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  Topic Review (Newest First)
01-20-2020 07:15 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by SmashTV View Post
I wonder if these are still a lottery, even at the higher asking price from an unknown company.
My understanding is that HK Gaming on Amazon have a pretty good return policy for G-Wolves mice. They have made a few comments on Reddit saying they accept returns via Amazon of defective G-Wolves mice. I remember they made a comment about that in a thread started by the owner of X-raypad who was complaining that customers were wanting refunds for early copies of the Hati that had a lot of M1/M2 freeplay (vertical and horizontal). I would suggest going through them over X-raypad if possible. Perhaps Max Gaming if you are in Europe.
01-20-2020 12:20 PM
SmashTV I wonder if these are still a lottery, even at the higher asking price from an unknown company.
01-20-2020 02:50 AM
tailslol thx you,yours look nice too.
i think the fading they took the idea from the intellimouse pro.
and it was not the best idea for sure.
thx you about the 50m switch too.
01-20-2020 02:05 AM
Zammin Great review, and thanks for taking the time to write it. I was originally really keen on buying the red Skoll, as I've been maining a lightly modified original Skoll since August last year and I'm a sucker for red gaming mice. The only thing that changed my mind was when the photos of the actual mouse started coming out and you could see the red fades into a sort of poop brown color at the base lol. If they kept the whole top of the mouse the same red, just like the Stiletto Red Hati that would have been an instant cop for me.

I think G-wolves pulled a big win with the Skoll, especially with the timing of it's initial release when there were no other ergo ultralights on the market. I wasn't impressed with my batch 1 Red Hati but with some very minor modifications the Skoll is my favorite mouse of the year so far. The standard switches are still the usual Omron D2FC-F-K(50M) that you find in a lot of recent high end gaming mice, they are light clicks but tbh I wasn't much of a fan of the tactility and the pre-travel on both of my copies of the Skoll. I changed them to Omron Japan D2F-01F switches and I can strongly recommend this as not only is the tactility fantastic now, but the pre-travel is completely gone thanks to the slight increase in plunger height, and the clicks remain nice and light.
01-19-2020 11:54 PM
G-wolves Skoll Review (Merlot/Shadow Red ,end 2019 version)

original reddit review and video files

i would like to thanks Xraypad,G-Wolves and u/VisualPresence for providing this G-Wolves Skoll free of charge.
but this review is my own. and it will not change any of my opinions.
by the way sorry for my bad English i m french.


Hand size,18.5x10 palm,relaxed claw and fingertip. doesn't like agressive grips.


this mouse is probably one of the best mouse i ever reviewed
everything is almost perfect,the sensor, the shape ,the feeling ,the weight...
but this is not the original version of the skoll that came out a few month ago
and g-wolves revised the internals,the mouse still use the 3360 and omrons
but is now able to work completely without software like a zowie mouse.
the software is still here but mostly for initial setup and rgb.
speaking of software the new downloader and updater is shady as hell...
and you have to disable your antivirus to install it...
bad move here,but at least it can choose what revision match your mouse and what firmware it use.
there is small build issues sadly
and rgb can cause some coil whine.

mouse specs:

sold around $60
weight : 66g
2 paracord style cable,1.80m each.
pixart 3360 sensor,12k dpi,50G,250ips,12k fps,1000hz.
internal memory and software less mode.
available in various colors like pink ,black,red,green,white blue.

unboxing :

as always,G-wolves is king of the package.
the mouse is very well protected,cardboard box,metal box,plastic shell and paper bag.
sadly the metal box is no more collector and g-wolves use the same box for every mouse.
as always there is tons of bonus in the package like an extra cord ,some large feet,a mouse label sticker,some skins and some ttc gold dustproof switches if you want to solder them.
i like the paperwork too with subtiles reference to finalmouse tactics...
the cord is tightly packed but no fatal kinks.
good job as always.

the mouse

shape and shell

the shape of the mouse is almost a copy of a ec2
it is just a bit bigger
it is a very popular and well known shape so no surprises here.
this is a great ergo shape in the family of the deathadder or the intellimouse pro.
this is just a great confort shape for long game session,i can palm it without issue with my 18.5x10 hand.
claw and fingertip is possible if you can manage the high middle hump.

this is the shell of an ultralight mouse,with honeycomb everywhere and attached buttons.
so this is very light for the size,my scale show 67g with a bit of cable so this is accurate.
strangely the m4 is heavier and smaller than this mouse.
but the skoll feels solid in hand,no creaking or flexing despite the rgb at the bottom and honeycomb on both side.
the coating is a bit plastiky feeling,it is matte with a bit of shine and pick a bit finger oil on areas without honeycomb.
but it grip well.
g-wolves provide additional grip tape in the box if you want to use it.
good job again.

mouse wheel and clicks and side buttons.

i ' m not sure if the main mouse buttons are omrons 20m or 50m with all the revisions i heard G-wolves changed like 3 times the switches on this mouse ...
but they are very light ,in fact lighter than the xtrfy m4.they are clicky and feel great.
my mouse have a bit of pre and post travel but it is small.
there is a small side to side wobble too.

the wheel use a very notchy ttc encoder,it is a bit on the noisy side ,my wheel have a tiny bit of side play.
but it mostly feel good.

the wheel click and side button use regular ttc switch,they are quite light and clicky
small pre and post travel again but it mostly feel good.
so good job but it could be better.

original reddit review and video files

mouse glide and feet

the feets are kinda a good point and a bad point here
the skoll use microsoft intellimouse 3.0 type of feet ,and it is a almost 15 year old style of feet.
they are not bad but a bit small and g-wolves use black teflon unrounded feets.
luckily g-wolves provide large additional feets and to be honest it is a must use for me.
tigers arc and hyperglides are easy to find too for this mouse.
at this point,it would be better if g-wolves make a flat bottom and let the user select what feet to use.
and maybe switch to rounded ptfe feets out of the box.

mouse cable

the mouse cable is the same as the hati.
it come with a ferrite core and a rubber strap,it is one of the best and most flexible cable a mouse can have out of the box.
it feels almost paracord like.
and in case of damage the is a 2nd one in the box.
very good job again here.

mouse sensor and click latency

the skoll use a 3360 sensor and it is one of my favorite sensors,just great tracking on most surface.
the implementation here is not bad but suffer a bit of rgb bleed in the sensor area.
mostly because the pcb seems to be fiberglass and with surface mounted led on the main pcb it tend to conduct light.
but it seems it doesn't cause any issues to the mouse tracking.

the sensor is software controlled so lod settings ,and pulling rate are available here.
the debounce time for the switch by default is set at 12ms out of the box and is not suitable for competitive play...
with the software you can lower it but g-wolves has put a limit on how low you can go now.
and just like glorious the limit is 4ms with no more possibility to disable it to avoid double clicks.
at 4ms vs the model o the fight is tight but it seems the skoll trigger first more often thx to the lighter clicks.
the pulling rate seems stable and is near the promised 1000hz so nothing unusual here.

RGB, software and software less operation.

here the new part of the new skoll.
a few month ago i was able to ask to add some feature to the skoll and im glad G-wolves listened.
i basically asked at g-wolves the possibility to remap the rgb button for polling rate for exemple and maybe show a way to display changes on the mouse like dpi or polling rate change.and the ability to remove dpi steps.
they told me it would need software ,new internals but they had plans to change it it anyway.

and changed they did.

now g-wolves ask you to download a downloader so it check your mouse version and firmware.
sadly this program is shady as hell and use malicious code to take control of your usb and do this and connect online.
it is the best way to make your antivirus freak out and delete the program...
there is no danger but to do this step but you'll have to disable your antivirus.
i hope g-wolves fix this issue.

installing the new firmware can be needed to access the new software sadly it seems now g-wolves use the same firmware updater as glorious so just like glorious the mouse will stop working straight away and you'll have to unplug and plug back to make it work.
this is a scary process again but...

here the new software.

g-wolves basically cleaned useless option that was in double with windows.
most important settings are still here like macro ,profiles ,polling rate ,debounce time,angle snapping,lod and rgb
but now the rgb is software controlled only.
no more on mouse settings.
but the mouse will still save every settings .
and there is some cool rgb effect,sadly the diffusion is not the best.
and rgb can light at night like glorious or razer mouses...

original reddit review and video files

sadly i have a few issue with rgb , it is coil whine.
basically the stronger and more complex the effect will be the louder the coil whine will be and this mouse is not silent.
i stick to single color or no rgb for silent operation.

the new part too is software less operation.
basically you can change the polling rate and dpi on the mouse like zowie mouse.
the mouse will blink red green or blue depending if you use 125,500 or 1000hz.
making it suitable for pc gaming but consoles and android tv box too.

you can select too the number of dpi step and each rgb color change for each step
removing the need of a dpi led.
for example i have set orange for 800 dpi and cyan for 1600 dpi on my mouse.
so the software become a set and forget process,or just uninstall.

original reddit review and video files

caution disabling the mouse rgb will disable every blinking.
so the trick is to set a static color,lower the brightness and set a r0 g0 b0 color.

i hope this review was not too confusing,thx you for reading.

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