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07-06-2019 12:26 AM
astrixx I am not sure what fixed the Gamma options on the Nixeus 27EDG. I used to have the Gamma in colour settings set to off and any setting would change the white balance and would be off. Not sure if it's the latest Windows 10 Pro 1903 update of AMD's 19.6.3 or perhaps both.
Now I am able to use the gamma setting of 2.2. I just compared off to 2.2 and off seems blueish and 2.2 and all the other gamma settings seem to have the correct white balance. I haven't changed any RGB colour values just the gamma. I can't remember what got me to try it.

I think it might be from the way Windows 10 now handles colour or WCG. I know it's not WCG but it is actually over sRGB and going by TFT's tests is 107% sRGB. I think Windows changed something or perhaps fixed something together with AMD's supported drivers for 1903. Anyone else experience this too?

My settings on my monitor are;

Colour Settings
Colour Affect: Photo
Saturation: 50
Gamma: 2.2
Tempreture: User

Picture Settings
Brightness 50
Contrast: 50
Sharpness: 4
Aspect Ratio: Full
Ultra Vivid: Off
DCR: Off

Vol: 50
Audio Source: DP
DP option: DP1.2
Over Drive: Low
Low Blue Ray: Off

I used to use Standard before photo in colour settings but I can see it might have a wider colour gamut at least the colours look more saturated. I thought that Photo would most likely lock it to sRGB but to me looks more saturated. I wonder if both are 107% sRGB like the NX-27EDG v2 on TFT Central or if only the photo colour setting is. I can't test this myself unfortunately.
04-26-2019 11:24 AM
JackCY Could be, but stable output from the app is important and not all games can do that.
04-25-2019 03:34 PM
astrixx I don't see taring in BF5 it's just not smooth and in my opinion it changes the response time of the screen compared to BF4. It feel so different to other DICE titles not sure what the heck is going on but I definitly notice it. They do try and force you to use render ahead as without it the performance isn't stable this was never the case before so I think this could be part of the issue. BF4 feels great and the connected feel is very strong, BF5 doesn't have that for some strange reason. It's the juddering that might be in interfering with something.

I tried Fortnite and I could see that low gave the best results on BF4 I can't tell the difference no matter how hard I try and they all feel excellent.

Maybe it has something to do with the way Windows 10 handles some new games in the new fullscreen/windowed mode it used to just be fullscreen.
04-25-2019 01:52 PM
JackCY The Gsync pendulum demo is just like a game, so is Windmill demo, etc. Even many desktop apps that you may think oh that's just some Win32 windowed app are in fact using a more modern API and actually run HW accelerated via GPU with adaptive sync active (windowed mode), etc.
Either adaptive sync is active or not, there is no "in between" or "something is wrong with the app" XD
If you get occasional tearing then the output is going out of adaptive sync range too much. Overdrive wise... good luck seeing that in games that have enforced motion blur. Games with very variable output/frame pacing are gonna suck no matter what.
04-20-2019 07:44 AM
astrixx I'm glad I tried other games today, I barely gamed the last month or two as Ive been so busy and after seeing the review I tried BF5 and got a bit worried but I am now content overdrive works great just dice needs to fix BF5, and it doesn't surprise me since BF5 is a Nvidia release so no surprise freesync isn't working normally which works amazing.

Edit: Just fired up BF5 again and low overdrive works but doesn't do much, on the other hand working variable overdrive like when playing BF4, BF1 and Apex is awesome feels like a TN pretty much and I can just concentrate on gaming without feeling uncompetitive.

I sent a tweet to AMDcare and DICE to fix freesync in BF5 properly obviously when they back to the studio, something there isn't right.
04-20-2019 07:35 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
And when you use FS OFF you get no OD? What the hell.

And with FS ON the OD only works well in certain refresh range while in other it's bad? To be honest this sounds even worse than other similar monitors. Sounds like static unadaptive OD with FS ON and no OD with FS OFF.

Add to that the V2 issues... + very limited availability...
That was a Gsync pendulum demo, running on AMD and Freesync, don't be surprised by that issue I was just pointing out what I observed. It's not a game anyway lol. I was just trying to put out what I observed just like the overdrive results on TFTCentral are not while gaming but on special software for the oscilloscope hardware. Could have the same issue as the Gsync pendulum demo and overdrive mighrt not work right under those conditions. Simon said he wants to test the Nixeus under VRR in the future.

Maybe AMD needs to support the special software that Simon uses, I don't know there are just so many variables.

If you have a AMD GPU the Nixeus 27EDG v1 has superb freesync performance. I tried the XF270HUA and it was total opposite no overdrive with freesync at all.

It makes sense Peter has said in the past that variable overdrive is active automatically when using freesync.
04-20-2019 06:21 AM
JackCY And when you use FS OFF you get no OD? What the hell.

And with FS ON the OD only works well in certain refresh range while in other it's bad? To be honest this sounds even worse than other similar monitors. Sounds like static unadaptive OD with FS ON and no OD with FS OFF.

Add to that the V2 issues... + very limited availability...
04-20-2019 05:46 AM
astrixx Just tried Apex Legends and all overdrive settings are very good can't distinguish them either.

My conclusion is where freesync is working properly variable overdrive might be taking over on all settings. Only issue I have is with BF5 but that is the game not the monitor. it's unfortunate I wish BFV was as smooth as BF4, BF1 and Apex Legends.
04-19-2019 09:40 PM
astrixx Some findings on my tests with Nixeus NX-27EDG V1.

UFO tests https://www.testufo.com/ghosting
Running on 144hz low overdrive works with freesync on or off. Other settings do nothing toggling all settings it's easy to see when low setting comes up as it changes sharpness of the moving UFO's.
Running at 60hz there is way to much overshoot (some call reverse ghosting I think). Looking at Simon's tests on the V2 he confirmed that at 60hz the overdrive is more stronger which is what I experienced and is what he found on other monitors overdrive while running freesync. I believe these should be reversed as he suggested, higher overdrive voltages applied at higher refresh rates. Perhaps something that can get fixed with firmware updates unless it can't be fixed for some reason and a limitation of Freresync overdrive but I doubt that.

Gsync pendulum tests.
While running freesync it's obvious again that only low overdrive works on the monitor. What I did find interesting was that if I disabled freesync in Radeon settings I could no longer see any difference when toggling all the overdrive settings on the monitor and the results were all the same. It is obvious with freesync off on the Gsync pendulum demo overdrive does not work, it's most obvious on the test pattern as with overdrive there is a dark shadow behind the pattern and with freesync off none of the settings do this. With freesync on in the pendulum app the pattern is obviously changing when the monitors overdrive is on the low setting as the overdrive is working.

Next I'll try and test some games...


First I tested Battlefield 4 which runs awesome, the overdrive seems great on all settings I couldn't even tell them apart it was definitely working in my opinion. Freesync really works well running on BF4.

Next I tried Battlefield V and freesync doesn't work as smooth as it does on BF4, not sure why but I couldn't even tell the different overdrive settings apart either but it felt like there was more ghosting and I felt more disconnected. I was able to tell when I played firestorm last week while waiting in the lobby that only low overdrive setting seemed to work but I couldn't even get into a game today to try firestorm no players in Australia. Playing BF5 definitely doesn't feel as good as BF4 as the freesync isn't as smooth and there is heaps of juddering something I never see on BF4. Not sure what is going on there.

I think this is a DICE issue with BF5 I am sure from memory even BF1 was smooth though I don't have it installed at the moment so I can't test it. This monitor really shines when playing BF4 feels pretty close to my Benq XL2730Z 1ms Freesync monitor.
04-16-2019 02:56 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Peter Nixeus View Post
For Clarification:

When using FreeSync, Over Drive has to be set to OFF for Variable over drive to work - and it works better than FreeSync + Overdrive being set to Low, Med, or High from our internal testings with the newest FreeSync Windmill Demo. Individuals can test this for themselves with the Pendulum Demo since the new FreeSync Windmill Demo is not available for public use. When not using FreeSync, we recommend using the Low - Med OD settings (High can cause reverse ghosting). This FreeSync + Adaptive Over Drive only works when the monitor's Over Drive (OD) setting in the OSD is set to OFF.

There will be more reviews in the future and I also look forward to their results.
This applies to the V2 right? I own the NX-27EDGv1 and in BFV in the Firestorm lobby before a match in the hangar I get ghosting when overdrive set to off, I have less ghosting with it set to low so overdrive is working when using the low setting. Hi and medium do nothing as we already agreed on the V1.

So on the V1 I use low for variable overdrive?

I'll test other games, BFV freesync doesn't perform as smooth as BF4, i'll test that as well when I get the time.

Just tested the Gsync pendulum demo and on the V1 using a RX Vega 64LC low overdrive has a sharper image, off, medium and high are all the same and is blurry. Putting the overdrive on the NX27EDG V1 monitor to low instantly sharpens the image from the working overdrive. Freesync was confirmed to be working as the refresh rate was variable.
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