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03-26-2020 01:00 AM
Keith Myers Finally got around to updating my Fatality to 3.80 BIOS. Managed to kick the memory up to 3466 CL14 from 3400 which always crapped out before on the earlier BIOS. But locked the board up solid when I attempted to go to 3600. Had to reflash the BIOS and start over. The Zen+ silicon just doesn't have the IMC capable of 3600 which comes so easily to the Zen 2 IMC.

I also decided to go the manual overclock route in preparation for the better cpu block I hope to get soon. Locked all cores at 4150Mhz instead of letting Performance Boost Override try to ride herd on my cores. Best they would average under load was around 4050 letting the cpu and board try to handle the overclocking.

I already am seeing the benefit of each core locking to 4150 while the task running on it completes with a steady clock that doesn't vary. The times are coming down. The jump to 3466 helped also, while the latency didn't make that big a drop, I do see much better memory throughput numbers.

Also manually overclocking lets me drop 50mV off the Vcore that Auto would set. The temps are 5-8° C. lower now. Just what I expected and why I think with the better Optimus block I ordered probably will let me get to 4200 or maybe even 4300.
02-24-2020 03:27 PM
davidkozat managed to get to 3400mhz on my quad channel sticks that wouldnt even run at 3000 for 2 years the Dram Calculator helped me out and oh boy that OCing your RAM make a big difference to performance and responsiveness. Went from 2933 to 3400 on my 64GB 3200mhz and am not even on the latest BIOS.
01-16-2020 03:03 AM
dalathegreat I updated to the 3.90 BIOS two days ago, no issues with the same overclock as before. I will try to push it even higher now, but who knows what "Improve CPU power settings" even is supposed to do.
01-10-2020 05:28 PM
MethMouth After updating my fatal1ty to 3.80 my 2950x locks the boost to 3.9 and forces all cores to do so even not all individual cores are being used so I downgraded back to 3.70 since I don't know enough to go through these millions of bios options to see what is causing that.
01-09-2020 02:32 PM
Keith Myers
Quote: Originally Posted by Dazog View Post

3.90 2020/1/8 Improve CPU power settings.

See my X399 Fatality Pro Gaming got the same improvement ??

Mine was a 3.80 version release of the same date. Will give it a try later. Haven't felt the need to update from 3.60 BIOS as the 3.70 BIOS fix was for a problem I don't have.

Asrock is as terse in BIOS description improvements as ASUS.
01-08-2020 03:58 PM
Dazog https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/X399%2...index.asp#BIOS

3.90 2020/1/8 Improve CPU power settings.

01-08-2020 07:57 AM
whutt Think my board bit the dust, although a little more gracefully than others as it currently limps along. Here are some details:

System went to reboot during a host update and wouldn't post. Cleared CMOS and here's what I found:

-2/3 M2 slots are knocked out
-Front panel USB gone
-Ram can't run at XMP [only 2133mhz]
-Fan header is providing unstable pwm control
-Rgb headers are providing almost zero power to lighting, can barely tell they are on
-A5 debug LED on 24/7

RGB headers, big deal, but it get's interesting. Pushing the power button on the case or on the board itself causes the lighting to flicker 100% white. No matter if the PC is already on or not I can hold down the PWR button and they repeatedly flash full bright white. Erratic white strobes occur now, so those are unplugged lol.

What I've tried:
Re-seated everything which meant taking apart the whole loop, allowing me to drain the capacitors for ~12 hours.
Tested stick by stick of ram.
Adding/removing M2 drives.
Different gpu in different slot.

Nothing has worked so I've filed a claim with my CC for extended warranty and we'll see where we go. After reading about cpu IO issues above, I might need to pop off the CPU and take a look at pins.
01-08-2020 12:17 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by ajc9988 View Post
Sorry about long delay on reply, the board IO got killed, taking IO chip in the 1950x CPU with it. Fortunately as it is it did not kill the expensive ram.
Tested against new MSI MEG x399 and with 2950x on that Asrock. Likely board voltage probe error as you suggest. The board is dead, chipset voltage shows invalid values, indicating a short or lack of initialization.
My VRM were cooled from the metal pads too with a thickness of Thermal Grizzly paste plus there was a cutout in the water block, so it touched the chips themselves. Chipset was cooled too.

My beef is that it allowed bus voltage to increase with no load to unsafe levels with flat LLC set to correct values. The offset was used because manual was too narrow for increased clocks.
Aren't those things supposed to be hard limited?
Worse, I even took the measurements from test points and they were fine, yet it blipped (in BIOS, not on load) to insane values taking the IO with it.

ID issue is irrelevant as both the CPU and the chipset were killed. That machine is dead, it's been replaced with 2950x on MSI MEG x399, which is perfectly fine, but does not like higher memory clocks too much, nor allows BCLK being increased, but instead allows better memory timings, making memory bandwidth close enough. (Goes CL16 2T with great secondaries on 3200. Asrock went higher clock but couldn't get as good secondaries.)

Silicon Lottery and Caseking (almost?) never roll Threadrippers, likely due to limited supply and demand. Haven't seen one on offer.

You're talking about BCLK "issue" (rather tuning pecularity) which has zero relevance. This is called being annoying knowitall and a putdown. Not a nice thing. If you know of a relevant "issue", please link to a description of it, rather than putting on airs. That was a final memory clock tuning phase and BCLK itself was frozen within single MHz to keep desired target memory clocks.
I have inspected the CPU visually, there's no apparent damage. Likewise on the chipset. It's inane to suggest that I wouldn't do so. Generally visually apparent damage would happen with overcurrent not overvoltage.

Power viruses were used for thermal stability test - 5 minutes thermal loading initial test, 20 minutes long run once to confirm. Memory performance was evaluated with AIDA64.
Power tests were NOT used in the final memory tuning phase, where it failed, either, only AIDA64 mixed with my compute load. Board actually failed in BIOS during setting. The bus voltage was being changed to stabilize memory overclock as suggested by others, as old Zen pins FCLK to BCLK and memory clock. (I do not remember where anymore.)

I'm not insane to let power viruses run for hours. If the machine passes viruses, then passes AIDA and memtest, it will pass any other load (with exclusion of GPUs) - but not the other way around.
The real stability is tested with actual load later.
01-04-2020 10:54 AM
Keith Myers
Quote: Originally Posted by dalathegreat View Post
Did this board peak in 2019? Most likely, but I still like to push it for more performance every now and then

Thinking about getting a 2nd hand 2920X or switching to TRX40 Taichi. The first option being significantly cheaper!
I'm happy with mine. I intend to push my 2920X a bit further when my new Optimus Threadripper 3 block shows up. Think that 4200 or 4300Mhz will be possible.

I don't like the current selection of sTRX40 motherboards. Too much RGB and not enough double spaced X16 PCIE slots. At a reasonable price. Would love to get the 3960X though. Right now my 3950X is kicking the 2920X's behind convincingly on the cpu. If the 3950X had one more slot to enable 4 gpus, it would be my top performer by a mile.

[Edit] The Asrock TRX40 Creator is on my "shortlist" for a 3960X. Reasonably priced at $460.
01-04-2020 06:44 AM
dalathegreat Did this board peak in 2019? Most likely, but I still like to push it for more performance every now and then

Thinking about getting a 2nd hand 2920X or switching to TRX40 Taichi. The first option being significantly cheaper!
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