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05-13-2019 06:58 AM
Gyro Fingers crossed!

05-12-2019 02:54 PM
gayLaser M2n Sli Dlx back online!

I let the machine sit for about a month or so after my last post here. I started looking up some stuff last week, ended up buying a cheap 4digit pci slot POST test card.

Due to many variables I can't be 100% sure what solved the problem. What I do know is that upon trying to power on after it had sat for 1 month, it still had the same problems: starting up and fans/lights forever running without post/beeps/video output etc.

I removed the gpu, tried to boot, nothing. With the GPU removed, I put the post test card into a pci slot and powered up. Suddenly the PC let out a beep code (1 long 3 short, No VGA card detected!)

The beep code came from the case speaker connected to the mobo (the post test card doesnt have a speaker.) Prior to using the post test card there has not been any beep code from caused by having the gpu removed.

I then installed GPU, restarted PC without monitor or keyboard attached, powered up, read the post card's readout which gave a code for "waiting for keyboard input", a good sign!

Plugged monitor and os2 keyboard in and fired it up. Familiar old 5001 post screen greeted me. Set up bios again, loaded windows, used PMT and am overclocked just like before!

Thanks for the inspiration and help fellas! Will be monitoring it for the next few days.
03-28-2019 01:01 PM
kroko My motherboard is working, at least for now.

When it failed to boot I brought the entire PC to some random local service. Next day it was "fixed" = they said that all they did was to reload the BIOS again. I remember that I read somewhere the procedure and will search for it, may be helpful for others. I personally thought that the problem is hardware only and didn't bother with BIOS reload. Anyway, when I got it home, the motherboard had the same symptoms - when I press the power button the fans were spinning for a while and then turned off. Brought back the PC and told them to search why the BIOS is crashing, is it something in the BIOS chip or some element on the motherboard. Actually I'm not sure if this is the case because it may be just something preventing the motherboard to start. The second time when I went to took my PC, I asked them a few times what was the problem and the said that they don't know and suggested "try not to tweak it too much". But that's not the case. They didn't told me what exactly were doing but I suppose that they just reloaded the BIOS again.

Maybe they didn't want to bother too much in order to reduce the cost for their service because it's old motherboard for them it was not worth to repair it - indeed they charged me just 15 euro in total, for both of the services. I know that my motherboard is extremely picky, but suppose that the problem will appear again and will look for another service just to make sure that it's not hardware related. Meanwhile I checked every thread for Asus M2N32 on elektroda.pl - the forum mentioned by gayLaser. To sum up - the problems may be in capacitors: PSU; you may need to clean contact points for the BIOS battery: in another case there were some incompatibility between RAM modules and the motherboard itself but the beeps were for GPU failure; and CPU power supply MOSFETs and their controllers.

I still can't run AMD GPU on the first PCI Express slot. Tried changing the BIOS settings for which slot is primary but no luck at all.
When I insert some old Nvidia GT something (without additional power socket) the board POST successfully. Tried Quadro K6000 in the first slot - successful POST when the PSU cables are inserted into the GPU and when they are not I got a message that this GPU needs additional power supply. So I think that the slot itself is OK. But I want to run Firepro V7900 in the first slot - when I try it, the GPU fans are spinning at max rpm and I can hear one long and three short beeps. Tested it with three brands of RAM memory just in case if it's like the case on elektroda.pl but no luck. But the GPU is working fine on another motherboard and also when it's placed on the second PCI Express slot the motherboard is able to post.

The same case was a few years ago when I was trying to run R9 280x on this motherboard - it was working fine on the first slot, , but whenever I try to use it in the first slot, the motherboard refuses to POST. Back then I gave the board to a friend of mine which replaced almost every capacitor but no change in the symptoms. For some reason the Nvidia chipset doesn't like AMD GPUs

By the way, does anyone knows the beep codes for these motherboards - mine is M2N32WS Pro.
02-18-2019 12:02 AM
Zantrill Nostalgia! I miss the ol M2N-Sli... I remember running a dual core with a 250-GTS playing Crysis for the first time and the original FarCry, Unreal Tournament 2004. I miss those days. I stuck with my board until 2008 when my old psu killed its self and the board and cpu in a storm. I finally crossed over to ddr 3.
02-17-2019 10:14 PM
gayLaser edit/update; just remembered the wording from old pause on post error/warning from 5mo ago: "CMOS checksum error", replaced batt back then, didnt fix the issue starting probs & checksum pause on post still showed.


Tried no battery (3 diff times with reset in both positions and once without jumper at all) with no beeps just lights and fans running (graphics card fan spin for less than 1s then remain off for the remainder).

I will double check that area here shortly. Went over the PB w/ magnification but it wont hurt to check again. Will check battery holder joints again too.

Only 2 spots I didnt inspect:
  • Secondary side: unsure of name but there is a metal shield/support with square port where cpu is, I didn't look into this much and am unsure if it is critical to remove it somehow to inspect.
  • Primary side: couldnt inspect anything covered by the copper heat pipe sinks of what I believe is called the north and/or south bridges.

Despite what I said earlier, I will likely still have this on the bench and researching while I wait for a viable replacement to go on sale.

Ignore if familiar but just for clarity wanting to re-explain events more concise if helpful:
02-17-2019 03:44 AM
kroko Greetings all. May I ask a few questions about my M2N32 WS Pro. I was trying to upgrade the CPU from Phenom X4 9550 to Phenom II X4 975, RAM form 4xGB DDR2 6400 non-ECC to 4x2GB DDR2 6400 ECC unbuffered (it was cheaper and Phenom supports ECC so I said why not); and add Firepro V7900. BIOS v. was/is 2001 official from ASUS. I couldn't make it POST with the modified BIOS, X4 975 and the ECC RAM and right now I think that it was because of the GPU, all I got was one long and three or four short beeps. I remember a few years ago I was trying to use R9 280x for video compression on this board and I had to run it in the second PCIE slot. For some reason the system didn't want to start when the GPU was on the first PCIE slot but there were no complains when Nvidia GPU was occupying it.

Decided to reverted to original configuration (2001 BIOS, x4 9550, 4x1GB and some Nvidia GPU) and test the new components one by one. I started with the ECC RAM and couldn't make it POST - there were no beeps so I decided that it's because of the BIOS settings. Then I added the old RAM and Firepro V7900 in the first PCIE slot - got the same long beep followed by three of four short beeps. When I moved the Firepro to the second PCIE slot (didn't change BIOS settings) I got no POST, no beeps at all, fan started spinning and system was turning off after few seconds. Removed the Firepro and placed the Nvidia GPU on first slot to change BIOS setting and since then no POST at all. Initially the system was beeping if there is no RAM but right now there is no beeps, just starts the fans for a few second and that's all.

I tested all of the initial components - x4 9550, the initial memory and the nvidia GPU on another board the there is no problems with POST. Took the Firepro from a working machine and I know that it's working fine.

My questions are:

What setting to apply in BIOS for ECC RAM? There was something related to ECC but it didn't help to POST.
Any idea why the Nvidia Chipset doesn't like ATI-AMD GPUs? Any BIOS setting?
Any idea what went wrong whit this motherboard? Dead chipset? Or maybe I have to order new BIOS chip?
02-16-2019 07:50 PM
mattliston Have you checked/verified the CMOS battery stuff is connected to the motherboard properly?

Maybe a bad solder joint is cracked or something.

Remove the cmos battery, and try to boot without it. Does it react the same way you mention it did months back before this started going downhill?
02-16-2019 12:40 PM
gayLaser Replaced caps, double checked work, PC starts up but no display/post. Powers up each time without hiccuping like it was before but everything else is the same in regards to no beeps etc.

Prior to this happening a couple months ago; I noticed that each start up the bios would alert saying that CMOS wasnt saved or something similar and asking if id like to continue or not. Changing the buttoncell battery out never seemed to fix that issue, then it stopped posting all together. Possibly unrelated or just coincidence, figured id mention it.

Sadly I believe any more time thrown at diagnosing this is not going to be worth it.

Will try to find a different mobo that will be good for my 965 b.e. I suppose. Considered buying another m2nsli deluxe but kinda concerned about headaches involved with buying unknown used stuff on ebay.

In the event that I do decide to probe more into this board I will certainly update, I managed to stumble upon a surprising amount of relatively recent posts in regards to troubleshooting these boards on a polish forum called elektroydkaPL or something similar to that, it isn't in english but ive been trying to translate the pages and may give it another shot.

Thanks all
02-11-2019 09:35 PM
gayLaser Tried the typical swapping things in/out once more to no avail.

The rest of this post may be boring, just a log of my testing, hopefully may be useful to someone in the future in some way.

I decided to make things more interesting and desoldered the 4 bulged capacitors. I also desoldered a 5th cap of the same type that was nearby.

All 5 of the desoldered caps are TK ATWY 820uF 6.3V.

To test these I will be using a cheap LCR (mega328.) Note that this isn't precision equipment & is for reference only.

Pics w/ captions:

Caps 1-4 fails, returns incomplete test data and measures at ~30 pF.

Cap 5 test doesnt fail and is rather close to spec.

In terms of replacements I'm sure that many choices would work but for this scenario I chose get into the datasheets with the goal of finding the closest replacement possible when it comes to impedance/ripple current. Probably overkill but good chance for me to practice using datasheets etc.

The closest component I could find was a Rubycon "AX" series 820uF, 10v. The Ruby AX has the same impedance of 0.036 and it's rated max ripple current is slightly higher at 1540 compared to the TK ATWY's 1140.

Maybe these failed caps aren't the cause of the board not posting, I don't know their role; if anyone knows what purpose they serve in these particular areas feel free to let me know!

I'll be replacing the 4 bad ones and see if it will post. They arrive in a few days, will update.
02-05-2019 09:31 PM
mattliston I would keep trying a single stick of ram, and perhaps the second PCIE x16 slot, just to rule it out.

What is the 5volt rail amperage of your power supply? Should be okay if it is more than 10 amps, so that should be able to be ruled out.

Leave out any boot devices. keyboard, gpu, ram stick, and cpu should be bare bones successful if all is well.

I have had luck in past just unplugging power, and leaving board overnight to "breathe" away from being plugged in. Odd solution, but has helped me recover from strange overclocking results with this Deluxe board.

But that was back when I was pushing the dual core I first had past 3ghz. Was pretty tough to do on this board, as I was very green to OC'ing at the time.

This board was my first custom build!!
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