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07-30-2019 02:19 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
Okay great, now how about you take this to it's own thread or start one. I mean c'mon man, this is a Freebie thread and you have posted enough about this with no Freebie involved in any of your reviews.

Let's try to keep this topic on point of discussion. Free games.

07-30-2019 10:19 AM
JackCY This war of mine: After knowing the game mechanics on 2nd try the game at start may be challenging but after getting the basics setup it turns to fairly easy to a point where once could sustain a small army with all the food and equipment one can get. Don't feed them every day, only every other day, the hunger statuses and probably even other have "2 unseen levels", this saves a lot of food and resources. When some of the group members are not well taken care of it will affect others and so you can quickly plummet into a deadly spiral, the opposite is also true when they are well taken care of and content they get a bonus for movement speed and others get content from seeing others content.

Trade is useful to get items without stealing or killing innocents (you can kill some without any penalty, army, thugs, not sure about rebels though but couple of those gave me a nice boost on guns for defense), electronic parts are hard to come by and pretty much impossible to buy, you don't need to make weapons other than for trade if you want to. My group in the later part of game has turned into a small private military, better equipped than what the army carries in there, food and meds so plenty I could donate some to hospital and neighbors. You may also get a 4th into group if you want. Smoking can help make some reach content state but other than that I put them on detox. The trading variations reported on radio are not really helpful, the price changes are not worth bothering with or hoarding/speculating something.

The game lacks depth beyond house keeping and scavenging. Barely guarded locations of 4-6 armed enemies you can clean out in one visit, all you need is a knife or axe to start with, due to time limit this is about the max you can usually do unless you want to rush in guns blazing and wasting ammo.
Once you have at least some firearms they don't steal anything at night or wound your group, it only costs you a bit of ammo which isn't hard to get since 1/3rd of locations are filled with armed thugs or army.

Winter fuel... hard to get enough? Not really, take an axe to any location and start chopping up furniture, plenty wood and fuel everywhere.

On some locations you can save people from thugs/army to get a content state, no other rewards. It's probably best not to kill the traders otherwise you limit influx of new items into the game that you could otherwise buy from them or steal from their boxes.

The beginning can be depressing especially first game not knowing the game mechanics and how limiting they are.
07-27-2019 11:43 AM
JackCY This war of mine is a random play through game actually and after starting first game and finishing it it shows up all the options to select what one wants to play, what characters, what variant, even custom scenarios.
I can say that 2nd game with the same group so far is much easier in terms of getting stuff, also having 3 to play with rather than 2 helps too lol, one has to learn the limiting game mechanics the hard way. So far I'm scavenging only with 1, the one biggest backpack. The rest are house guarding/keeping. But if one goes on a killing spree then I think it will become necessary to rotate the scavengers. Having the house setup in a way that they don't run all around it saves time too, sleeping in the basement... game doesn't care. Some of the game mechanics one as to discover randomly or read about, there is some weirdness and wastefulness for sure.

ALT+TAB only works after switching game in settings, yes there are now settings accessible after playing the first game, and toggle fullscreen off/on, that likely switches it out of exclusive fullscreen where it can't handle ALT+TAB back properly.
07-27-2019 05:15 AM
DarthBaggins I do have to give it to Epic, they have definitely grown my game library like crazy.
07-25-2019 08:41 PM
JackCY So many games in there that I will probably never want to play. But if someone likes those games... it's probably cheaper to as a subscription if you binge than to buy many of them.

M&M7 is there LOL, surprised it still runs on PC today. Play that The other M&Ms were sometimes harder, longer or later ones had pretty graphics but lacked a good story. The M&M7 was probably best and you can play it twice due to how the story goes with your choices.

Corporations love subscriptions because it gives them a big relatively stable stream of income. For some services it may be worth it if the offerings are good for what you pay but often it's not, that's the problem.


As expected from reviews, This war of mine is pretty depressing game, there is no tutorial or hints even at very beginning and the GUI isn't exactly very free, it's all rather predefined and fixed in what you can do, I only found out too late that characters can talk to each other, feed each other etc.
Game also hates to alt+tab and one needs to task manager kill it without seeing the task manager, fun stuff. It also was confused as to what game data/saves to use cloud or local while it was saving to cloud and none locally, heh, why ask then on launch all the time.

There is no difficulty and some of the game actions are pretty penalizing. You can't take multiple scavengers, I didn't find any larger backpacks, you kill a few people in self defense after checking their loot and you need a psychiatric stay, etc. It's like playing with paper characters and gets old quite fast.
I prefer old school Fallout style, do what you want, get penalized (bad perks, bad reputation, what ever) but not killed for it, you want to clean out a town you can if you've got the skill, you want to rob people all day you can, you want to trade and do missions, you can. It's a huge difference compared to how modern games are so ridig and simplistic with little to no player freedom.

The list of games on Epic is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...es_Store_games
You can often see in advance.


Apparently the ALT+TAB issue of This war of mine is an issue since the game launched and was never fixed even after so many years.
07-25-2019 07:53 PM
Free month of Ubi+ gaming...

Starting 3 Sept 2019 and running through to 30 Sept 2019 Ubisoft will allow anyone who signs up for Uplay+ access to any game in their catalog as a promotion to sell their $14.99 subscription service.

Near as I can see this is similar to what MicroSoft and Sony are doing with their online catalogs. I could be wrong but hades, for nearly one full month of free access to anything in their catalog, I signed up for it. If I don't like the idea of $15 a month, I can cancel it. So bring on 3 September!!!


07-25-2019 11:24 AM
maltamonk Moonlighter and This War of Mine free at Epic atm.
07-20-2019 06:38 PM
JackCY The Limbo is short and fairly simple, although some puzzles are more annoying than hard near the end. If you ever wanted to play it, as a free game why not. Would not buy.
07-18-2019 12:00 PM
JackCY I only played Limbo a bit and my progress bar is what 25-33%? I don't know maybe it's super short. I still haven't finished The Witness but then I only played it a bit too, definitely a more complex game so that's nice.

Here is a list I found of the Epic games, there are 2 games next week:


I'm not much for these ARPGs, play Diablo and Diablo 2 and after that they all seem the same. Run and click.
07-18-2019 11:16 AM
Bigceeloc Torchlight is a fun little dungeon crawler with only the hint of a story.
Just got Limbo so thanks for the hint. As Epic says, it's pretty much a new game each week.
Limbo looks daunting and freaky since it's all shadowy and stuff....
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