build upstairs into my office, there's no moving it back outside for more pictures!

So very soon I'll be posting up the final pictures

06-13-2019 04:23 PM
rolandos582 Really awesome build man! I really appreciate the aquasuite guide. I've had my aquaero 6 XT for quiet some time now and I knew it came with a ton of options but it's so overwhelming because you don't know where to start. U set up some basics and that's it.

With your guide and all the pictures u use, it's fairly simple to set up and easy to follow! Huge thanks for that and congrats on the awesome build!
06-11-2019 03:00 AM
ruffhi Did you ever get rid of those air pockets on the HDDs? Too big to call air bubbles
06-03-2019 07:15 PM
Barefooter The Final Drain and Fill with Aqua Computer DP Ultra Red Coolant

Here's how much coolant I used out of two 5 Liter jugs.

In this video of the filing process, the first time I start the pumps showing you the back side. After filling the reservoirs a second time, I turned the case around to show the coolant filling from the main side. After the third time filling the reservoirs I can just leave it running even though the reservoirs are not completely full.

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