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10-14-2019 12:54 PM
Reikoji Wheres them juicy guinea pig bios at
10-13-2019 07:50 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Badgerslayer7 View Post
Hello. I have 2 nvme Samsung evos in a raid 0 set up. I think I installed 3 and drivers in the windows set up menu . I’ll try and find the guide I used when I get a chance.

Edit:- I followed this guide. https://youtu.be/qQLyEUk8Pjk
+rep Thanks!
10-12-2019 01:27 PM
SeeGee Ok, I spoke too soon. My problem with the Corsair MP600 ssd has returned. I have attempted to reinstall the chipset drivers and no love... Sigh. I'll keep you posted as I make progress.
10-12-2019 10:26 AM
TJGun Tested my new Neo kit some more and no problems in Karhu RAM test, but they fail Memtest86 even when running at DOCP. Will RMA them and hope the next kit will be better.

Edit. Tried with only one DIMM and it's fine the other fails within 30 seconds.
Strange how the Karhu test does not detect it.
10-11-2019 11:41 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by SeeGee View Post
Oh for sure! I ran mine @550mhz. I've been building systems since the days of XT'S. My first PC had 640k ram, 5mb RLL hard drive, and a whopping 4.77mhz. Needless to say that I recognize how *bleeping* awesome modern hardware is. It's just been a looong time since I've had an AMD. Funny enough, AMD caused the same level of disruption to intel with those K6-2 chips as it is with the 3000s today.

Remember Cyrix? (Shudder...)
I digress.

Sent from my SM-G965W using Tapatalk
That original PC @ 4.77 and 640k w/ a 5 MB HDD must have set you back $25k XD I'd love to hear the price you paid. I'm a little too young to have ever really seen or used something like that, but have seen and used 286-class machines and up. I'm also a big fan of LGR on Youtube. Computer history is pretty interesting.

AMD was even giving them trouble then... as well as a slew of other companies (NEC V30 hehe).

I didn't think the K6-2 hurt them too much, as the Pentium II and Pentium Pro (modern core series is derived from this, right?) were still much better for high end gaming rigs, and in the server space, due to faster fpus. I might be wrong though.

I thought the only times AMD was actually as fast or faster, and better overall, were:

1 Now with Ryzen 3000: more cores and smaller process, similar or equivalent performance in games (especially with fast memory) Certain gaming setups/games are still much faster on Intel (240hz gaming for example)

2 Athlon 64 debut vs Pentium 4 aka Intel's Bulldozer

3 Original Athlon/Athlon XP around 2001 (?) Not sure on this but I know they were recommended over Pentium IIIs, I believe for giving around the same performance for less money, while being overclockable (buying a lower tiered/frequency part for less than Intel equivalent then OCing it to exceed performance of more expensive Pentium IIIs)

4 Am286 and whatever they made before it (fill me in if you know), the reverse engineered 8088 and 8086 (?) that got them into a legal case with Intel that didn't resolve until... the late 90s? AMD won and became a second source by the end of the 80s, and since Intel also reverse engineered the AMD parts and added what they learned to its chips (such as new instructions, etc), the two exchanged IP/patents as part of the arrangement. Also allowing them to continue making x86 chips

Anyway, I am also quite impressed now that we have appeared to make a large, generational leap (though it happened quite slow and you could argue that these are just cost reduced server parts that have existed for some time from both companies... wasn't Magny-Cours from like 2009?) I may be a little less impressed than you.

In 20 years or especially 30 years, when we have 100-core plus chips (or possibly a new optical computing paradigm), GPUs with Exaflops of computing/rendering power, and Petabyte or Exabyte scale storage (probably SSDs) to power phones or something else- and possibly full dive VR- we'll look at this stuff as quaint, just as now we look back at a K6-2 550MHz, Voodoo2, 64MB SDRAM, and 8GB HDD from 20 years ago and say "wow".

Imo looking back I am actually impressed at how we did so much with so little, and how hardware constraints forced the engineers to be conservative in their designs. I recently saved/restored a little Mac SE I got for cheap and its still usable and fun, if antiquated, and tbh the OS is more usable and functional because it doesn't run Windows 10. (90% of the time my rig is booted into Linux, given it boots and runs twice as fast as Win10, and I stripped down my Win10 Pro significantly! I even removed/uninstalled every Modern app I could using Ccleaner. It takes 30 secs or so to load, on a supposedly faster NVMe drive- my optimized Win7 Ultimate on a SATA 840 Evo on my 4790k rig I came from booted in like 5 seconds!)
10-11-2019 10:22 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Kokin View Post
Hey all,

My parts are almost all in, but I will be updating my rig and my fiancee's rig from our 3570Ks and Z77 boards:

1) 3900X + ROG Crosshair VIII Impact + 32GB TridentZ 3200CL14 B-die RAM + 2x 2TB Inland PCIe NVMe in RAID 0 (custom loop)
2) 3600X + Strix X570-I Gaming + 32GB Ripjaws V B-die RAM + 1x 2TB Inland PCIe NVMe (air cooled)

-What version of Windows 1903 would you all recommend downloading or is there a newer version that's better for stability/core scheduling/idle power?
-I've never done any RAID setups before and someone in Discord told me that I need to download all 4 RAID drivers and install them during Windows installation in order to get RAID 0 working for the Impact. Has anyone else done RAID 0 on the C8I and can confirm that process?

Excited to finally upgrade our platforms after 7 years!
Hello. I have 2 nvme Samsung evos in a raid 0 set up. I think I installed 3 and drivers in the windows set up menu . I’ll try and find the guide I used when I get a chance.

Edit:- I followed this guide. https://youtu.be/qQLyEUk8Pjk
10-11-2019 10:19 AM
TJGun Ticked fpu, ran it to 3200% with 0 errors.
10-11-2019 09:00 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by TJGun View Post
Did not run with the fpu option ticked, I'll try that now.
The SOC is already at 1.1.
Mine passed the normal test at 1.1v soc but failed with fpu selected. I increased mine to 1.125 and it passed.
10-11-2019 08:43 AM
TJGun Did not run with the fpu option ticked, I'll try that now.
The SOC is already at 1.1.
10-11-2019 08:21 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by TJGun View Post
I just replaced my Trident Z RGB 3200CL14 with a 3600CL16 Neo kit.
The system was stable at 3733CL16 with the RGB kit but since installing the Neo kit the system occasionally freezes and reboots. I've run Karhu RAM test to 6000% with no errors.

I thought the Neo kit should be higher binned?

Any suggestions?
Did you run the test with the stress fpu option ticked in advanced options? If not try that as that stresses the IF as well. If you get an error try increasing soc voltage.
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