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03-04-2019 11:46 PM
HelpDatBIOS Maybe you can find sweet spot at 2400-2800 @Woofer14123
02-18-2019 01:54 AM
Woofer14123 @HelpDatBIOS

Yes, the memory being run at 3200 was the problem... It can definitely be run at 2133 1.2v which is what i am doing atm. I did not have to buy a new kit
02-17-2019 12:39 AM
HelpDatBIOS @Woofer14123 - Thanks for all the awesome thoughts!! I wont change!

So, all along, it was the 3200 memory causing the issues, or the settings you were using them at? If just that kit, could it be ran at 2133 1.2 as well, so you wouldn't have to purchase other memory?
02-12-2019 08:22 AM
Woofer14123 @HelpDatBIOS
Well, you absolutely have the right to know what it was that I fixed where I no longer need tinker with anything ever again. Thank God!

It was my RAM... I had recently bought sticks that were 3200 mhz, and before i used to have sticks that were 2400 mhz. But the game I play (CS:GO) is one that works best with ONLY 2133 (or maybe perhaps lower? i haven't tested). But what ain't broke don't fix it - right?

So long story short; I read somewhere that "you need to have ur ram be at 2133 or something, only 1.2v no higher! do not overclock your ram to use 1.35 v or whatever or else your cpu will be unable to be overclocked properly" when i was searching for somewhere along the lines of "normal temperatures for i7-6700k overclock voltages" and such. I have read SO MANY threads that complain about this specific cpu being *** for CS:GO.. I wish I could somehow reach out to them and tell them to try this!. Because even with 1101 BIOS version, it was the same issue... I was experiencing the exact issues I had with bios 3801 version... CPU microcodes etc etc don't think any of that matters much. (But I'm not 100%, and I am not moving my settings an inch! just to be sure!)

Haha. And thanks again, people like you are what I call heroes btw... You help for nothing in return other than your own self telling you it'll feel good to give... I love your persona bro. Please don't let my compliments ruin you and stay gold . Thanks VERY MUCH AGAIN SIR!!
02-11-2019 01:16 AM
HelpDatBIOS @Woofer14123 - OK, spread spectrum can be enabled in place right where you see it then, set access level to User just like you did for HPET.
My security comments was only in regards to ME/Microcode updates, nothing I planned to add or remove, only letting you know those things are updated for security reasons among other fixes/improvments etc.

ME version can be disabled, but shouldn't be for normal daily usage, unless your the paranoid type and have some extreme reasoning, otherwise latest is suggested.
Earliest should never be used, only in some situation where you're trying to use some unsupported CPU and know only certain ME work based on others knowledge/testing.

onboard GPU should be able to be disabled in the BIOS by default visible setting as well. So you figured out everything, which was what, what was holding you back? If you want a copy of the latest AMIBCP send me a PM
02-10-2019 08:59 AM
Woofer14123 @HelpDatBIOS
hey i got good news for ya
i don't need any of that stuff anymore

so, thanks a lot for all your help kind sir! and ur the best bro

but I won't be needing any of that stuff any more. I can manage all I need to now; because I figured out another issue I was having haha lets not even go into how sad it is.

Thanks again bro!!
02-09-2019 04:48 AM
Woofer14123 @HelpDatBIOS
Okay, my 2nd last reply (before the long one - the one where you asked PCIe Spread Spectrum question in regards to) - is actually not related to the BIOS you modded and gave me
I'm using 2202 atm and that question was regarding 2202... SO, I think I was awake too long or seeing things but i completely forgot to include what the heck i'm even talking about ... please lets just excuse that post altogether lol.

in the 3801 though, yes i looked and when loaded inside AMIBCP, the PCIe Spread Spectrum is clearly visible right where you pointed out Advanced -> system agent -> PEG, right below "Reserved I/O" option. But it's not visible in either 2202 or 1101, yet they both show that option when searched through the BIOS Strings tab inside the AMIBCP program.

And sir, I don't mean I want you to disable or enable those settings, I just want them visible. Again, I very much understand how non-comprehensible that post is (LOL ) so please forgive me once again! hahahaha. I just need them visible, so i can fiddle with them and such. I was kinda looking at my journal thingy and just typing what i saw while looking away from the screen completely (hahaha like a typist's job) and typed every detail i had written down. Which is unnecessarily confusing and of course NOT NEEDED.

And sir, I was able to enable the HPET setting in 2202 by using AMIBCP myself. As I mentioned earlier, I knew how to use AMIBCP but could never figure out how to flash/use that modded version of the bios file. But with this CH341A china-approved nextgen mars technology, I am able to flash anything I want now . So I did that. And here I am now.

I care 0 about security; you can remove it if you'd like (or rather ignore completely i'd say)... As for the microcodes, i'd like the old ones (so probably leave as is again), ME stuff I heard there's a way to turn it off completely, but i'd like the earliest ME version possible for my setup

the onboard audio is easily disabled (all versions i've seen of my bios so far have this option already visible) so i was rather trying to imply onboard gpu only. Sorry for the spams and spasms too i guess .

And please sir sorry for such a long post again and i apologize for making you think i'd like em specifically enabled or disabled . Although the ME disabling thing is kinda neat, maybe you should look into it for yourself as well! here's a link: https://hothardware.com/news/researc...-thanks-to-nsa and it provides links for procedure and such...
02-08-2019 03:48 AM
HelpDatBIOS Wow, that is a lot to try an absorb as a BIOS request I read it a few times and am still not sure. Can you make the request shorter/summarized. Your list of settings there at the end is OK, I'll look for those and enable (Make visible) if I find them all. You can see all settings in AMIBCP
I wont go through and enable or disable settings, only make visible to you. So if you want a list of things like that enabled, I need to see all your currently visible BIOS settings, so I can see what is visible and what is not.

HPET is a hidden setting, did you enable it in 2202 (Or did I for you previously)? That would be why it's disabled now, grayed out, vs 1101 BIOS.

ME/Microcodes, sometimes either of those might help with stability, or make it worse, only you can find out. If you want security you want the latest, if you don't care about security, then you need to find what works best for your setup, old ME/New ME, old microcodes new ones etc.

You didn't answer my question about PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking and how far you can see into that menu, but if you upload a copy of all your BIOS pages then that would help most I suppose.

Onboard audio is usually "Azalia" and onboard video setting to enable/disable is always visible, usually dGPU or iGPU enable/disable, somewhere in the default CPU settings (Not looking at the BIOS right now)
02-07-2019 12:38 AM
Woofer14123 @HelpDatBIOS
I think i was just rambling after that "btw" and lets just forget it altogether for now haha

So, I pm'd you the 3 required details that default-downloaded bioses do not have, and I'd like version 1101. https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/m...-ASUS-1101.zip should work as a direct d/l link, otherwise https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards...HelpDesk_BIOS/ definitely should have it provided.

I will also upload my 2202 version that I am using atm on my motherboard bios. It does include the 3 codes I pm'd you... but just in case it's not readable or whatever (i'm not sure at this point haha), I included them in a PM to you - since you might not want to do anything with this file i've uploaded, altogether...

So, I essentially want 1101 bios version. But I need the HPET enable/disable option, and also the TCO timer if you could somehow include it? (btw, ever since I started using the 2202 version - High Precision Event Timer has completely been greyed out inside the OS, unlike with the older versions of bioses that i've used before... disabling them in bios did not grey them out, just left them there in the system devices under device manager. - I also use devmgr_show_nonpresent_dvices 1 in the user environment variables to see every possible thing inside device manager when checked see hidden devices)

Also I would like the updated ME and CPU codes, if those would help stability? But, I noticed that I was barely able to hold a 4.4 ghz overclock on my i7-6700k with 1.32vcore voltage with 3801 or whatever later bioses I was using, and my CPU VCCIO/ CPU System Agent/ VPPDDR and PLL voltages had to be a lot higher for the system to be stable... Yet, on this 2202 (currently), 1.285vcore voltage is more than enough to run a stable system, and all the other voltages i just mentioned here besides vcore had to be on auto or very low / 1.1v and such set manually or else my OS would freeze!! If tried on the older voltages, system would freeze within 4-6 seconds of booting! I even thought my M.2 drive died when I was trying to install windows earlier, but then I tried default settings and everything worked flawlessly. So, if updating the ME/CPU codes does mess with the voltages... i'd rather just have a cooler system (not sure if you know this, but if you don't, i'd rather you upload two versions one with and one without the cpu/me codes or perhaps 4 files with all the possibilities? (sorry i am asking for so much sir - may god bless you my goood good sir!!))

Also, I would very much like the Spread Spectrums to be avaiable for turning off and such - BCLK Spread Spectrum, VRM Spread Spectrum, PCIe Spread Spectrum. There was also an option called PCIe pll SSC, which was essentially the same as PCIe Spread SPectrum (SSC), so I don't know if that'll help... Sorry I'm a noob at this stuffs.

I'll also upload the current 1101 i'm working on - which I think I've enabled some pretty cool options (Surprizingly - 1101 has a lot more practical options you can mess with that are NOT available in the older versions i've seen, even 1302 doesn't have them!). It does not include the 3 codes though that are native to my motherboard so you can add them or I can add them myself later... not an issue, FD44Editor_0.9.2_win easily lets me do that. And please do look over the options i've enabled inside 1101, as I have not had the chance to test if they're of any actual help inside a bios-loaded motherboard, but they seemed eerily "good" for a lack of better words. haha.

Please take your time with this, I don't mean to rush you sir, and again you are awesome, may God bless you!

here's a list of more settings I never found or whatever, if you could somehow get them to be in there as well while i'm asking for the greatest gift of you

-1394 controller - enable/disable option
-Execute Disable Bit - enable/disable
-On-board Audio AND on-board video off (I think I did this with the 1101 I was working on, but i am honestly not sure! I saw stuff like GPIO and the frequency of the Onboard, and stuff like Standby Rendering but I'm not sure if those disable on-board video honestly.
-CPU Spread Spectrum (not sure if it's same as BCLK spread spectrum or not?) (Maybe it's the same as Spread Spectrum clock chip?)
- Internal PLL overvoltage = off
- EPU Power Saving Mode = Disabled (I only have auto/ TP1-air cooling and TP2-water cooling atm)
- LLC and PLL Overvoltage - both off, or PLL off; specifically "Off" not "Auto"
- BCLK Recovery - Disabled
- Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor - Disabled (not sure if same as Thermal Monitor under Advanced-> CPU tab)
- Intel Rapid Start - disable
- Intel Smart Connect - Disable
- initiate graphic adapter = PCIE
- SMART Status Check = Disable (I believe I got this in the 1101 editing so far, not 100% though)
- PCIEx16_1 Link Speed = manually set to Gen3 (I think i got this in 1101 as well, not 100% again)
- Bluetooth - Disabled
- Wifi controller - Disabled
- Marvel Storage - Disabled
- ASM1061 Storage Controller - Disabled
- execute disable bit

I believe that's all!

And please leave all the default options intact as well, I'm not including them here so to not be TOO nooby/redundant/obnoxious but don't get rid of em LOL

and please do believe me when i say take your sweeeeeet time cuz the bios and everything atm is working pretty fantastic ... i just want it sweeter cuz u know that "cancerous perfectionism" thingy ma jig inside some of us... heh heh
02-04-2019 01:41 AM
HelpDatBIOS @Woofer14123 - you're last BTW dropped off the page I can help you with microcodes. As for the glitch, it could be normal, or maybe due to using old version of AMIBCP?
Send me your mod BIOS once you decide which you want to be your final and I will copy over all settings using latest version.

PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking is located at >> Advanced >> System Agent Config >> PEG Port Config.
This probably would require BIOS unlock to be visible to you, which I can do if needed, or maybe not and just needs this one subsection to be made visible, how far into that string of menus can you see on BIOS now?
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