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08-12-2020 02:56 AM
Mr Ultimate Ok some news for me here.

I did more digging and found that my drivers are probably messing with each other. So I had to uninstal all my thunderbolt driver as the dch drivers (that kind of come automaticly when you download the drivers from gigabyte ?) and I managed to download the legacy drivers directly from intel (V. to this day).
It solved the thunderbolt icon not appearing and it sees my controler and the 2 thunderbolt ports.
Problem is : I still can't plug anything to it, nothing happens.

Any ideas of what i should do next ?
08-07-2020 12:10 PM
Mr Ultimate I have to admit I am impressed. I've bought myself one of those awfull asus EX3 at about the same time of your first post. It did work at the time but after a few months it just stopped and it never came back. I am AMAZED
and very glad that you are still posting updates and (like many others here) I think I might need your help.
Fastfoward to today, I'm sick of using a perfectly wonderful 27" thunderbolt display only for cartoons and want to try again with a GC-Titan Ridge Rev 1.0 and plug it on my day job computer.

So what is working :
I plug the card it is seen in the bios and I enable almost everything.
I can see it in device manager (already a step foward compare to the HORRIBLE Asus EX3) and it has the latest version from gigabyte website ( v1‎.41.648.4 to this day)

Only problem, I for some reason don't have an icon on the right corner of my screen for managing my thunderbolt devices and nothing seems to plug in (usb c keys, thunderbolt display screen, mini display port screen, ect...).
My motherboard intel chipset is up to date, my BIOS is up to date, the titan ridge drivers are up to date (see above).
I have tried to download the "Thunderbolt FW Update Tool" (witch I think is the thing missing) from the titan ridge support website but I have an error "[ex596]: Get Current FW Version fail" witch I think means that I have to find a way to download the last version from somewhere. And I really don't know where it is. All the information I can find are very cryptic and I think I need help for this one.

My motherboard is an Asus sabertooth x99 it has a thunderbolt header and is compatible with the card.
I have a i7-5820K CPU witch is 28 PCI lanes (I saw earlier that it may be important).

If you have an ideas where to look or, at best, a link I would be MOST grateful.
05-13-2020 12:00 PM
JMTH Ok one last thing. I had to reboot my machine and while the TB ports showed up the hard drive would not. I checked the drive and it looked like it was not powered. I remembered that last time I got it to finally see the drive I had plugged my phone into the TB3 cord to see if it was supplying power. After I plugged my phone in and waited a few seconds nothing happened. So I unplugged it and tried again and finally it started charging my phone. I then removed my phone and plugged in the hard drive. It was still not showing up in the TB3 software, but the little power led was on. I rebooted and it once again was working. I have no idea what is going on, I can only guess that the TB3 card/software has to somehow be tricked to supply power. Once it is powering the device and you reboot it finally wakes up and realizes that something is attached to it.

I am looking into getting a Z490 MB soonish, I hope that they (Intel) have fixed this garbage and we no longer have to go through the never ending cycle of making plug and play actually plug and play lol...

Good luck to you all!
05-04-2020 03:31 PM
JMTH Hello again, Its working!

The only things I changed were:

I swapped out the Thunderbolt Header cable with the one that came with the Titan-Ridge. I buzzed the old cable and there were no opens. I have not checked the new cable to make sure it has the same pinout, but I cannot think of a reason they changed the pins around.

I updated the Security Level in the BIOS to Unique ID from Legacy.

Rebooted and it came up. So perhaps I just had not rebooted enough lol or if the Thunderbolt cable was the issue. At this point I dont want to touch anything so, Ill buzz the new cable out next time I need to reboot hehe.
04-30-2020 04:38 PM
JMTH Hello all, it has been a long time!!! Update... Not good lol.

A littler over a year ago, when Intel was "fixings" the security issues my Alpine Ridge TB3 card stopped working. I tried a few things and eventually burned the wrong firmware on the card... Dooh!

Anyway I eventually purchased a Titan Ridge Gigabyte TB3 card and tried to install it. It was a no go, I tried everything I could think of and could not get the motherboard to detect it let alone the Intel Thunderbolt Software. So, I gave up and shelved it for a long while. Because I love to punish (I mean challenge) myself, I thought I would give it one more go.

Currently the TB3 is installed, shows up in the Thunderbolt Software, and it is powering my external TB3 drive, but it will not let me connect to the drive. Picture attached. I am still messing around with the settings and slot positioning. I will list the current settings and positioning below.

ASUS Rampage V Edition 10

No NVME installed to the MB, only via the adapter in slot 3
Slot#1 (PCIEX16/X8_1) GEFORCE RTX @X16 Gen3
Slot#2 (PCIEX4_1) Empty
Slot#3 (PCIEX16/X8_3) NVME Adapter Card
Slot#4 (PCIEX1_1) Empty
Slot#5 (PCIEX8_4) Gigabyte Titan Ridge TB3

SLI/CFX switch set to 3X


Advanced\System Agent Config\NB PCI-E Configuration = All set to Gen3
Advanced\Onboard Device Configuration\4-Way Configuration = X16/X8/X8/X8
Security Level = Legacy or Unique ID (still have to test the others)
Wake from TB = On
USB Support = Enabled
Boot Support = Enabled
AIC Support = On
AIC Location Group = CPU0 NB PCIE Slot
AIC Location = NB PCIEX8_4
GPIO3 Force Pwr = On
The rest = default

I will update as I learn more! Oh side note, currently my Keyboard stops working until I unplug it and plug it back in. I believe there is an issue with TB3 and the UBS hosts, since it only started after I installed the TB3 card lol.
11-12-2019 09:10 AM
Current Windows 10

Can anyone confirm that Windows 10 1903 doesn't break software support for the card?
07-24-2019 10:25 AM
the$#!Za. JMTH I just wanted to say thanks HEAPS for taking all that time & effort to post this & update us, even as I post this after all that time you started this thread. You have truly saved us A LOT of time trying to figure it all out.

I've always had my Thunderbolt 3 card that came with my ASUS X99 Deluxe II plugged in but never had any TB devices to actually try it until now as I have bought an Audio Device. I always wondered why it wasn't even showing in my Device Manager but just assumed I needed something plugged into my TB card to see it in Device Manager but ofcourse this wasn't the case. It was simply plugged in & not even in a working state that whole time.

Instead of even TRYING to bother getting my ASUS TB card to work smoothly, I decided to take one of your recommendations & buying a GigaByte Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 card & I'm so thankful you did. Installed it in, double checked BIOS settings, downloaded latest drivers from Gigabyte & done!

Two Thunderbolt 3 ports working nicely & it's showing in Device Manager & my taskbar finally! ASUS is usually excellent quality in my many years of experience buying from them but that Thunderbolt 3 card is a big let down & troublesome.

Now I find out I can only expect the full TB 3 speed of 40/gbps if my cable doesn't exceed the 50cm's limit! That's just too short for me & my setup, so I have 2 choices if I want the full 40/gbps speed. Either buy an Apple "80cm" TB 3 cable which is the only passive cable I found over the 50cm limit which still provides the full 40/gbps speed, or buy an Active TB 3 cable which can provide the full 40/gbps speed at 2 meters.

Apparently the only catch with the Active TB 3 cables is that they can ONLY be used with TB 3 devices & not for normal USB-C 3.1 which doesn't bother me.\

Anyways just thought I'd also post this little info here for anyone actually wanting the full TB 3 40/gbps speeds.

Again JMTH we REALLY appreciate your informative posts & lovin my Gigabye Alpine Ridge. THANK YOU!
05-28-2019 02:20 PM
Dev24670 I wish i could help you guys out but after reading all 8 pages, I dont know of anything new to add. All I can say is that from the very first day I arrived at the solution and posted it. I have not experienced any problems. The card is still working and I have changed the port several times and followed the same procedures.
01-10-2019 02:16 AM
Cowprint Sorry ignore this post mistakenly added
01-10-2019 01:56 AM
Cowprint I know this thread is fairly old now but i've been using it a lot to get Thunderbolt working on my rig, I really need it to use a RAID hard drive which is Thunderbolt 3 only.

Before I begin - the intended use is with an Akitio Thuder3 Quad Mini, a small 2.5" RAID TB3 drive. I know it works as it works perfectly with my laptop (Razer Blade 15") which has TB3 built in.

I've been trying for about a week to get Thunderbolt working on my main desktop. Motherboard is an ASUS X99-A.

I bought the ASUS Thunderboltex 3 and tried to get it working. Followed the helpful steps in this thread, and with a bit of BIOS config managed to get the drive to be detected when I open the Thunderbolt tray icon. I had issues getting Windows to mount the drive, it would say connected in the Thunderbolt dialog, but nothing came up in My Computer. Went into Disk Management and it displayed the drives as 'Dynamic Foreign', so I clicked import and it mounted on the computer, great! It worked for about 10 mins, then the drive disappeared, I can't get it to mount, nor even get it to appear in Disk Manager.

I've been tearing my hair out trying to get this to work, even replaced the ASUS card with the Gigabyte Alpine Ridge card - but the same problem, the drive shows as connected via Thunderbolt, but won't mount on Windows, and won't show in the disk manager.

Any ideas as to this issue? Any help is most appreciated.
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