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09-07-2019 01:36 AM
Aussiejuggalo Thought some of you might find this funny.
10-06-2017 12:00 AM
Small Update

Not much to say in this one.


Ended up getting some new fans for the H100i V2 and the case, Corsair ML120 Pro's, cost $150 for all 5 which isn't to bad.

Decent fans for the price and the best part, so much quieter than those stupid stock H100i V2 ones yessir.gif.


These may be pushed back a bit, I'm not 100% sure yet, need to upgrade the NAS because I'm running out of room so changing that whole thing to a server rack set up which the games server will also go into, will be rather costly and one the server chassis I'm eye it's time limited so monitors may have to wait for at most a couple of months, just have to see how everything goes.
09-20-2017 01:43 AM

Yep lights are getting a separate update because the way I did it is as far as I've seen different to the way everyone else has.

Remote & Receivers

What makes my set up possible and makes it so stupidly simple is the remote and receivers, I bought these off Banggood for dirt cheap I think total it was $30 or $40 for the remote and 4 receivers. You can get them in RGB (red, green blue), RGBW (red, green, blue, white) or W/WW (white / warm white) in 12v or 24v.

I wont post links but if you go to Banggood and search "Mi Light Remote" or receiver they'll come up.


So the remote is pretty simple, the one I have is touch sensitive (like the above pic) but you can get a physical button one but the colour and brightness selectors are still touch sensitive.

What's so special about the remote, well for one it's no IR like most, it's a 2.4GHz RF one so not only don't you need to point it at the receivers you don't even have to be in the same room. The second thing that makes it awesome is it can have 4 receivers per remote so you can control 4 completely different strips (like I do, more on this later). It takes 2 AAA batteries and as far as I can tell it doesn't chew through them to badly which is a plus. I haven't actually tested the range but it should be far enough for most stuff, my place is a bit to small to really test it.

As for colours you have a pretty good selection and with the touch selector you can get pretty much whatever one your after but it can be a little fiddly, same with the brightness can be fiddly.

With being able to have 4 separate receivers you can set them to different colours, brightness's and even modes, so channel 1 could be static blue, channel 2, colour shifting etc. you get the idea, you can also turn each channel on / off independently or use the "master" on / off at the top of the remote to turn all of them off.


These are pretty simple, they have screw terminals for the led strip side and one for a power input or (what I used) a 12v DC barrel jack. There also pretty small.

As I already said these come in 12v or 24v and RGB, RGBW (what I have) or W/WW and they have quite a few modes (in spoiler).

Modes (Click to show)
Program1 (RGBW Fade in Fade out)
This program fades in and fades out the color red, green, blue and white one after another.
Program2 (color Flash)
In this program, red, green,blue, white yellow purple flashes to change.
Program3 (Disco)
Different color strobe and flash to change.
Program4 (Red Color Ramp up and Flash)
In this program, red color brightens from 0% - 100% and shuts down, then flashes three times.
Program5 (Green color ramp up and flash)
In this program, green color brightens from 0% - 100% and shuts down, then flashes three times.
Program6 (Blue color ramp up and flash)
In this program, blue color brightens from 0% -100% and shuts down, then flashes three times.
Program7 (color change + flash)
Here several colors fade into each other and then flash randomly.
Program8 (Fade in and fade out)
Here different colors fade into each other.
Program9 (Strobe white)
Just white color flashes up.

Aside from that there isn't much else to really say about the receivers.

My set up

Let me explain how my set up is done. I'm using RGBW lights because I wanted a proper white LED not a mixed white of RGB, everything was done custom which means I bought the RGBW cable and soldered everything myself.

First thing first, I'm using all 4 channels they are:

  • Channel 1, desk.
  • Channel 2, monitors.
  • Channel 3, speakers.
  • Channel 4, PC.

Here are the receivers on my wall, they have a 12v 6a power supply (blue tape is holding the label on lol), there all just velcroed onto the wall and hidden by the PC.

I also have another one in the PC as you can see from the previous post of the back of the case.

Lighting it's self

As I previously said I soldered everything so wiring it all up was pretty easy, the only thing that made it a little tricky was the pads on the strip are very small and so are the wires and if you use to much heat the pads pull off.

Desk: Has a 1.8m long strip on it.

Monitors: Have 3, 50cm long strips with clip connectors between them.

Speakers: 2, 5cm strips with separate codes with the ends just twisted together and shoved in the receiver.

PC: 2, 30cm strips one up top one down bottom, power cable is a DC jack to Molex.

These pics are from the PC lighting but all the rest looks the same aside from the sleeving and defused channels.

You can see I used a little bit of Kapton tape before I used heat shrink because I knew my shrink wouldn't fully seal it.

Can also see the 2 different LED's for the RGB and White.

So that's my lighting set up, just thought some of you might find it interesting.


For those of you who are thinking about doing this and want to do multiple receivers like I did, I highly recommend you solder them, you can use connectors for the LED strip then strip the wires for the receivers but soldering will give a far better connection.

The reason I recommend soldering them is because my monitor ones that have connectors between the strips (I was lazy), I occasionally have problems with the colours being different, what I mean is the left strip will show the purple colour I want but the right one will be more pink because it's not getting a good enough connection through to it.

What I personally used to do most of these is a simple cheap USB soldering iron running off a 10,000mha power bank, I ran it off a power bank rather from the wall is 2 reason, 1 you need a long USB cord which I didn't have and 2, bigclivedotcom on Youtube (awesome channel btw) found that with the USB soldering iron you could potentially put mains voltage through the tip of the iron which would damage what your working on, with LED's it's not that big of a deal but I still personally wouldn't do it just because putting full 240v, 10a through a tiny soldering iron doesn't sound very fun. In saying that, the USB iron is pretty much a perfect temp and has a perfect tip size for doing these RGBW strips especially if your like me and have crap eyes and shaky hands redface.gif.

Also don't tin the wires (put solder on the wires) that go into the screw terminals, they could slip / pull out and they may not get a good connection, I suppose you can get away with it for the LED's but if your using bare wires for the power just don't tin them, leave them bare.

Now for the people saying "but soldering is to hard", no, no it's not, it's actually pretty easy and can be a useful skill to have once you have the hang of it, Youtube is your best friend, EEVBlog does a good video about it, although Dave does waffle a bit.
09-20-2017 12:13 AM
Update 8 GPU


Yep I finally got a new GPU but I had to change from the Galax GTX 1080 EXOC Sniper White to an MSI 1070 Armor OC because I didn't realise the Galax had a really thick backplate, I had trouble measuring to make sure I had space and I was getting inconsistent answers from MSI so I played it safe and went for the MSI card, it goes well enough.

I thought about going a 1080 version but after thinking about it a 1070 will be good enough for now and I'll get a TI Volta next year, I will be hunting a full white Volta card though.

Looks so much better than the Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X that it's replacing.


I also got around to ordering the CableMod cables to yessir.gif.

Ended up costing a decent chunk of $$$, almost $400 AUD shipped, I got custom sized cables as well as colours and finally some 60cm SATA cables and some cable combs.

Bottom combs are the ones I got from CableMod and the black ones are from Mainframe Customs I got years ago, not sure which one I like just yet but I think the Mainframe ones would be a bit better but a lot more stuffing around to get them on.

Build & Desk Pics

I'm pretty happy with how the cables came out but down near the PSU they look like utter crap, still not 100% sure how the hell I'm going to fix that.

The desk was a nightmare to cable manage, I had plastic cable covers like I used for my speakers but because my wall is warped they wont stick and keep falling off so for right now little hooks jammed into the wall will do.

Cable management the left side is an utter mess and under the desk is worse but the case hides most of it tongue.gif.

And last but not least, the whole setup, the "pink" is actually more of a violet (look at the reflection on the desk to the left for a more accurate colour) but without heavy Photoshop I cant get a good pic with my phone, I will take a proper pic with my big camera when I replace all the monitors, the greens surprisingly accurate though thumb.gif.

Final Stuff


I changed the fans around a little so now I have the AIO & back fan sucking in and the top ones blowing out, gotta replace the fans though because I'm not happy with them especially the stock AIO ones, they are just annoyingly loud.


I'm going to try and get them by the end of the year, it'll still be the Viewsonic ones unless something really amazing come out, hoping for 1 per month shut up I'm poor.

The cables are an annoying problem but I'll work on them as well as cleaning up the other ugly ones I have hanging around, I'll sleeve what ones I can and work on hiding them for when I'm done and ready to take good pics lachen.gif.
08-24-2017 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by Duality92 View Post

you could still make one buying all parts seperate lol

i have a white one smile.gif

Yeah that's true.

Nice, makes mine look super basic and empty lachen.gif.
08-24-2017 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by Aussiejuggalo View Post

Yeah I didn't think I'd like it but after seeing it in person I'm pretty impressed, should look awesome once I've cleaned the cables up biggrin.gif.
Thanks. It's an awesome little (big?) case, shame it's been discontinued frown.gif.

you could still make one buying all parts seperate lol

i have a white one smile.gif

08-23-2017 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by TheCautiousOne View Post

That white motherboard is pretty sweet.


Yeah I didn't think I'd like it but after seeing it in person I'm pretty impressed, should look awesome once I've cleaned the cables up biggrin.gif.
Originally Posted by Duality92 View Post

SM5 build for me is auto-sub.

Thanks. It's an awesome little (big?) case, shame it's been discontinued frown.gif.
08-23-2017 10:19 AM
Duality92 SM5 build for me is auto-sub.
08-23-2017 08:22 AM
TheCautiousOne That white motherboard is pretty sweet.

08-22-2017 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by andre02 View Post

Nice .. about the monitors they look to be great. Did you find them at a good deal ? I was looking at this model too, the design is quite nice, the green doesn't bother me too much, did not see it in person though. Where i am they cost just about as much as the Asus PG279Q. Maybe because they are a new model.

The ViewSonic costs about 880 Euro (with 1 year warranty !??) and the Asus costs 910 Euro (3 year warranty). I found the Acer at a good deal (750 Euro) but unfortunately i don't like it's design, the deal is pretty good though. I like the design of the Viewsonic maybe the best. The Asus one also is quite nice. I don't know about the quality and durability of the Viewsonic though, i would like them to be just as good as the Asus.

The Viewsonic here in Australia cost $899 which are the cheapest 27" 1440p 144Hz IPS G-Sync monitors, the PG279Q costs $1099 so small price difference. I'll be honest I didn't even look at the Asus, does look like a nice monitor but I'll stick to the Viewsonic just because it's $200 cheaper and all the 27" 1440p 144Hz IPS monitors use the same AU Optronics panel anyway.

I'll be grabbing 1 monitor probably in the middle of September once I get the GPU & cables out of the way then getting the other 2 later on, hopefully I don't have to mess around and return the thing because of bad BLB.
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