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03-15-2019 07:36 AM
acquacow Been 100% SSD the last 7 years. It's totally worth it.
03-14-2019 04:53 PM
Molitro So finally I set up the Meshify.
Not counting the hard drives: dead silent at idle, farily quiet on load since I can run the fans pretty low and get enough air going (a bit fresher than on the R4 with running 3 intakes and 2 exhausts at 6-700 RPM). The GTX1080 is the loudest thing on load as expected, so more than quiet enough for me on load.

And the drives aren't actually too bad (can hear them just barely at about a meter away), but since I want to go with a bigger drive anyway I'm setting up a NAS on another room and making the PC 100% SDD powered.

So good results overall, count me as a fan of the open case - silent fans way of going about building a silent PC. An updated, just slightly bigger, Meshify C (Meshify C2?) instead of an S2 would've been perfect though. Too bad they haven't made it yet.
03-04-2019 04:08 PM
acquacow Oh, yeah... I forgot all about HDD noise. I've been all solid state for the last 6 years.

The HDDs were definitely the loudest parts of my builds back then.
03-04-2019 06:16 AM
Splurge Well the quest for a quiet PC is what made me move to water cooling, then I realised as you did that the disk drives were by far the loudest thing, so now my internal disks are all solid state and I have a high capacity network drive hidden away in a cupboard where I can't hear it.

The PC-011 Dynamic is a great case if all the components inside it are quiet, but too many ventilation holes to be quiet otherwise.

This normally sits on my desk 2 foot from my head and it's absolutely silent except for some slight fan noise when I stress test it with Prime95
03-02-2019 12:57 PM
Molitro So after a little bit of messing around opening up my case I've determined that at idle, as suspected, the spinning hard drives are hands down the loudest thing in the case.
One that was on happened to turn off due to inactivity as I was listening to the case and the thing went from vibrating the whole case a bit and being clearly audible (with my ear centimeters from where the drives are, not really at about 1 metter, and I'm talking front open wide) to being completely dead silent.
The padding clearly deafens that sound significantly.

Since I've been waiting on a 4tb WD blue for storage that should be at the very least a bit quieter, and the ventilation itself is dead silent, I'm gonna try out a Meshify. I'm betting I'll get it to be quieter on load than a silent focused case just on being able to turn the fans down (3 Phanteks PH 140 should handle the intake pretty nice and quietly).

We'll see how it turns out.
03-01-2019 03:45 PM
acquacow Quiet as possible when idle? How about ~silent after an hour of running a benchmark while overclocked a full GHz?

My system is dead silent 90% of the time. It only really ramps up when benchmarking...even most games I play don't even get me into more than ~50-60% fan speed.
03-01-2019 03:21 PM
Molitro Well this sucks a bit...
I keep looking up cases and the S2 seems to be straight up the best choice for me, has exactly the features I need.
But the problem is, the Meshify will probably be too open for the noise, but the normal S2, which would be an excellent choice, has no non-glass option, and I don't know how the tempered glass will handle the coil whine of my 1080, even if the front is closed off.
I'm not worried about the hard drives cause they go on the right side of the case, probably covered enough for the noise to die out.

Hell, who knows if the meshify with no glass side would actually be quieter if the side panel blocks enough noise. A glass side would be cool for a change though.

Then again, at idle there's no coil whine, so it'd only be a problem once the gpu gets going.

******* hell I don't know which one to pick.
03-01-2019 01:39 PM
Molitro I thought about putting an intake at the bottom, but the best fan I had at hand was still making noise. I may get another noctua to do it.

I have 2 noctuas front intake then one of the a15s of the d15 as the exhaust.

And yeah, you're kind of confirming my worries. I'm almost sure I'll start hearing coil whine from the graphics card at the very least.

Enviado desde mi SM-G950F mediante Tapatalk
03-01-2019 09:42 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Molitro View Post
I guess what I'm asking in a nutshell is just how quiet can an airflow focused case get.
As I said, my first priority is for the PC to be dead silent while idling, which the R4 can do, and I just don't know if a relatively open case can get there, or there's no other way to go but a noise focused case with padding and all the works.

Was hoping people around here maybe would have some experience and could point me in the right direction, at the very least just to avoid the hassle of ordering a case and finding out it can't do what I need.
I also like a PC that's as quiet as possible when idle. The room where the PC is set up is very quiet and I can notice any noise coming from it, no matter how quiet.

I got the impression that padding and a closed front on a case helps with things like coil whine from the graphics card or ticking from fan motors.

That was my problem here with a case that had no padding and had a mesh front. The whole PC was objectively quiet, but various hardware was producing noise that was subjectively annoying for me.

One example, the GPU was producing coil whine while in use which was very noticeable and was changing all the time. Another example, at some point I experimented with a fan that was very nice and quiet, but had ball bearings. I could hear a sort of "ssssssss" from the ball bearings that objectively wasn't loud, but was subjectively too noticeable for me to keep using the fan. Another thing I remember, I use a slow 5400 RPM HDD for data that is very quiet, but when it was accessed I could still hear it. All of this is in comparison totally fine with a case with padding on both side panels, and top, and front.

The Define R4 is great from what I could gather. What's your set up for fans right now? You need fans that can get air through the filters. If you don't have a fan installed at the bottom of the case next to the PSU, that's a really good spot for adding another intake fan.
03-01-2019 09:23 AM
Molitro Mostly I guess I'm just worried about just how much electrical noise, coil whine, etc... that the padding in my R4 covers up, and how much I could hear once I go for a non padded case.
As you say, fans, in the end, are easily made to be the least of the noise problem.

I may try out a Mesify S2 I guess, since I like both the style and the features. I'll think about it.

Although thinking about it there's an easy solution to this. I'll just open up my R4 and test it out.
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